Feb 5, 2009

Well my blog face lift is somewhat done for now. The one thing I hate about blogspot is the limitations you have on arranging the layout. I really wanted my banner larger, all the way across, but I cannot figure out how to get it done. It won't center. I can make it larger but it will not move to the left, only to the right. Anyway, I am proud that I figured out how to put the background in. I may add some more to it. Blogspot's layouts waste so much space, it drives me crazy. Oh well.

Fairy Tale

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 2.5.09
3 1/2 x 5 collage on watercolored matte board with pix from lisasalteredart.etsy.com, paperstreetetsy.com, outsider-artists.net, and Dover clipart reprinted, carefully trimmed, and hand-colored, and ribbon trim.

This piece was made for The Artist Callenge website.


BlueRidgeLady said...

Hi Marsha! I lovvvve Fairy Tale! It's so pretty! Love what it says and the images are gorgeous!

I like your new banner and background! I know what you mean about the size! I tried the same thing, nope, not gonna be able to do that! Then, I couldn't make my letters bigger and the ones I already had there I can't get rid of! But I like it better than I did. Yours looks great! Hugs!

Fanny and Anthony said...

Dear Marsha, I love your blog and your image for The Artist Challenge which is where I came across you! I just want to say that I have discovered through my own attempts at making headers bigger and smaller that you can trick the blog by adding a black (or the colour of your blog background so that it becomes invisible when loaded) plain colour border to the picture you are using on the side you want to shunt to the left or right. So, if you want your pic to move to the left, attach the relevant size border to the right of your image (I use Paint Shop Pro for all of this stuff). Then upload your header, unclicking the 'shrink to fit' box so that it uploads the same size you make it.I don't know how other sites work but this has worked for me on Blogger. I have now reduced my header but it was huge for a while - and centred! Hope this helps. All the best, Fanny (The artof-art.com)

Alberta and Ava said...

Your new blog looks absolutely wonderful, and the frog prince collage is adorable. I think the background is a perfect showcase for your vivid artistry. Thank you for including me on your blog roll! My Friday night plan is to visit each blog you've listed. Good times!I'm particularly interested in this little girl's face. Would you send me the exact linkin a comment on my blog? I'm looking for a face for my husband's b'day painting, and I think something similar to this would work perfectly.

Thank you,

aliceinparis said...

Love your new banner. I am useless with all things computer so my blog is really simple. Good for you to figure it out:)
Cheers, Shelagh

Cathy said...

just wonderful. i simply drool over your art; i'm such a fan. can't wait 'til i own some :)

Leslie said...

You make really pretty art! A visual feast!

And your blog facelift is looking good, too! It's such fun to visit.

Outstanding Stranger said...

Love your art Marsha. Your blog is beautiful, whimsical and fun. Diane


I love your new look - it is so YOU!


Cathy said...

i left you some flickr mail.

btw, i think your blog's new look rocks. i wish i knew how to make a banner using my art.

whymsicalmusings said...

WOW I love your blog and I especially love your Artist trading card:) Your style is so much fun!