Aug 31, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

Finding time . . .
I always have such big plans for blog posts and projects but then I just never get them done. I'm going to slow down designing kits just a wee bit so I have more time to get all the things on my wish list done. There will still be a steady flow of new kits but just not a constant stream for awhile.

Bird Man

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 9/1/11. All rights reserved.
Digital postcard. Images used from Tumble Fish Studio's 49 Birds, Male Persuasion, And So On, and My Picks kits and my own personal stash.

49 Birds

49 Birds (printable jpg sheet version)

My Picks Prize and Customer Work
A couple of talented ladies have shared their work with me from using the My Picks kit featured in the post below this one. You still have until the 10th to earn a coupon if you've purchased the My Picks kit and want to send me a link to your work.

from Andrea of Art Legacy blog . . .

copyright Andrea Conner. All rights reserved.

from Lou Ann of At a Moment's Notice blog . . .

copyright by Lou Ann Donahue. All rights reserved.

Mail Art
I have never had a chance to really make much Mail Art but it is an area of altered art and mixed media that fascinates and inspires me. This month I'm hosting a Mail Art swap in the forum at Deviant Scrap. It's a new experience for many of the digital artists we have at Deviant Scrap, myself included, and a time to shine for the altered art artists we have too. If you're interested, you can find more information here.

Also, to provide inspiration for those interested in Mail Art, this month's issue of The Deviant Muse includes a mail art tutorial from Nancy Baumiller and some featured work from artists Constance Taylor, Amy Kubisiak Nieman, Tracey Parker, and Fiona Randall. Be sure to pick up your free copy of The Deviant Muse here. You'll see art from all kinds of people you know and lots of inspiration and peeks behind the scenes!

So timely, my artist friend Terry Garrett surprised me with one of the most lovely cool pieces of interactive mail art I've ever received. It was fun to open up, like a present with a good old fashioned letter inside. It's hard to show in a picture but I keep not sharing it waiting to get a better view. This will have to do or I fear it will never get done . . . (text is blurred on purpose)

Places I've been stalking lately . . .

Mark's Scrapbook of Oddities & Treasures blog

What's Up Roc blog (always have loved Roc's work and I've been stalking her Mail Art lately. Roc had work published in the book Good Mail Day)

Lily Lovekin Tails blog

Constance Taylor flickr


Andrea said...

Marsha, thank you so much for your wonderful comments about my art piece! I absolutely LOVE your Bird Man!!

SueAnn said...

I too love your Bird cool!
Love the piece of mail art you received.
Have a great week!

Lorraine@creativedaily said...

I've popped in for a visit Marsha and see you have been busily creating digital kits/sheets - lovely as always! Picked up Kate Crane's journaling videos - have admired her work and see she has used some of your images - kudos! Always nice to see how artists use the images you create isn't it!? Hugs to you.

"MOI" Freubel said...

I can imagine how long it has cost you to create ALL your renewed and new kits Marsha and I know from experience that it is important to occasionally take a little step back. So enjoy your time for yourself !!!!
Rian xxx