Oct 30, 2008

I'm a mess . . .

Still no work to post. I know there are people that will somehow end up here and leave immediately because I have no work up - darn visual people who don't like to read. I am still muse-less - struggling through a wall of "can't do anything right". So, here's some pictures to prove that I am at least making a mess if not making art. This is just one of my art working desks . . .

(maybe you'll see the makings a future piece here, in it's forming, pondering, thinking about stages - how thrilling (with sarcasm))

(pieces I've cut out the last few days)


stampsalot87 said...

Hey girl, you are being too hard on yourself. Even if Las Vegas was a "vacation", I know I always come back from trips completely worn out. You have to catch up on all your regular "duties". Your mojo will be back!

Cha Cha said...

Actually, I find your "in progress" photos to be really inspirational. Much more so that the finished "Oh yes, I am always this brilliant - aren't you?" stuff from other artists. We hate them.

Love your blog!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Cha Cha, you need to come by more often! I regularly share my flops! Sometimes I think they all are, but definitely some more than others. In one I showed parts of the torn up work I threw out that day. Linda is the only perfect person I've met that I liked. Not that I don't think you're all perfect in your own imperfect way.

I'm gonna pop over and visit you. Thanks for visiting!

Tace said...

First of all I don't think that qualifies as a mess. Every one knows any so called *mess* made in the pursuit of art and craftiness is but a creative by-product of the afore mentioned process.
Secondly, even if that were a mess as defined by some non-crafty person who wasn't in the know, then MY mess would beat your mess. No actually my mess would gobble your mess up for a snack and then belch even more messes all over my living room.
It's Halloween Eve.
Costume guts are flung every where and I'm wondering if I will ever remember where all of the materials and tools I dragged out go back to. I dunno...I'm starting to think the cordless drill looks kind of swank on the kitchen table. It's orange...so that qualifies as festive.
So definitely not a mess on your hands more like an un-finished puzzle that's a heck of a lot more pleasing to the eye than the sprawl of wire, tape, wood and screws that are taking over here.
Happy Halloweeeeen!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Tace, what the hell are you going to be for Halloween that requires a drill, a sprawl of wire, tape, wood and screws? (by the way, did you paint a jack o' lantern face on the drill? I'm not sure just being orange qualifies as festive, but then it depends on your costume.) I have to go out and buy some costume stuff myself - finally ate the slim jim for breakfast this morning.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Cha Cha, just thought of something . . . is this your nice way of saying I'm not brilliant? Hmmmmm. (you don't know me so I feel the need to tell you I'm kidding) Hang in there girl!

Tace said...

You know I have had much amusement thanks to your question "what the dang gull-heck are ya being for Halloween" (I'm paraphrasing.)
I never actually realized how it sounded when I listed off the mess that was and..ahem..is STILL spewed across our home. And that spew shall stay there at least until tomorrow, drill bits, screw nails and wires be danged, my dogs are barrrrking. Actually my dogs died 2 hours ago and they don't even whimper, my feet are but bags of bones that rattle when I walk.
You didn't ask about my feet did you? Tooo baddddd. *grins*
Anyways the question is no longer what am I but what WAS I.
In a word? Awwwwwwwwesome. (emphasize the *awe* part of awesome with a real high pitched note like sitcom actors are always doing.)
I have a photo of our costumes on my blog..muahh ahh ahh, see how that works? Luring you over once again..muahh ahh. I'm off to snack the night away now, as I and my feet have earned it!