Jan 27, 2011

It is always something with me, isn't it?

My Typical Whining Part
I am such a broken record, saying the same thing over and over . . . I am so unbelievably behind! It has been a long week and had very little to do with art. My daughter needed lots of doctor visits and x-rays and all kinds of stuff due to a hip injury from a soccer game. She has one more orthopedist appointment in the morning and then we're probably starting physical therapy. On top of that (and the all insurance calls, etc.) she and my 19 year old son are both sick with the coughing flu I had over Christmas and let me tell you . . . what wankers as my husband would say! So pitiful the two of them! Then, the last of the college apps and FAFSA apps all needed my assistance. And husband was out of town and I had not a minute to do what I thought I was going to do any day this week.

On the Flip Side
I did manage to get some new sheets done while waiting most of the week on hold at insurance and doctor's office calls! But that's pretty much all I got done. In honor of the movie about to be released, thought I'd I try some Gnome-ish type sheets . . .

Flower Land Gnomes

Gnomes Sweet Gnomes

One World One Heart
Well, I was going to participate in the last One World One Heart event I had mentioned in another earlier post. But, given my inability to keep up with life, let alone blog visits lately, I am thinking maybe I should not take it on. If you have not participated in this event or want to increase your blog traffic, I highly recommend you click on the link and check things out. It is a wonderful event to be a part of and took me to so many of my current favorite blogs and some very special friends.

(the picture is linked to the site)

I just want to thank you all again for your lovely visits and especially for the birthday wishes. It means to the world to me and you all make life better all the way around. Have a great weekend!


slommler said...

Love the new sheets! The gnomes are so adorable! Life does have a way of interfering with ones goals! Don't be discouraged...it will eventually settle down.
Hugging you

jenny said...

Your new collage sheets are just gorgeous Marsha... I have had such fun playing with your FABULOUS images :)))
Hope things settle down again soon and that you have some time to play...

Jenny x

Tracey@glitterbugstudios said...

wow you have been busy. I hope the kids get better real soon. I know how it is when both are needing mom's attention. Love the new sheets! They are adorable. And again I wanted to say thank you for the goodies! I can't wait to use them. Take care, tracey

bockel24 said...

Sending health to you and your family! Marion

yoborobo said...

I do so love your gnomies! There are times in life when nothing happens except handing out Kleenexes, and making soup,paying the bills and trying to remember to take a shower now and then. Luckily, your creative bucket is filling up, and when you do get to work, you will produce like crazy. Feel better, all around - hope the kiddos feel better soon (my youngest is coughing, too). Hang in there! Spring awaits!
xoxox Pam

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Dear Marsha,
I do love your new sheets! You are always so creative and just looking at your sheets gives me all kinds of great ideas!

I hope you and your family will all be well soon and that you can feel like you are back on track.

Wishing you a great weekend!


roc said...

lovin those new sheets! sorry to hear your kids are sick. but glad you are better! life does have a way of moving at warp speeds sometimes, doesnt' it?! hope you get a break in all that family action to be creative!

WW said...

Hope the kids feel better soon Marsha. Take care!

Terri Kahrs said...

When you least expect it . . . . expect it!!! Hope the kids are feeling better soon, and that your daughter is healing. LOVE these little gnomes! Brilliant idea!!! Just make sure to keep some time for YOU!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Anji Johnston said...

Dear Marsha - you are not alone!! I have spent the whole week whining about all the things that never get achieved by moi because of the snow in Virginia. Snow, so much snow, which means I couldn't get out of the house to work, or shop, or thrift! But was I fooling myself that is was July? Did I not know that it is the month of January where snow is expected in this neck of the woods?! So instead of doing all the things I long to get done when I am at work what did I do? Whine! And lots of it I can tell ya! So don't feel bad, the world will not crumble because we didn't meet a deadline. Tomorrow is another day full of opportunities.
Hope all in the house are feeling a bit better - you do the same!

Patrice said...

love the gnomes!

Lori Saul said...

Love your little gnome people- just fantastic Marsha and how nice of you to visit my blog. So sorry to hear the kids are sick; life never rests for us moms! I do hope you stay well and stay creative- you bring so much joy to others with your art.

Amy Knutkowski said...

Wow, you've had a really hectic week! Both of my kids are sick as well. Lots of coughing and stuffy noses. I'm pretty sure my husband and I are doomed.

I adore these new collage sheets! I collect gnomes. I have them all over my garden! I don't think I'll be able to resist grabbing these!

I hope you'll be able to find some quiet time soon. *HUGS*


Ragamuffin Gal said...

Marsha ~
I am so unbelievably behind in wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and year!!
I adore your new collage sheets ~ mental note to self after I go out to shoot pictures today, must visit Marsha's Etsy store!
I am still up in the air about OWOH this year..I've had so much fun in the last three, but I am just not ready.
Wishing you time to create, just play, and to find something new that just delights your soul.
~ me

Fiona (anubis 1 ) said...

My Dearest Marsha...Hope the kids get better soon hun. Fabulous new sheets. Those little gnomes too cute for words. Take time to look after you.......You desreve it.
Big hugs to you my friend
Fiona oxoxoxo

Kathy said...

Hope everyone gets to feeling better. You've really had it. And stop apologizing. Nuthin' to apologize for. And as John Lennon said, "Life is what happens when you're busy doing other things." Love the new images, too. Pretty doggone cute.


littlepurpleroom said...

You haven't scared me away yet turkey nosher....

I am doing OWOH, cause it's the last one. o come on by and see me if you have time. I made a cool necklace with a little window.

Dang, now I gotta go spend some bucks at your etsy cause I want some big heads....