Oct 31, 2008

My first "commissioned" work . . .

Okay, not commissioned as in I get paid for it, but commissioned as in someone wanted me to try making some pieces (for free of course) using their 3 little girls - my brother's nieces actually (but not my girls, his sister-in-law's if that makes sense - don't want to confuse anyone although that's fun to do sometimes.) Okay, so maybe the word "commissioned" is a little powerful for this experiment. (I can be so self important sometimes) Anyway, I quickly just took one picture each of them while visiting in Las Vegas, kind of praying the pics wouldn't turn out so I wouldn't have to try this. But, the pics were okay, not great, Brooke wouldn't smile - thought I'd try anyway. So, here they are - much harder for me with only one pic to choose from (and muse obviously still in Las Vegas). I can at least check that chore off the list. They just don't have the same mojo as using vintage pictures and having many to choose from to get just the right one for that moment, that creative urge. So, Cha Cha, I'm being not brilliant again! Flop city!

copyright October 31, 2008 by Marsha Jorgensen
3 - 5 x 7 collages using UN-vintage pics reprinted and hand-colored, Dover clipart, paper ribbon, watercolor


stampsalot87 said...

Those are darling! My first thought would be how cute would those be for party invitations. I can see a little baby fairy all ready for their 1st birthday. You should try to hook up with some upscale boutiques in the cities near you. I bet some of those ladies with disposable income would be interested in custom invitations.

Cha Cha said...

I agree with stampsalot87 - these would be cute party invites, and there's a market out there for personalized stuff like this.

I do know, however, how much it sucks to be expected to create on demand with perimeters that don't match your own style. I think you made the best of it and that these aren't doggy like you think. I just like your work, period.

Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog. I sort of saved it on my computer so I can read it when needed ... which has been a lot.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Thanks Stamps and Cha Cha - really, I appreciate your kind comments. Part of the future plan for commissioned pieces is to include note cards so invitations fit right in. Great idea!

I also appreciate your visits, more than you know. To be honest, I've been full of doubt the last few days. Linda's beautiful and gracious "commercial" only brought you, Miss Cha Cha, to visit or at least comment on either blog. So, I've been thinking, with the number of followers Linda has, my art just isn't going to be very popular or have much market. That may sound money hungry, but I took a chance and quit working thinking I could make a little income from my art. I can't just do it as a hobby, it needs to bring something in eventually. It it's going to be a hobby, I need to go back to work a few more years. And that thought bums me out. I'm going to give it a few more months, see if I can get some more published and open my etsy store this month - we shall see if I fall flat on my face.