Feb 3, 2009

I just uploaded #100 to flickr. Here they are . . .

#100 . . . Fluttering Zetti Sisters with Glasses
(you know what they say about Zetties in glasses)

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 2.3.09
3 x 5 collage on watercolored matte board with pix from lisasalteredart.etsy.com reprinted, carefully trimmed, and slightly hand-colored, handmade legs, shoes from Dover clipart, wings used with license agreement from Butterfly Utopia, scrap trim.

#99 . . . Zetti Sisters in Pink
(you know what they say about Zetties in pink . . . just kidding, I have no idea)

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 2.3.09
3 1/2 x 5 collage on watercolored matte board with pix from lisasalteredart.etsy.com reprinted, carefully trimmed, and slightly hand-colored, handmade necks and hearts, shoes and hats and birdcage from Dover clipart, wings used with license agreement from Butterfly Utopia, scrap and ribbon trim.

Well I've made a few more than 100 pieces if you count the ones that ended up in the trash and the others that never made it to flickr and are saved to remind me where I started. I hope Suzan (Thrifty Collage Artist) doesn't mind me telling you, but she sent me a picture of one of her early pieces that involved pipe cleaners, not that pipe cleaners are a bad thing. We all have some evidence of our beginnings, most of mine is still on flickr and if you look back at the set of "older works" you will see, even I see, that I have grown some since starting this adventure in September. I've told you before that I only like things I make for a very short time so me leaving anything on flickr or here for more than a few minutes or hours astounds me.

I know some of you are waiting on Etsy listings. I'm sorry. I know it is weird that I am putting this off when me selling work is part of the reason I am allowed to make it in the first place and not be working at a real job. I don't know what wall I have hit and why I can't seem to bring myself to list things. I think I am really in limbo with my dad's situation and I am being so careful of what I put on my plate. I am really just escaping into making art and listing and mailing and all that is too real for me right now. It has been a very long couple of years for me and my family and some of you know all that we have been through. I still get tears in my eyes when I allow myself to think of it all. There are just times I feel worn out and protective and . . . feel like escaping reality as much as possible. All of that are stories for another time. Just know I'm not trying to be a poophead! It will all be listed as soon as I can tackle that process.

I find out when I have to fly to Missouri for my dad's surgery tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.

And, know, please, that I am not depressed nor mean to sound as if I am. I am actually very happy. A little fragile maybe and anxious and self protective right now, cocooning a little bit. But I am fine and don't mean to bring anyone down. Be up!


Tace said...

Your Zetti sisters are fantastic! I especially love the striped necks and legs, stripes rock! I think I was an old timey criminal in another life because those black and white striped duds they wear are fashion terrific!
You shouldn't feel pressure about listing your Etsy stuff, do whatever makes ya feel good and all that! Part of arting and crafting is the satisfaction it gives, once you start forcing it too much then the satisfaction levels decrease and what's the point then? :)
Hope all goes well with your Dad's surgery, I am sorry plane rides aren't fun for you. Maybe you could plan some stuff for the trip, like pieces of your collages to play with on the plane, or a juicy book or a screw driver (the drink not the tool)

Jamie said...

Tace you are too funny! "The drink not the tool":)

Marsha, I hope your plane trip goes quickly. I always take Dramamine and it knocks me right out. They sell it in all the little shops in the airport. It's wonderful that you can be there for your Dad when he needs you. I will be thinking about you and your family.

Your new Zetti pieces are, well, they are incredible! You say you are jealous about Photoshop and I am jealous that you are making tangible, tactile, beautiful art. Photoshop is all smoke and mirrors. You are doing the real deal girl. Right now Photoshop works for me because it's quick and there are not supplies everywhere. But I yearn for messy hands and cramped fingers.
Don't stress and fret about ETSY. It's a lot of work and time and you need to focus on what works for you right now. That will come later when you are ready. Stay safe and let us know whats going on when you get a chance. Love, Your Stalker

aliceinparis said...

Have a safe journey. Hope all goes well.
When you are ready to list you will have a bounty of things so sell :)
Cheers, Shelagh

Terri Kahrs said...

Congrats on the #100 flickr! I just LOVE the Flutter Sisters and the polka-dot background. Also love the path your work has taken.

Am still sending good vibes, thoughts and prayers (as well as a big, HUGE, suffocating hug) to get you through with your Dad.

Etsy's not going anywhere. Besides, waiting for you to restock just builds the anticipation!

Cathy said...

i'm lovoing all your twin pieces.
a 3x5 is known as a "skinny." :)
hope all goes well with your dad. keep us posted.

Leslie said...

I love your new work, too! And I'll wait as long as it takes to buy it on Etsy! Be cool and know that there's tons of positive energy coming your way!