Oct 10, 2008

Friday Afternoons . . .

. . . I volunteer to teach an Artist Trading Card class for K-5th grade students for a couple of hours at a nearby elementary school where my mom-in-law works. Last week we made sun prints. Today we used geometric and organic shapes to make our own printing plates and mixed primary colors to get secondary colors as we combined multiple plates on one surface. I hurried to take the pictures as kids were running out the door so I didn't take good ones (I really need to work on my photography skills) but here is some of their work. They are so much prettier in person. I love how these kids work with such joy and freedom and little self doubt - willing to try anything and so content with their results, as they should be.

(a few of today's prints using handmade foam printing plates and magic foam stamp impressions, red and blue ink on yellow paper - most of these are Kindergarten and first grade)

(last week's sun prints using found objects, light sensitive paper, and the sun of course)

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Jill said...

Sun prints? Do tell!! I don't know what they are - well I have an idea but I need to google. That's a neat idea that would be fun to do with my 7 yr old. Love the other ATCs the kids made too!!