Aug 13, 2009

Zazzle update and good news Zazzlers!

You can read the post below to catch up on this post. Well, after many attempts last night to remove the "customize" feature from my products, I sent a complaint inquiry to Zazzle. Promptly this morning, I got a reply. Poor Zazzle guy, though. The first time I read through his message I thought he was explaining How To customize and I sent another complaining letter about that. Then I reread his message and realized he was explaining how to remove the feature. I quickly apologized with my tail between my legs. I hate it when I do that, jump to pessimistic conclusions. I am so embarrassed and ashamed. So anyway, I tried what nice Zazzle man explained and it worked so behold, his directions for removing the customization feature on your Zazzle products . . .

"Thanks for contacting our support team. Unfortunately, once you have posted a product to the Zazzle marketplace, you cannot adjust certain parameters like the fundamental design elements (text and image) and the ability for customers to customize your item.

The only solution available is to recreate the product and post it for sale again. Fortunately, this is a relatively easy thing to do by using the following steps:

1) Login to your Zazzle account and open to your Zazzle store.
2) Click on the product you wish to regenerate to open it up to its detailed view.
3) Select the "Customize It" button
4) Make any necessary adjustments to the product itself (view front or back, edit image or text, change product size)
5) Rename and save the new version of the product
6) Re-Post your item for sale (using the same process as you did for the original version). This is where you can set the maturity rating, public category placement, and disable the customization feature for your product.
7) Once the corrected replacement appears securely in your store, you can delete the original"

Now, realize when you are signed in, you will still see the customize feature at the bottom of the shirt information. But, if you log out and see your item as the public will, the customize feature is gone. What a relief! I'm so happy and I'm off to put stuff in my new store!


June said...

Ohhh thats brilliant my friend. I shall have to copy and save this too. I havent been in for a while but will do at some point and this is great as its a nuisance otherwise

thanks my friend
you are an angel
june x

yoborobo said...

I know not of the Zazzle Universe, but I can sympathize with accidentally jumping to the wrong conclusion...and having to grovel. I'm pretty good at it though (but it wears the knees down!). :)

Susan Sager Brown said...

Thank you Marsha, for doing the leg work, once again!!! I'm going to be a busy girl this weekend removing and readding my stuff!!

Lumilyon said...

Congratulations for getting that done Sweetie. There's nothing more creatively stifling than worrying about what others will think about what we do,but this one will knock 'em straight between the eyes!

Susan Sager Brown said...

Marsha, I have tried 3 f'ing times to remove that customize feature and it's not working. AT ALL> I am so frustrated I want to pull my hair out. Can you give me the dummy version of the directions. I highlight my product, hit customize it, change title, save and post. It's been hours and I'm missing Trueblood!! HELP thanks, xoSusan

3rdEyeMuse said...

don't you just love it when the right answer comes your way? :) congrats on the great news. I'm sure that you've made a bunch of other people happy with your discovery, too.