Jun 11, 2009

Okay, Roc, come slap me

I lied I guess. I am still in Missouri so if all goes better, this will be my last post from here this trip.

My good blog and art buddy, Roc, has offered to slap me several times. This comes from me telling her the flight attendants might have to slap me if I get hysterical on the flight before I made this trip. She quickly volunteers often with slaps if I feel I need them even if I am not flying at the time.

I am sitting in the airport. The airport is about 70 miles from my Dad's house. He and most of his friends are in their late 70's and early 80's and like to be done driving before dark. A good friend of the family brought me here today, since my dad can't drive right now, and left me about 5 so she could get back home before dark. I checked my flight status before we left and all was good. I checked in at the airport along with a few others that would rather be early than late and all was good with our flight until I just happened to sort of half heartedly ask the check in person if we were all going to get home on time. Well wouldn't you know he said "Actually, you have an hour delay". He didn't know why. Well that would mean my plane would leave here at 10:15 central time. Okay, an hour no biggie.

I called hubby. He called the airline. He called me back. The one hour delay has turned into a 4 hour delay. So I arrived at 5:15 p.m. for a 1:25 a.m. flight. The next flight on this airline isn't until Sunday night, so I'm stuck. And, I need to be slapped, Roc. You can only imagine what this does to my nerves cuz we all know this means something was wrong with the plane. Another plane was being sent to LAX from Phoenix and then those people that want to come here to Springfield will get here and we will take their plane back to LAX. Hope this plane is okay. Thank goodness the weather is okay. Hope the pilots aren't sleepy.


House of Hullabaloo said...

I really am missing you and your art work. Your cola brick picture was fabulous! It is ART! I hope you get to go home soon. It is hard on the whole family when Momma's not home.

Tace said...

Dear Ms. Stuck-at-the-airport-TumbleFish. I too recently have suffered the untold agonies of airport waiting seats and too long layovers. It sucks, I mean unless you're into expensive snack foods and eavesdropping on people talking on their cell phones (which one can not deny is a fascinating way to kill time). But on the bright side think of all eager blog readers wishing you a happy safe flight home.
I have been slack about commenting on your awesome blog posts as of late but in my defense I had the flu and during the last week if I had responded much it would have been mostly a series of "kjdjsknvkdj mjnajscn bdjc" aka gibberish.
Happy flight!

MaryEllen said...

Hello girlfriend,
I hope you have landed safely, and are on solid ground!
I really love reading your blog. I also thank you so much, for reading mine, and leaving such thoughtful comment
I hope your dad is doing better.

Another passion we share, taking cloud pictures! I'm fascinated with clouds, and I have thousands of pictures on my computer.Love em!
Okay. Love all your new digital art.. your creative mind amazes me always!
Have a relaxing weekend!

Lumilyon said...

LOL! I know I shouldn't laugh Marsha, but I understand EXACTLY what must be going through your mind in that airport. If you're a nervous flyer, it's the worst thing in the world to be waiting for a delayed flight. I get myself into such a state because part of me truly believes that if I stop worrying, something terrible is bound to happen (like it's only my fear that's keeping the plane in the air?????) I get so wound up that if somebody slapped me, I'd probably kill them. No, only industrial quantities of alcohol will do the trick and ideally, some for the poor soul who is having to sit next to me. Many years ago now, I was going on holiday with my sister and her husband, but our bus to the airport got stuck in the traffic and we missed our flight. Because we had booked our tickets at different times, they put me on a different, later flight to my sister and her hubby, from another airport!!!! Well, that was IT! I was convinced that something terrible was going to happen, it was fate! When I arrived at my destination, my sister overheard a lady say "that poor woman spent the entire flight in the crash position!"

roc said...

well you know you can count of me for a slap ANY day or night of the week. S M A C K
does that help? i giggled when i read your post. you crack me up. nothing worse then being stuck at an airport for hours and hours. thank goodness for the delay tho! you wouldn't have wanted to get on that plane...even if they thought they had fixed it!! but once you make it home it's going to be so great to crawl into your own bed and snuggle up with your hub. see? there's always a silver lining!!

yoborobo said...

I'm imagining you are all the way home now. I hope so. All that slapping is very bad for your complexion. :)

Susan Sager Brown said...

don't you have a mother's little helper plane emergency pill??? email me privately and i will call my dealer....teehee. Hope you're home safe. about that cloud? I seriously saw Alfred Hitchcock's profile!!!!! what the hell??? your guardian angel is Alfred Hitchcock?? plain wierd. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your sincere and wise comments on my blog. Don't say you're not wise, I can hear the thought brewing...stifle it!!! teehee. anyhoo, you must start providing eye candy for your groupies immediatly, we understand your devotion to your father, but what about us???? teehee. We are going thru serious Tumble Fish withdrawal. As a personal favor, I will continue to share random bizarre facts for you to whip out at your next party. Going to take off via CAR, plane sissy here too, to a workshop in MD in a matter of hours. I love your new background.

Taluula said...

You will be fine. I know it. Relax and I won't slap you.

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

looks like you've been slapped enough :) just remember to breathe and perhaps a glass of wine!

hope by the time you read this you are back snug and cozy at home!
~*~ Patty