Mar 14, 2012

Happy Pi Day!

This post has really nothing to do with pi or pie, though I am craving pie. But, hey, if there's nothing else to celebrate, pi is as good as anything else to come up with!

But who doesn't have something to celebrate, perhaps with a slice of pie?! I have a couple of things to share . . .

I have a new kit in the shoppe . . . Head to Toe! This kit includes both printable jpg sheets and individual png images. (picture below is linked to the shoppe)

And, another little something to rejoice about . . . I got confirmation this last week that 5 of my pieces will be included in this new book by Martin Dawber, Modern Vintage Illustration due out in early September! The cover was created by French illustrator Julien Pacaud and the book's Foreward was written by UK 'design guru' Stephen Bayley. I'll be sharing more information as the release date nears!

Well, I'll keep it that short today. I have fish to fry, irons in the fire, dragons to slay . . . and pie to eat (I wish). Have a good rest of the week everyone!


peggy gatto said...

How exciting and
well deserved!!!

SueAnn said...

Wish I had some pie to eat as well
Hugs and have a great week

Deborah said...

Wow! Congratulations Marsha, so well deserved. Do keep us posted. Deb

Marit said...

Oh my... I totally forgot about Pi day! 3,14.
My son used to celebrate Pi day, but he moved out last November and so the day went by without him and his 'mathematic friends' coming in with balloons chanting pi... hahaaha... they really did that once you know! (find the layout I made about my son's nerdy tic here: )

Anyway - sorry for rambling - I love your post and your art today! Enjoy your weekend dear one!

. said...

Congratulations Marsha! What a LONG time coming! Make sure you put me down for a copy.

Pennypet said...

Marsha, congrats on being in the new book, it looks like fun, I will buy it for sure. I love the cover!