Jun 26, 2009

A summer Friday

The Giver

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 6/26/09
This is a 5 x 7 collage using a face from kumareeboo.etsy.com, wings from Dover clipart, legs from the public domain, a body from flickr's chicks57, arms from the public domain, and boots scanned from a magazine. All of these pieces were printed in black and white, trimmed with scissors, and hand-colored. The crown was made from scrap paper and the hearts were made from scanned objects, also printed and trimmed. The pieces were assembled and attached to a background made from layers from flickr's 'Playingwithbrushes', anwphotography, and Joes Sistah.

Here are its parts.

I am supposed to be cleaning and doing laundry. Am I? No, but I am off to do that now, I think, I hope. The kids are off doing their thing, the house is empty and hottish. I have a lot of chores I should be doing and I can't seem to pull myself away from work. I need to! Tomorrow we are going to Santa Barbara for the day to take some cool old stuff to Art from Scraps, a place that takes donations of all types of things for artists, teachers, and students to buy cheap for their art projects, and hang out with some good friends a bit. Then there are only two days until I head for my Dad's again! Wow, already!

I meant to scan some very lovely trades and gifts that I received in the mail but I will get to it later. I feel drained and hurried and want to do it right.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Susan Sager Brown said...

She is stunning, Marsha, and I do believe you should consider this to be a self portrait. You are the ultimate Giver. And your public is grateful that you share your considerable talent and GREAT BIG HEART with us. xoSusan
PS I saw The Giver AFTER I sent you the email "book". How funny is that!!!

sherry lee said...

What a beautiful "giver" she is!! I love that you are taking art supplies to a group that will use them for a good cause...now THAT is being a giver!!

Enjoy your weekend!

julia said...

Art to Scraps is a great name! We have something similar here for street kids They get to come inside, make art, have dinner and learn how to sell their art. Great program.

Your "giver" is a beauty :)

Karin said...

I love that piece! I saw the one you did for Julie H. and love it also....it's so adorable. I've got the one you did for me in my studio where I get to look at it everyday!!!

WingingIt said...

love your artwork...lorrie and julie are pals of mine...the artwork you sent them is priceless...my sissy is here now and you have inspired me to do a piece of the two of us...thank you...

Mieke said...

WOW, so great!!

Chrisy said...

Well honey all I know is if you gave me all those part I'd never come up with anything as wonderful as this collage! Have a lovely day out tomorrow....

aliceinparis said...

You are so talented!
I wonder if there is an organization like that around here? I must look into it.
Hope your dad is feeling better and stronger everyday! You'll be able to give him a healing hug soon:)

yoborobo said...

Hi Marsha! I agree, you give to all of us every day, and we should make you some sort of "giver" badge! :) Enjoy Santa Barbara - I was married there! Love that city. Makes me homesick a little to think of it. So wave to it from me. xox Pam

*jean* said...

ooo my, she is completely lovely!! she might just be my all time favorite!! and BTW? i choose art work over laundry every time.....


*jean* said...

ooo my, she is completely lovely!! she might just be my all time favorite!! and BTW? i choose art work over laundry every time.....


Leslie said...

Gorgeous! And I agree that this should be your self-portrait!

NancyB said...

She is gorgeous! I love that background so yummy! I loved having a peek at how your little fairy people come together! Amazing! Art to Scraps sounds like a very cool place! I don't think they have anything here like that! Would be cool if they did! Great post! xoxo

indybev said...

You're making an impact on me. Now every time I look at a catalog or magazine, I'm drawn to the feet and arms, and I think "Marsha" could use that!! You're amazing, my blog friend. I so enjoy your work!

Gayle Page-Robak said...

I am fascinated by your art style...uniquely beautiful and your choice of color is outstanding. I especially love the image below this with the boy and the words "To thine own self be true"...I have carried the quote in my wallet for more years than I care to remember:) It is so, so true. I am following your blog and extend an invitation to you to follow mine...hugs, Gayle.

Lumilyon said...

Beautiful colours and atmosphere here Marsha x

Melissa said...

Wonderful composition Marsha! It really amazes me how you can see "the whole" from a bunch of "parts".
I love my little fairy pendant you sent me! I had it on today and got so many compliments on it. Can I ask you where you got the metal blanks for them?

Janny said...

OMG you have been so busy making beautiful things;o)

Tace said...

Ooooh, can I add another "gorgeous" to the pile? Your blog is such a visual feast Ms Tumblefish!!!! I am reallllly digging the new sort of backgrounds lately, they have so much depth. Makes me feel like I could step in next to the fairies!! Smiles from meeeeee

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

just amazing how you pull all those pieces together! love it!

Lynn said...

This is amazing, I just love your work and the process you take, just been browsing around and I love it all :)

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