Feb 22, 2009

Good Morning Marsha Fans!

Well it is me again and not that lovely, salt and pepper beauty you were looking for. She is doing well, but the hospital routine has not lent itself to being able to get on to her blog. I read her your posts and I can here the smile in her voice. She then gets a little sad because that voice gives away how much she misses all of you.

Saturday they got Jim up and out of bed. It was normal to start him walking and getting around, but I guess the nurses were amazed at the pace of the walk and it was done without a walker.

Marsh's dad is a good old guy. Good mid-western stock fighting from a difficult childhood to raising a great family. She said he's a bit grumpy, but they were warned about that because of the pain of having your chest stretched.

They expect to take Jim home Monday or Tuesday. Hopefully Marsh can get to the computer. She sounded homesick and a little bored.

Thanks for the continuing support. Keep up the battle to fill the world with art (that what Marsh wants)


P.S. I know this blog is about art with obviously a little personnel stuff stuck in. Marsh may not have wanted a sports report here, but if she doesn't like it she shouldn't have left me the keys. Our daughter Lauren has finished her soccer season on the league championship team. They ended up ranked 13th in the city of LA.


aliceinparis said...

All art and no life is boring:)
Nice to hear what is going on. Glad dad is getting up and around. It's amazing really!

Leslie said...

I check every day to see how y'all are doing...I just don't comment each time. But I've been mentally sending my good wishes nonetheless!

Terri Kahrs said...

Am SO happy to hear that Dad is up and about. Will keep sending good, healing vibes. We miss you, Marsha! It just seems like all of the color in the world (literally and figuratively) is "on hold" until we hear from you. (Not that Kent isn't doing a great job!) Keep the faith and hang in! Hugs, Terri

roc said...

well i for one am enjoying the sports reporting! great job kent. i'm proud of you for doing it for the tumblethud stud. i'm pretty sure i couldn't get my hub to do it for me.
it's nice to hear the great news. please tell your salt and peppered hair beauty i'm thinking of her and praying for her and her dad.

Cathy said...

congrats, lauren.

marsh who??? heehee. (she'll get me back for that.)

marsh's better half: glad to hear your father-in-law is already performing amazing feats!

BlueRidgeLady said...

Hi Kent!

I like to hear and read about my fellow bloggers lives and what is happening with them :D You are doing an amazing job of keeping us informed. At least Marsha can rely on a good substitute when she needs one! I am so glad that her Dad is doing well and I'd be in a bad mood if my chest was stretched too. I'm sure he/they will be glad to get back to his home. Congratulations to your daughter!! Let Marsha know that I miss her!