Aug 27, 2014

Long break, Back Soon!

Helllloooooo my lovely friends!   I've been busy getting dirty.   LOL   We have dug up our entire front yard to put in a new xeriscape and one thing led to another.  We practically dug to China I think to put in a new retaining wall where there used to be a slope to the street.  We put in 2 new pea gravel walkways and in the process of building steps at the bottom of one.  We took out a tree and have had to dig out numerous humungous old roots from trees we haven't had for years.  One of those roots, we discovered, was pushing up some drainage and sewer pipes so we are in the midst of fixing that.  We also built a deck to extend the front porch.  We won't plant anything until it gets cooler (maybe October), but we have to finish this project up by next week before painters come to repaint the house trim and after that re-stucco the house.

So, I've not been "working" much on kits this summer.  But, that will change soon.  In fact, I have a new kit coming out September 1 to celebrate a HUGE something special happening at   The site will be closed August 30 and 31 to prepare for our special event . . . .   Consider yourself invited!!!!

More news to come but keep an eye out here for more information!  And, I've done a lot of image shopping over the summer and look forward to bringing new kits and lots of fun to you this fall!