Oct 29, 2008

I haven't bought a pumpkin and other stuff . . .

I've lost it. I've lost my mojo. I go out of town a few days and I can't find my funk, or I'm in a funk. Don't know which.

I cut out a million collage pieces on my trip, so many that my right index finger has been numb since Saturday night from holding those darn little scissors. I expected to come home and whip out art like Edward Scissorhands flies through topiary and ice sculptures. No such luck. I have no brain cells, not one creative impulse. I have worked on the same piece for 2 and a half days and it is as plain as can be.

So, I go surfing blogs and artist sites for inspiration, some spark to flame the creative fires. Instead, I find myself leaving comments on complete strangers blogs about the gay marriage initiative on our CA ballot (comments were invited in a sort of round table discussion but I still can't believe I did that - not like me to enter such a discussion with strangers, I'm such a whatever floats your boat kinda gal, who am I to say anything about something so controversial?) and this morning I wrote quite a bit about dish drainers commenting on another blog (a really cool one I found today - such a witty writer! I was snortin' and gigglin' quite awhile: http://t2net.com/blogtace Anyway, nothing comes to me in the way of working through my creative wall. And now, I feel even worse because not only am I not creative, but I realize after reading other blogs I'm not witty either and my blog looks like crapolla compared to most that I visit and I feel I have nothing to offer the world in any redeeming or at least entertaining way.

To top it all off, I haven't bought a pumpkin yet. My house is a mess, I'm still in my pajamas at nearly 11 in the morn, my big gulp is almost gone (and getting kinda watery - don't you hate that? yes, I went and got it in my pajamas and flip flops - I'm pathetic). I haven't unpacked and I've been home since Sunday and I need to pay bills. So, what am I to do? I sit and ponder shower, clean, go buy pumpkin, work on art tomorrow? Or clean, shower, work on art and buy pumpkin tomorrow? Am I gonna actually carve the darn thing anyway? That is the saddest realization of them all - my kids are at the age they could care less if we have a pumpkin let alone even dream of helping carve one. You know what that means? I'm old too!

Okay, I'm going to go look for my mojo, maybe it's still in the suitcase. Hope I didn't leave it in Vegas in one of those evil slot machines that sucked every thing else out of me (brain cells, confidence, optimism, money)

Since I like blogs with pictures I'll find one to leave for you, another freebie . . .

. . . another from the Library of Congress, no restrictions. Wonder if she liked being called the Bimbo of Bombay? Kind of fun to say I guess. I'm the Bimbo with no Mojo.


stampsalot87 said...

Hallelujah, it is not just me!

I even got out old issues of "Paper Craft" magazines last night to try and find some inspiration. I tried to adapt something I likes, but alas I just finally gave up. I decided I'm not making anything until I clean out my bedroom/ craft area --- it is so cluttered I can't even think.

I know for a crafter to purge stuff is unthinkable, but lord who needs two entire paper ream boxes full of foam shapes (and more boxes full of other stuff I will probably never use!)

I hope you find your creativity motivator; and if you do, let me know where it was -- maybe I can find mine too!

Linda Crispell said...

At least you're doing something a wee bit more productive than me. I walk around trying to figure our what I can put store bought frosting on. Ritz crackers gross, rice cakes not so great, shortbread cookies a little stale, but they'll work.
My grocery store is selling large already cleaned out pumpkins with a bag of seeds inside! I know what people must have felt like when they first saw a cleaned turkey in the grocery store with the bag of giblets crammed up the turkey's hoo-haa. Why doesn't everyone sell pumpkins like this? Best part, they were only $5.00!!!!
Give yourself a break.

Jill said...

Your muse isn't lost...it's just hiding! You can borrow mine, I'm not using it right now. :(

Tace said...

Well first of all, woohoo for me cause you linked to my blog and it was a complete and utter surprise! (I trailed you from my blog)
Secondly your muse is obviously IN the pumpkin you're putting off getting! (Do pumpkins have air holes? That muse probably needs to come outta there verrry soon)
I got me a pumpkin this year and I swear I'm going to carve it before Halloween. I just keep my eye on the prize, which is that sweet burnt pumpkin smell that happens when you leave a candle in it for a little while. See how little it takes to make a person happy? *grins*
Also my husband and I were the ones snickering and cackling reading YOUR blog. You know, your morning which you were listing off as unproductive actually sounded pretty awesome....7-11 in your p.j.'s? That's like half way to heaven right there!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Jill, your muse is too advanced for me - it would be bored and frustrated. But thank you anyway! You're so sweet! Linda, you are supposed to eat the frosting right out of the can with a great big spoon and get icing on the sides of your mouth. Silly girl. Okay, if you must spread it on something, my mom used to spread it between graham crackers and make a sandwich and put them in the freezer, piled everywhich way in a big ziploc bag. You pull them right out and partake in a a little sandwich of heaven - my kids still love them. But, alas, I am too lazy to spread store bought icing on graham crackers. Tace, you are my happy place. (okay, I've given you a lot of attention today and it is important to know that I'm not a stalker and happily married (for over 20 years) - you just made me happy today)

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Oh, and stamps - you grew your own darn pumpkins! No complaining from you!