Mar 1, 2012

Little things to do this weekend . . .

Hollie Haradon of Holliewood Studios has just released a spectacular collection of digital Art Journaling kits at There are 6 kits including 2 Alpha kits. All are on sale for a limited time! And I'm in love with them! (just one is shown below and linked to Hollie's shoppe)

Also at Deviant Scrap, you can find the new and FREE issue of The Deviant Muse zine! Just click the picture below and you'll be taken to the download place.

I wrote a brief article for The Deviant Muse about Patti Van Dorin's "scrapodex" and also started an interest gathering thread in the Deviant Scrap forum to see if anyone would like to start working on a similar project with me. The picture below is linked to the thread where I started a discussion. The article is in The Deviant Muse so I'll let you read that from your own download. The "scrapdox" offers a quick fun UN-intimidating approach to visual journaling that may allow me to sneak up on full blown journaling one of these days.

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