Jul 20, 2009

Need something visual up here . . .

It's been far too dramatic around here. To change the subject awhile, I am participating in Seth Apter's Buried Treasure project (along with most of the blogging world I think) on his The Altered Page blog. So, I've been going through some old posts to see what I am willing to dig up from my past and face. The first piece below was from a very brief post back in January so I won't use it for Seth's project, but it is one piece of my older work that I actually still like. It is one of the first Zetti's I ever made.

Simple Zetti with Lucky Fish (made and first published here 1/28/09)

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 1.28.09 You many not copy or download. All rights reserved.
5 x 7 collage using an image from outsiderartists.com, wings used under license agreement with Butterfly Utopia, dress from paperstreet.etsy.com, and hat, eye, hands, and shoes all scanned from my Dover clipart books, printed, trimmed and hand colored with ink and pastel arranged on a watercolored background with ribbon trim.

And here is another that I still have a thing for.

Winged Things (made and first published here 2/11/09)

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 2.11.09 You may not copy or download. All rights reserved.
5 x7 collage on a watercolored, stamped, and drawn background using birds from lisasalteredart.etsy.com, drawn legs, hat and boots from Dover clipart and numerous other pieces from image sharing groups, all reprinted, carefully trimmed and most are hand-colored.

I've been getting in the mood for some new Zetti's so it has been good to go back and look at the old ones. There's something to that Seth guy and his smart go back and take a look project! If you don't know about this go check out the project here! You still have time to sign up and get involved.


Michele said...

Oooh I just love your Zetti's! What fun!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the wonderful comments. I'm blushing. :)

I've been lurking around your blog for a little bit now, and I always like what I see, such wonderful art!

I'm sorry to hear about your recent drama but glad to hear it's resolved now. (well sort of). :) Hopefully it will never happen again!

I'm always worried about breaking copyright laws too, and I try real hard not to, but I take images from magazines all the time, so I'm glad you posted that link, because I'm off right now to go read and make sure I'm not stealing anybody's art either. Yeesh, that would be bad.

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

I was away and missed all the drama! I am so sorry to hear that you had this experience. It's happening all over the place. You want to share your art but then you have to deal with the possibility of someone "stealing" it. I am glad you got yours resolved so you can continue to be a Happy People!

Ozstuff said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate a reasonable outcome to the copyright crisis! While still not entirely settled, it is a beginning and hopefully it will help educate those who claim not to understand the rules. Your Zettis are exquisite and delightfully whimsical. Your colours are always so scrumptious. I am sure you have put a smile on the face of everyone who happens on your blog today! Thanks, Marsha.

Sherry Cheever said...

I must admit that I am a total lurker of your blog. I absolutely adore your work and always find great inspiration from what you do. I read the drama you have been having lately and to let you know, this is nothing new. Card makers have been watermarking their work posted to their blogs for years. There is nothing worse than someone who will take another's work and pass it off as their own . . . especially if it is exactly as first posted with no modifications. I suggest the watermarking as it seems to have deterred the number of images harvesting among card makers.

lilylovekin said...

I was away in "Airstream" heaven and missed all the drama. But I get that someone has ripped off your work and for that I am sorry. It is good to be back and catch up on things. Love the work you posted today.

Marit said...

Thanks for the link, Marsha! I already have the "disintegration project" hanging outside, but I join this "digging deep thing" too... your art is amazing!!! Love what you re-posted!!!

yoborobo said...

Well, you know I LOVE the second one. :) I'm glad you've got a game plan regarding the copyright infringement - keep us posted on the Anti-pirating day (I love the idea of it being on Talk Like A Pirate Day!). Love to you - Pam

Katiedidit said...

Sorry to hear about your pirate. I know that feeling, it's almost like mourning the passing of someone that you admired, because you can no longer admire them. Having said that, I'd like to ask your permission to download a copy of your blog header. It is so bright and cheery and I would use it only as inspiration and would not copy parts of it in any form. I just want to tack it on my bulletin board amid all the colorful, wacky, inspirational pieces that look back at me each day. OK by you?

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Thank you everybody! You all are always so full of support and great suggestions!

Katiedidit - I can't seem to get back to your blog so hopefully you come back and read this. Yes, you may!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

These art gals are WonderFuL!!! Your blog is so inspiring!!! I just love your Art!!!

Cathy said...

WOW! Marsha, my dear I've missed WAY TOO MUCH! I don't even know where to begin except to say I'm so sorry for all the drama and aggravation concerning your art. Your art is very distinctive, no one else out there does it quite like you. SO I'm sure your 'copycat' didn't even come close to your excellence. Yet I know how frustrating and maddening it is when someone rips you off! It's a violation and something to be taken very seriously.
I'm glad it is all resolved now and the good thing is you took the 'lemons' and made lemonade. It provoked you to come up with a flickr group to call attention to this as well as the 'blog day'. How clever. I will certainly join in. I will head over to flickr and see what's going on.
By the way, love your very first zetti, the fish and the hands are fabulous! And your newest piece-
Beauty Queen--LOVE IT! The background is wonderful as is the entire piece.
Thanks for stopping by and your lovely comments as always.
p.s. my husband always tells me that copying someone is the utmost form of flattery! maybe it's true but it's still infuriates me.

Kim Mailhot said...

This is so fun to see your older buried treasures from before I knew you :) ! Yummy Zetti's ! I love the Lucky Fish the most I think - that green gets me...I am posting another oldie but goodie on Thursday for Seth's second go round as well. Guests are still here - it is such fun !!! Taking a few moments of me time to visit some blog friends as the boys do the dishes and Momma and Babe go for a little walk.
"See" you later this week !

Bea said...

Zetti? I follow Seth's challenge around and find a fellow ZETTIte?
Were you in ZettiZoo?
sigh.......I love Zetti.
I enjoyed reading your blog. Once I got started I kept going.
I just got so excited seeing a Zetti lover. :)bea