Mar 4, 2013

Blah Blog Be Gone!

Happy Monday!  Look I'm actually posting twice in less than a month for once!

Actually, I've been working on streamlining my blog all weekend.  I've cleaned things up a bit and reorganized.  And, I visited all of the blogs I had on my Favorite Blogs list (on the lower right).  It was kinda hard but I said goodbye to some old favorites that are no longer active and added a few new ones.  I didn't leave a lot of comments but really thoroughly enjoyed visiting each and every blog.  It filled my inspiration tanks and lifted my spirits. 

Of course, I enjoy most of my "favorite blogs" because I know and love the people they belong to.  But, I have some that are just for my lurking and found a few new ones for that.   Here's some of the new blogs/sites I added . . . they are worth a peek:  (I'm probably the last one on earth to finally link up to this one)

I'm not sure I'm done with the "look" of my blog but am happy to have it freshened up.  Makes me feel like using it again even if it's still a bit BLAH.  I look forward to really developing it over the next few months and adding some pizazz.  It's a project I've wanted to get to for over a year.

Take note of my new "Proud to Sponsor" links.  I AM so happy and proud to be a sponsor for the 2013 Artful Gathering retreat  and Rachelle Panagarry's Eye Candy workshops.  Please check out the links in the upper right.  I'll be taking some of these classes and workshops myself and can't wait to share more about that with you!

Have a good week everyone!

OutStanding in his Field

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Joy said...

I'm quite certain that you couldn't be "blah" if you tried, Marsha!

yoborobo said...

Blah blog? YOU? Pshaw! I think not! I am going to go lurk at some of these new blogs. I think I will wear dark glasses and a trench coat. xox!

peggy gatto said...

no blahs here for me!!

Sharon said...

Love your new look never blah Marsha!

Marit said...

A fresh, new look... I did the same last month and it feels good, isn't it? I agree with Sharon: your look is never blah!

Belladonna said...

I like him a lot!

Seth said...

I think a blog tweak is always a good thing. Not only keeps the blog fresh...but gives a jolt of inspiration to the blogger too. Been doing my own, slow tweak over the last few months.