Oct 10, 2008

A different offering today . . .

Had a mundane post up and thought a minute about what I really want to share today and deleted it. The boring details of my life are just that, boring. Omitting as many as I can, I'll just say that my art is on the back burner this week - normal family and life things going on.

But, I do want to share something with those that have time and won't be offended by a belief in a higher power whatever that might be. (I am very open minded and not ultra anything) It's been a rough few weeks in the world and it weighs on everybody. I pulled up this site as I do from time to time to kick myself into focusing on what's important and who I want to be. So, if you care to and you haven't before or haven't for awhile, visit http://www.theinterviewwithgod.com/ It will only take a few minutes but stick with you awhile - breathtaking pictures.

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stampsalot87 said...

I kinda enjoyed the other one -- I noted not to send you any sunflower cards with the unnamed b word as a center of the flower.