Dec 17, 2010

One Week!

Holy Moly! Only one week until Christmas? Seriously? Who is playing with my calendar and making the days go faster? Are you running around as crazy as I am? Or are you the organized, prepared, got it all done early, make me sick but love you anyway type? Just when I think I'm doing okay checking things off of my list, time speeds up in some kind of Christmas black hole time warp thing and I'm behind again! Well, at least the shopping is done. Presents are waiting to be wrapped. Decorations are ALL finally up. Christmas letter is written and the front of the card is below - those are printed and waiting to be cut, scored, and folded. Stamps are bought but still need more red envelopes. Then, it's just baking and grocery shopping. Oh, and a trip to Disneyland is getting squeezed in there somewhere.

Well, it's the best kind of busy, getting ready for Christmas. Though it is tough this year in many ways, my first without my parents, it is still cheering me up in many other ways and helping me remember lots of lovely Christmases with my family in years past.

Love is the Greatest Gift of All

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 12/17/10. All rights reserved.
Digital collage. Image credits: body from; hat from Finecrafted Designs at; hearts from Holliewood Studios at; sparkles from Nicole Young at; everything else is from my images at

I am actually working on a hand cut piece in between everything else. I haven't made a hand cut piece in months and it is challenging to switch gears and think more gesturally than mechanically as I have been so engulfed in digital images. Hope to get it done and posted next week.

Johnny Depp dear, please don't read this. My excitement for today entailed getting my 40something face waxed. Not just my brows but my whole face! I don't trust my aging eyes to pluck all that might need to be plucked. It's hard to do with glasses on and hard to do without. Well, I had no idea how much your facial hair has to do with how you feel in your face. Not feel your face but feel WITH your face - if I touch it, it feels like someone else's face, kinda numb. It is the oddest feeling. I might risk the sasquatch look or as my hair grays, the Santa look my husband has become accustomed to and skip the whole face procedure next time. Might just keep the brows from taking over my forehead from now on. Oh well, the Christmas company will have a prettier less hairy but slightly numb face to greet this year. TMI? Well for that . . .

How about a Christmas prize drawing? I was thinking that would be a good way to celebrate all of my loyal and supportive friends and customers and what they have given ME this year. Don't post yet to enter the drawing, but be sure to watch this week for a collage sheet drawing and a print drawing in the next couple of days!

Until then, have a great and joyous weekend!

Dec 10, 2010

Welcome to my Little Freak Show

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 12/10/2010. All rights reserved.
Digital collage. Image credits: body and ticket border from my friend Nancy's Crowabout Studio B at; wings from; face, hat, curtains, floor, and everything else from my own stash of images, many available at

(click on the picture for Flickr's better resolution)

Feeling better today. I think I just needed to tuck myself away (as much as possible) and make some art. It was a bit difficult to make the last two pieces. I'm rather rusty which shows me I need to exercise the muses more. Making art is my most favorite part of life and I need it like sleep and water and I deprive myself of it way too often.

Thank you so much for your kind words in the post comments.
I get a little teary eyed reading through the love you all send me. If only you knew how much I loved you right back.

I am keeping the shop closed just a tiny bit longer until I feel a little more refreshed. Have some art I want to make still and Christmas stuff to do. Teaching kids' art this afternoon.

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! Don't let the humbugs get you down!

Dec 9, 2010

Small me . . .

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 12/8/2010. All rights reserved.
Image credits: Everything is mine from except for "Le Petit Journal" and a portion of the background which come from

I had something entirely different planned for a post today, but . . . I am feeling rather worn down today. I seem to be attracting negative energy lately - lots of heavy stuff going on around me personally and professionally, so many people with problems and puzzling attitudes. Including me probably. Taking the day off from the world . . .


Dec 8, 2010

New post coming . .

I'm still here! Long overdue for a new post. I have lots of new sheets done, a print sale in my Etsy, and other news but wanted to make some art before I put up a new post. Maybe later tonight. Hope all of you are well and enjoying the Holiday Season!