Jan 14, 2013

Slightly Delayed

Hi everyone!

I'm running late on the prize drawing.  Our heat went out last night and, of course, during a record breaking cold snap here in California.  Looks like our old floor furnace finally quit and there's no easy repair - just an $8,000 or so whole new central system to think about which may also require another $8000 or so house electrical rewire.  Needless to say, I have been beside myself today and not on my game.  I will get the drawing done tomorrow if I thaw out my brain!

So sorry about the delay!


Sandy said...

Oh Marsha so sorry about this.
I hope you find a solution.

Ann said...

we are in So. Calif...coldest winter in 20 years!! i use space heaters for the rooms i'm in..our central heat isn't working..and these work well!! i have a "personal" size one that i set by me when i'm in the dining room ,on the computer. i do not use the oil ones,because of my grandkids. ours has "cool housing" which is important with kids and pets running around..all with safety "tip over" features.