Feb 14, 2009

No clever pix . . .

Hi everybody,

I wanted to make something for tonight's post but just didn't get it done. As most of you know, I am leaving Sunday the 15th (tomorrow) for Las Vegas where I will meet my brother and fly from there to my dad's in Missouri. We fly on Monday. My dad's surgery is the 19th. I will not have access to the internet much the first week I am gone. I hope to return home after two weeks, but it could be longer. I will do my best to keep you posted here either through me or my husband. I will let you know when I am home and making art again, hopefully very soon! Know that I am thinking about you all and missing you more than you know.


Tace said...

Have a great flight Ms. Tumble Fish!!! I hope all goes well with your Dad and his surgery. I will think good thoughts for you and him and your family!
Big smiles from me :)

di from di-did-it said...

Sending you a great big HUG ~ all will be well for you & your Dad.

I'm just a hop & a skip north in Iowa, so my thoughts won't have far to go :)


aliceinparis said...

Hi Marsha, I'm thinking of you and your family. You are going to have a lovely smooth flight! You will enjoy your brother. Time with your dad will be well spent. He's going to be very happy to see you:) Best wishes for good things to happen.
Cheers, Shelagh

Kim Mailhot said...

Sending love and prayers for fast healing for your Dad and for patience and support for you and the rest of your family.

Cathy said...

you will be missed. keeping your dad in prayer. i do hope the surgery is successful and he experiences a speedy recovery.

Leslie said...

Happy landings!! I'll be sending good thoughts your way. And I'll miss your posts and art.

Suzan Buckner said...

I didn't realize you were leaving TODAY!! Have a safe trip, and keep your mind busy, so you won't think about the flying part!!

You and your dad will be in my prayers.

roc said...

good luck with your trip. i'll be keeping in my thoughts and prayers.

Hayley Egan said...

Warmest of wishes all the way from Spain.. X Hayley

Cathy Mendola aka pinkbirdgirl said...

Wishing you a safe journey and sending positive thoughts for your dad's surgery and speedy recovery!
Will miss your clever blog postings
and your fabulous art!

mary schweitzer said...

I just found your blog and WOW your work is amazing! So much detail and the colors rock.
I am adding you to my links on my blog.

Jill said...

Take care, Marsha & have a great flight. Like the others, I'll be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Marsha, many thoughts and prayers being sent up to surround your family during this time.



Jen Crossley said...

Im thinking of you and your dear father hope all goes well with his surgery

Lisa Gatz said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your father, Marsha. Take a deep breath every now and then.

Gaby Bee said...

Have a great flight and a happy landing Marsha!
I'll be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.
Take care,