Jun 17, 2009

More magnificent miscellany . . .

You may remember that my blog friend Kate of The Kathryn Wheel and I decided to swap fish art awhile back. I posted my piece here. Just before I left to take care of my dad, I got mine from Kate . . . along with some moos and pretty flower and butterfly ephemera. Oh, I wish you could see this in person. It is so beautiful in every detail! I simply love it!

Several weeks ago, June of Arty Retreat and I spoke and decided to swap ATC's. We had a plan. She was going to make the backgrounds and send them to me. I was going to add some fairies and send them back. She's going to add some final touches and then keep one and send one back to me. All is going well with this plan accept for my inability to find my muses, wake them up, and have something artistic flow out of me instead of me struggling to pull something, anything, out at all. Here are the backgrounds June sent to me.

And here are the fairies I made on the tops.

June, the kind and generous lady she is, also sent me these pretty presents . . . another ATC and a lovely necklace! Am I a lucky girl or what? I am, I am! There is nothing nicer than being away and coming home tired and beat up and finding a little present full of magic waiting for you!

So, even with my sleeping muses, I struggled through a little something to send in return. Oh, I am losing my touch but this is the best I could pull out today.

You may recongnize my fairy girl, Eva. She is one of my favorites to use. My friend and customer, Charles, did some photoshop work on her for me and she is just delicious to use again. I loved visiting with her last night and today as it has been awhile since I've worked with her. Now, though, I kind of wish I would have saved her for something else but I had already started things when I realized what June is going through right now. I really need to send June some happy pieces and Eva is a little pouty. June is going through a tough time with her grown son and his serious medical concerns (he had a stroke in February). He is having surgery today, I believe, so if you believe in prayer, send a few her way.

My friend Nancy of Something to Crow About has a new blog! Her old one isn't "on" right now, so be sure to visit her new Crowabout blog and help christen her new adventure there. Many of you know Nancy from her flickr Collage Play with Crowabout group. If you are looking for a fun challenge group with lots of juicy things to play with, this is a group for you! While you're at it, click on Nancy's artwork below and visit her delicious Etsy! (hope you don't mind Nancy, but you've let me post your work before - it's linked to your Etsy)

I also want to send you over to my new friend Lorrie's Lily lovekin tails blog. It has been so wonderful to watch her blog bloom from almost the start not long ago. She just made some amazing stamped fabric artwork you must see! You can visit her Etsy here too. I would show you some of her work but I haven't asked permission so you will have to trust me!

You can download the elephant picture above - it's from the Library of Congress. I am eating the proverbial elephant one bite at a time and it is slow going. (I would never really eat an elephant, you know. My friend John would always tell me "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.") I have been trying to clear my desk and scratch off the "to do" list and I am still way behind. But yesterday and today, I've been feeling that my muses won't wake up until I clear my head and shake the obligations a bit. I have some emails I still haven't answered and still have some trade pieces to start and finish before I think I will feel "right" about just cutting lose and working freely. So, I am off to try and do some of those things! Enjoy the rest of your day!


lilylovekin said...

Marsha, thank you for mentioning my blog and artwork in your post. I also appreciate the wonderful comments you have left me re: my work. It is good to get the positive feedback. Now to you. I think you still need to give yourself a little more time to adjust to being back home. You were gone a while and went through quite a bit of emotional stuff, it takes a while to recover from that stuff. Even though every thing may look good on the outside the inside needs extra time. Be good to yourself.

yoborobo said...

Howdy Marsha! Lovely fairies!! And everyone's work that you shared is just wondiferous. :) I wouldn't worry one little bit about the muses. They are just worn out from all that traveling, and need a day or two more of good solid rest. :) xox Pam

Anjas-Artefaktotum said...

Thank you for sharing all these fantastic works. You are very talented and I'm inspired of your art! I enjoy too, that you post the new blog of Nancy. I love her art very much. She is in my blogroll too.
God luck,
hugs Anja from germany

Michelle said...

Absolutely L-O-V-E your blog and work...such a bright spot in my day! And thank you for visiting my Flickr site! Your comments mean a lot!

thekathrynwheel said...

Ooooh thanks for featuring my artwork :-)))) Your art is beautiful - I just LOVE the grumpy fairy! Don't push yourself too hard, Kate

Leslie said...

I love seeing Eva again! She may have a pouty face but she always makes me smile! I love my "Piratey Eva!"

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Sup art world? It's marsha's daughter Lauren..I'm like super bored...and I don't know what to say ..awkwarddd! But yeh soo i get out of school tomorrow and chyeh thats pretty cool right man? I think all you guys are pretty cool for your comments my mom's pretty jazzed about all her feedback. Oh and if you any of you ever read the Twilight series you should totally hit me up cuz i am absolutely obsessed with those stories and need some one as ecstatic about my fictional day dreams as I am! Ummmm what else to say.. oh oh oh! if you any of you totally chill artists have a cute son...well you know ...enuff said

NancyB said...

So much to drool over here! Thank you dear for the blog mention! You are ever such a darlin! xoxo