Apr 18, 2012

My blog eludes me . . .

Hi all! I don't know why I can't seem to get going on this blog and get things hoppin' again. I think I've been working on the "have to" list so much I've completely misplaced my "want to" list. And the "want to" list is full of all the good stuff!

So, I have some big stuff coming up the end of April that I've been working on. Can't wait to show you and give away some stuff too! Until then, I'll just show a few of the latest projects to at least prove I'm not just eating bonbons all day. (what exactly is a bonbon anyway? maybe I am eating them and don't even know it).

We've been making and sharing Moo cards over at Deviant Scrap this month using a Moo Finder I created (you can download the Moo Finder in this month's issue of The Deviant Muse here). I'm amazed at what everyone has created and shared. You can see here. This is my first gathering of Moos using the Moo Finder.

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 4/17/2012. All rights reserved.
Slices of my original works.

New kits since last I posted . . .

Lowbrow (on sale for a limited time!) Also available in a printable jpg version in the shoppe.

Here's a little piece made from Lowbrow . . .

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 4/2012. All rights reserved.

Spring Scraps (on sale for only $3.20 right now!)

Don't know if you've seen, but Pinterest changed their Terms, thank goodness. No longer do they claim rights to what you pin. That should make a lot of folks feel a little better about Pinning. I DO give permission to Pin anything from blog that you'd like to, but I ask that you please link it back to my blog. I feel very strongly that people should keep their Pins linked to the original source.


Polly said...

I know the feeling about blogging - sometimes life gets in the way doesn't it?
Am loving your scrap kits - to be honest - they have helped me give up smoking (nearly 1 month!) - instead of smoking I make collages - YAY :)
But I just want to say I love what you do and just want you to keep on doing it!
take care xxx

Tammy said...

I know how you feel. It's like when you think of a friend you want to call and then you don't get around to it for whatever reason. Life doesn't stand still for anyone so we have to grab it by the horns and go for a ride.

Love the Moo cards. Very cool! I keep checking to see if your etsy shop is open so I can add to my collection. My most recent post shows my art table and a few of your pieces of art above it. I love them all. They are so inspiring and happy. I can't wait to see what you have coming up at the end of April.

Marit said...

That moo finder and the moo-cards you 'find' with it is marvelous!! Enjoy the chocolate ;)

. said...

OMG you don't actually eat bon bons do you? I thought they were just eye candy? :0)
Thanks for the info about Pinterest. I used to get a little miffed when I found my work over there but this makes me feel a little better.

Great idea about using the PINTEREST note on your side bar - I hope you don't mind me copying it on to mine!

Love your collage with the Low Brow kit and LOVE that kit!! Looking forward to utilizing it more once things slow down...or do they ever slow down?


Balinda said...

I ♥'d learning how to make the Moo Cards!!! As always your kits totally rock!!!!!