Feb 2, 2009

Work in progress

I know. I wasn't going to work today, but here I am doing this instead of what other things are piling up. Laundry's kinda done though. My shoulder pain is just one little area over my left shoulder blade and I am right handed, but it seems to hurt the most while cutting and working on art pieces. It really is a pain in the arse despite it's actual location. I think it is just some kind of muscle burn going on like I have somehow exhausted that one little spot - makes no sense.

Anyway, I may have to give up on this piece before it is done. I have no idea what I will do for a background. Backgrounds are my weakest and most dreaded part to work on in my pieces. I just cannot find a way of doing them that I am happy with. They may be colorful but they are boring and plain and empty. They hang me up constantly. So, you'll have to come back later to find out how this turns out.

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen. Please do not copy.

Shawn is doing fine. Stayed home one more day to rest. All is good.


ArtSnark said...

this is looking very cool!

aliceinparis said...

Sounds like rotator cuff stuff to me. Ouch, hard to work when you are in pain.

snippetgirl said...

I just had to tell you that i adore your collages! So cool! You have great style :).
carrie the snippet girl