Aug 13, 2009

University Exhibition piece done and special Awards!

Well, many of you know I have been sweatin' an Alumni Exhibition I have coming up at the University of South Dakota where I graduated with my BFA over 20 years ago. Collage was kind of a dirty word back then and I was a Graphic Design major and worked in an entirely different medium back then. (well, not entirely different) Anyway, some of my professors are still there as well as the Dean, who I knew well. There could never be a more intimidating audience than one's previous professors. So, after excepting the invitation and after kicking myself daily, I finally finished a piece for the event that has been swimming around in my head. Suzee Que of flickr gave me the images that I found last night - they sealed the deal and made it all come together. I took great care with this collage. It is almost entirely hand cut and colored to some degree. The only really digital piece is the background background (not the buildings or borders or trims). But all the borders and the flooring, shoes, buildings, crown, fish, face and body were hand cut and edged or enhanced or recolored with ink and pastel. The face and body were printed in black and white and completely recolored down to the iris of the eyes. Because there is so much skin showing, it took several attempts to get the skin color even without streaks and the right soft shade. (she often ended up looking sunburned) It was a grueling workout on my patience! This is a larger piece for me, an 8 x 10. But it's done! yay, yay, yay!

Lady Fish

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 8/13/09. All rights reserved. You may NOT copy, download, or use this image in any way without my permission.
This is an 8 x 10 collage using a face and separate body from flickr's Suzee Que, wings from, a crown from the Library of Congress, a fish from, shoes from a magazine picture, flooring from flickr's 'Playingwithbrushes', buildings from the Library of Congress, black and white checked pieces from flickr's Nancy Baumiller (pieced together to form a frame), additional borders from flickr's wackystuff and designer Sande Krieger, and a main background from flickr's JoesSist
ah. All but the background were reprinted, hand cut with scissors, edged with ink, shaded with pastel and many were completely recolored with ink and pastel.

(close up view)

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 8/13/09. All rights reserved. You may NOT copy, download, or use this image in any way without my permission.

I need to pass on some lovely awards I got from Nancy Lefko. I think about them everyday since she gave them to me. Thank you, Nancy! For awhile, I haven't been passing on awards because it is so hard to choose just 5 or so out of so many truly lovely blogs I love to visit. So, I've slacked. Tonight, with Nancy's very special awards I thought I should take a minute to share some of my most favorite blogs. They're all favorite for different reasons - some I can explain and some I can't. Obviously, I'm leaving out 120 or so of the blogs I have in my links to the right and they're all linked for a reason - I love them and they're all my favorites! But, I will choose a few as a thank you for the inspiration or encouragement or generosity these folks have shown me and I am sure many others.

Bella Sinclair Award for Art Inspiration, Friendship, Sisterhood, Sharing, and Caring

This one I am passing on to these blogs for just those reasons . . .

Pringle Hill Studio
What's Up Roc
Broken Heart Art

I love your blog
This one I am passing on to these blogs because I love them . . . (but I could give this one to everyone in my links list -aargh!)

Reflections of a Ramblin' Gal
The Kathryn Wheel
Arty Lovely (a brand new blog, you just have to see grow!)
Alice in Paris Loves Tea and Art
Blueridge Lady

The Superior Scribbler Award
This one has a link to read, a list to add your name to, and some rules to follow. You can find all of that in the info below the blogs I am sending this to . . .

Julie Haymaker Thompson
Queen of Arts
Lilylovekin Tails
Linda Crispell
Sophism Press

Here's the rules for this one . . . it's worth the time, you'll see . . .
Each Superior Scribbler must, in turn, pass the award on to 5 most-deserving blog buddies.Each Superior Scribbler must link to the person from whom he/she has received the award.
Each Superior Scribbler must display the award on his/her blog, and link to this post, which explains the award.
Each Blogger who wins The Superior Scribbler Award must visit this post and add his/her name to the Mr. Linky List at the Scholastic-Scribe's blog.
Each Superior Scribbler must post these rules on his/her blog.

Zazzle Store Update
I am still working on my Zazzle store. I only have 3 things in it so far. When I get it pretty well stocked, I'll let you know! (If you're a Zazzler, you might want to read the two posts below)


Lawendula said...

Great piece of art.
Marsha, I would like to have you on my German blog in September. Please have a look:
Check out the posts on the other artists, if you like them, I would be glad to count you in.
Best, LaWendula

Chrisy said...

Oh Lordy how intimidating for you...this exhibition...and what a fine piece you've come up pleased you put that fish in there...fabulous!
ps ta for the award...very chuffed...will check into the ins and outs of it....

Chrisy said...

...forgot to say...I think 'Piscatorial Liberty' would be a fab name for this piece...

sharon said...

Thank you Marsha for this absolutely wonderful piece to start my day, before I go to my OTHER job(UGH!)
This is outstanding and inspirational to me.....Just incredible!!

NancyB said...

Oh! Really! I am truly honored...Thank you so much Marsha for the award, your wonderful art and most of all your friendship! This piece turned out so friggen fantastic girl!!! The colors make me drool! I suppose I should wear a bib when I visit your blog! tee hee....Off to go check out your new shop! xoxo

Terri Kahrs said...

Oh, Marsha! Thank you SO much for this beautiful award! You've made my day (and it's only 8a.m.!) But MOST of all, thank you for your friendship, support and encouragement. You are AWE-some and so is this piece! It's totally blows me away!!!

Somehow you've managed to reach yet another level in your quest and have set the bar even higher. B-R-A-V-O! You can submit this piece with pride and a smile, My Friend!!!! Love & Hugs, Terri xoxo

yoborobo said...

Marsha - Thank you so much! :) I am very honored that you think of me that way. Thank you so much for your friendship. BIG HUGS to you! And your new piece is luminous and playful, with just the right amount of graphic KA-BOOM! (that's a technical term). You will knock 'em flat. xox Pam

Marit said...

Your lady fish is gorgeous!!!!!

roc said...

love your university piece. it's going to be the talk of all at the exhibit. it's gorgeous!! thanks, too, for the award. i'm truly honored!

Linda Crispell said...

Thank you for the lovely nod!
Congratulations on the alumni show, the piece is wonderful. I am so glad that the audience for your work continues to grow and grow.
Your Pal,

Leslie said...

Brava!!! What a knock-out piece of art! And I LOVE the buildings in the background. It's perfect!

indybev said...

You can hang this exceptional piece of art with pride, Marsha! From the detail in each scallop of the banner, to the tip of her tennies, she's fantabulous. I will be so anxious to hear how it's received at the university. I've always admired the skin tones you achieve. From my Prismacolor pencils to my Corel Painter, to Ulead, I can never seem to fine a skin tone that pleases me. I keep repeating myself when I say YOU MAKE MAGIC!

Susan Sager Brown said...

Your exhibition piece is Fantastic!! You did yourself proud!
The colors are delicious. I can't wait to hear all about it! Thank you for the award! Right back at ya, girlfriend! xoSusan

*jean* said...

wowee, marsha! she is fantastic! the details are incredible...well done! also, i'm glad you posted the awards and such so i have new places to visit!!!

best wishes!


TheresainMS said...

Another marve-marsha-lous piece!! I love it and I think your former teachers will be favorably impressed. Just send them to your blog and your flickr if they need to know more :-) I know I spend tons of time at both of them haha. Love seeing all the award winners listed so I can go check out their sites too. It's no wonder I don't have any art posted at my blog, I've got no time left after cruising around and seeing all the superior offerings out there. That's my story anyway haha It is so inspiring and uplifting to view your work; you are truly my biggest inspiration. Have a great weekend!!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

You will be a super star!!!!

Laura Haviland said...

Marsha I love your blog. I just enjoyed the lastest running shoes gal so much.
Thank you for your e-mail, that was a very nice surprise.
All can say is fabulous.
Hugs Laura.

Heartinmyhand said...

Marsha, Wow this is an amazing piece. I keep going back and looking at all the detail. You rocked it girl

Veronica said...

Hey, thanks a million! Can I give this award straight back to you?!

Wouldn't it be fascinating for each exhibitor at the Alumni Exhibition to include a piece they made while studying there...interesting to see the change after 20 years. Kind of like your look back at your earlier collage pieces recently.

Alberta said...

She is one of your finest, Marsha! This collage captures the epitome of your style perfectly: the fresh juxtaposition of edginess with painterly effects and a dash of humor; my favorite bits are the map banner, her starry wings, the yummy background, and her black high-top Converse shoes! You will knock them dead at the show, and, as a student (and underground collage artist) who didn't survive her art school, I am so proud and excited for you. Bravo for believing in your art and finding your own path! I wish I could be there to celebrate with you and see it in person.



You are very welcome :)

The piece for the Exhibit is STUNNING !!! Your hand coloring amazes have such a gift !!!

Tace said...

Soooo awesome! You must be thrilled to bits & fishes! Isn't it satisfying, like mountain climbing*** high, to tackle something that one half of the brain fears and the other half is rooting for? I am so happy for you that you've created this gorgeous art piece for your University exhibition. I love the attitude of the woman in the piece. She makes me think she's conquering the world one fish at a time. :)
*** I should confess I've never climbed a mountain, but I feel as if I could imagine what that high would be like. :) I am sure mountain climbers might turn their noses up at me for assuming I know their mountain top achievement feelings but I think we could all agree it's gotta feel cool. If it doesn't then those guys in all the nature films who've just trudged to the top of a rugged icy peak, with a little flag in hand whilst the helicopter that's filming them slowly circles overhead their trek through knee deep snow, have gotta be dang good actors cause they always LOOK pretty pumped.
so..umm...way off track here, if I were a train I'd be in the river by now. To summarize, congratulations on completing your art work for the exhibition!!!

Ocean Lotus said...

i really love your art and am happy that you'll be going to the exhibition I'm sure it'll go much better than you anticipate. i know you just went through some stuff w/ people stealing your images, but a tutorial of how you do things would be so nice to see...not to copy but would love to see your techniques. all your art is so fabulous

Lori Saul said...

Ladyfish is beautiful- I can see alot of special heart and soul went into the design and making! How wonderful you are working on so many projects right now - kudos to you and for your wonderful recognition!

Linda Cain said...

LOVE Lady Fish.....especially the great kicks!


Janine said...

Congrats to all this awesome awards.
Your work is really special.
I like your newest ones a lot.

aliceinparis said...

You should be proud of yourself!! That exhibition piece is TERRIFIC!!!!

Thanks for the kind award:) I am touched. I love popping over to your blog too:)

I will have to come back and visit all the other interesting folk you have awarded kudos to!

whymsicalmusings said...

Marsha I have so missed popping in on your blog also. I have so many things going on in my world right now it is hard to keep up with everything.

I love coming here you always make me smile and you always share the most fabulous things!

Congrats on your expo at the University of South Dakota!!! YIPPEE!!!!

Have a magical day:)

Karin said...

Marsha it's beautiful!!! Congratulations! Stop by my blog if you have a chance. I finally framed and hung the collage you made for me. I have it hanging in my studio.....Thanks so much again!!! Karin

BlueRidgeLady said...

Thank you so much Marsha for the award and for thinking of me. Congratulations on your exhibition piece that is really just exquisite...I don't know how you do it....the coloring is perfection at its best...I think the skin tone is amazing! Soooo happy for don't give yourself enough credit, you are phenominal woman! Thanks for sharing "You" with us!! xoxox

Cathy said...

First of all I want to say thanks so much for the award! I am truly honored to receive it. There is definitely mutual admiration going on here. I always love coming to your blog to see your art as well as hear what you have to say!
SEcondly, I LOVE LADY FISH! You art is sheer perfection. Your attention to detail is always amazing. Your backgrounds just keep getting better and better. And I absolutely love her high top sneakers!
Your new zazzle store has some fantastic products and thanks for letting us know about little feature that allows folks to 'alter' their products.
Your skinny zetti is another fabulous piece of work! I love it.
I'll have to go check out the flickr.
Again, thanks so much for the award and I'll be checking in more regularly now that my kid is back at college.

3rdEyeMuse said...

I truly believe that the result of this piece is such a worthy test of your patience ... it's quite brilliant. :)

thekathrynwheel said...

Marshsa, I just got back from my hols to find out you had given me this wonderful award. I can't tell you how honoured I am, thanks soooo much. I shall blog it very soon when I get myself organised. Have only had time for a quick peek at your blog so far but I'm loving this new fishy piece. It's fabulous and you'll knock them for six with this! Well done. I'll be back soon :-)