Mar 26, 2011

Three Muses, Freaky Exports & Yummy Acquisitions . . .

Three Muses Challenge
There's a wonderful challenge site that is the culmination of hard work from 3 lovely ladies: Ann, Marie, and Bev. Each week they post a theme and after you create a piece you may link it reciprocally to the site and your site. This week's theme was The Land of Odd and turned out to be my inspiration for two (almost four) new digital collages from me and some new collage sheets. Several people had suggested to me that I give a Three Muses challenge a try and it had been a long while since I had. But, it might have just been the spark I needed to feel a little more inspired to work. So, thank you Three Muses and my friends that suggested trying the challenge! You can find Three Muses here. The first one is my submission to the challenge and the piece that sparked the rest seen below.

Freak Pride

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 3/27/2011. All rights reserved.Digital collage. Image credits: tents and seal from Studio Crowabout B at Deviantcrap; flags on tents and some texturing on floor from Clementine at Deviantscrap; everything else from my own collage sheets.

Freak Pride Journal Page

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 3/27/2011. All rights reserved.Digital collage. Image credits:tents and seal from Studio Crowabout B at Deviantcrap; flags on tents and some texturing on floor from Clementine at Deviantscrap; paperclip and photo frame from Christina Renee Designs and used with a commercial license for a retired kit; coupons on left, asian paper at upper right from designer Sherrie JD at Deviantscrap; postcard in lower right from jen-u designs; tape from designer Caryn Scanlan; everything else from my own collage sheets.

Freaky Fairy

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 3/28/2011. All rights reserved.Digital Collage. Image credits: everything from my own collage sheets.

Freaky Fairy Journal Page

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 3/28/2011. All rights reserved.
Digital collage. Image credits: paperclip and photo frame from Christina Renee Designs and used with a commercial license for a retired kit; tape from designer Caryn Scanlan; everything else from my own collage sheets


Here are a few new collage sheets. I have to admit I felt a bit rusty after a good 3 week break from creating collage sheets. But today I feel like the ice has been broken and I look forward to making more sheets this week.

Get Freaky

Get Freaky Apparel

Get Freaky Masks

I've enjoyed generous friends, talented friends and a bit of fun lately. Just wanted to share some recent things that have found their way to me lately . . .

From my good friend Trudi of Two Dresses Studio

From an old friend, Leo of Etsy's LexArt Glass

From the talented and so sweet Fiona Randall of My Artful Muse blog

From all over the world, just a sampling of antique papers I have to go through, organize, scan and restore

From my brain to my body, a symbolic gift that I need to get out and use my body and my brain will work better

From my friend Brenda and myself, my growing collection of Sandy Mastroni dolls to keep me company as I work.

Long post, early in the week . . . hope you have happy creating days this week and everything goes just right!

Mar 25, 2011

Oh my . . .

A big fat fail on the schedule plan I posted yesterday. I did visit and comment around 25 blogs today and some flickrs. But that is the only thing I did according to plan. Got so sidetracked. But, tomorrow is another day and I still like the general approach of that plan.

I played a bit today for some reason . . . just couldn't control myself. But (the big proverbial but) . . . . I am still not "feelin'" things. I am still not feelin' in stride with creating. I did some looking today and I think part of my problem is that what I'm seeing in my head, I either don't have the images to create what I "see" or I don't know how to go about creating what I "see".

Soul Okay

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 3/24/2011. All rights reserved.
Digital collage. Image credits: head from flickr's picassoswoman; everything else from my own collection of digital collage images.

Stuck (I want to be outside the box)

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 3/24/2011. All rights reserved.
Digital collage. Image credits: background from designer Lorie Davison; aged photo texture from designer Holly McCaig; box altered from photorack; side label from designer Sherrie JD; everything else from my own images.

I find myself wanting to work in 5 very different ways. Like these . . .

Teesha Moore
Anahata Katkin
Corinne Geertsen or Maggie Taylor or Casa Jordi
Michael Mew

But I want to work in those directions all at once in some divine combination of them all.
I look at my work and see it with very different eyes when I start looking at the work I want to be influenced by. My work seems very novice, flat, contrived, forced and then I get stuck. I see the differences between what I make and what I want to make and I don't know how to push forward. I'm not looking for anyone to solve my problem or even advise really. Just sharing my journey, my thoughts, my fights with myself.

Busy, non-Art Friday and then hope to get some collage sheets done this weekend. Hope you all have a fantastic and productive weekend!

Mar 23, 2011

You say malarkey. I say melarkey.

Yep. I spelled malarkey wrong in the piece in the post below. Oh well, as I've said in Facebook and Flickr, it just proves my point that I don't know what I'm talking about . . . usually. May go back and fix it, may not. I can always say, since it's somewhat of a self portrait, that it was a play on the word to be MElarkey.

I'm as slow as molasses but did get one more piece done this week. Starting to shift my focus to making some new sheets but I have lots of scanning and restoration to do so it will be a few more days before I get anything ready to show.


copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 3/22/2011. All rights reserved.
Digital collage. Image credits: textures from designer Lorie Davison and Flypaper; flowers from Finecrafted Designs at Deviantscrap; a little magic from Paint the Moon; everything else from my own collection of images.

New standard operating procedure starts tomorrow . . .
I've decided that I get so overwhelmed trying to start the blog visiting I want to do that I'm going to try and break my day up into parts. I really need to set a timer and stick to a schedule of sorts and see if that helps me accomplish more.
  • I'm going to take an hour or so each day and visit a section of the blogs I have linked as my fav's. For instance, I might visit J's-L's tomorrow, A's-D's the next day, and so on. That will help me get caught up on some inspiration and my friends at the same time.
  • And, I'm going to take one hour each day to take the online class, Remains of the Day by Mary Ann Moss, that I haven't started 3 weeks after signing up.
  • One hour for emails and . . .
  • One hour for Flickr and . . .
  • One hour for house chores . . .
  • and the rest to work.
We'll see how this plan works . . .

Hey! By the way . . . thank you for your kind comments. You all are just the best blog friends anyone could ask for. I thank my stars for you all everyday and I really appreciate the time you take to visit and comment.

Mar 21, 2011

Ehhhh . . . .

Don't really know how you spell "Ehhhh". That mumble of indifference when you don't love or hate something but will accept it as it is. That's what I'm talkin' about. Feeling very Ehhhh-ish.

I said on Facebook this morning I was kicking the flu to the curb, but it kinda snuck back in as the day went on. Don't feel horrible, don't feel good, tired of being tired, and bored with being sick. So, I really really tried to dust off my dusty art self today to try and make something.


copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 3/21/2011. All rights reserved.
A simple little Zetti style digital collage. Image credits: all but the bubbles from my own collection of images. Eyes belong to moi. Bubbles from designer Nicole Young and used with a commercial license. Somewhat of a self portrait today.

I made this next one last Saturday night, also just really needing to make something more than making something out of inspiration. I am definitely forcing it right now, but I always go through bouts of that when I haven't been creating and looking at the work of others daily.

Can't I?

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 3/19/2011. All rights reserved.
For me, when I haven't made something for a long while, the first one back is always a bit awkward and lacking. Have to push through to let the muses know you're ready to roll again. Digital collage. Image credits: everything from my own collection of images. 6 separate antique photos were used.

My very talented and sweet friend Amy of Wallflower Images told me she saw my mail art in Somerset Studio and I said "I don't think it's mine." I hadn't sent anything and hadn't heard anything from them. So I went to my new unopened copy and started browsing, back to front as I always do anything worth enjoying! hee hee And there in the Letters to the Editor area was a picture of a label I had put on the box mailing in a submission last summer for the Holiday issue. How funny is that!

More importantly . . . notice the call for mail art! I know tons of you that should be submitting work to this call!

On the agenda this week . . .
I know some are waiting on new collage sheets. Lord knows I should be making them. I am absolutely overloaded with lots of recently gathered antique pictures and ephemera - so many sheets working in my head. But, I think I really need to spend some time this week blog hopping and flickr looking to gather some inspiration. I need to knock out a couple of new pieces and work out some of the kinks I have from not stretching my creative muscles much in several weeks. I need some fresh perspectives. So, if you are in fact waiting to see new stuff (which may very well be the case in my sweet dreams), hang in there just a bit longer. I promise to be productive soon!

Mar 18, 2011


Hi all! Have had the flu all week and still feeling yucko. Hope to be back and working next week. Have a great weekend!


Mar 8, 2011

Un-Art Week

I think it's going to be an Un-Art week for me. Taxes, laundry, errands, chores, and some long overdue busy work need to be done. My Etsy is open but I won't be around much anywhere else for a few days.

I'll leave you with a source picture of me and my kids . . . source meaning they are part of the cause of my Un-Arting. Ah, I love 'em anyway. They are my best creation and sometimes need a little tweeking.

Have a great week everybody!

Mar 5, 2011

For my Digi Peoples . . .

I am in luuuuuurve! I just absolutely adore Paint the Moon Photoshop Textures and Actions. I am still teaching myself digitally and use Photoshop Elements 7. Annie's actions make it so easy to adjust work in magical ways! I played with just one of a huge bundle I downloaded this morning . . .

I have ten million things to do today, but couldn't resist a few minutes to play. Here's the link if you're interested in Paint the Moon . . .


Also, have my own Facebook Page now . . . HERE
I've just gotten started with it so be sure to "Like" me if you're on FB and watch for more to come!

Have a great weekend everybody!

Mar 1, 2011

It's good to be me!

Hope it's not wrong to say that, but I had such a good morning! I opened two surprise packages! Not one, but two! Some people are just so good at spoiling me . . . .

Shelly Massey of A Wee Bit Warped sent me the most delicious fabulous swanky box of goodies! A hand painted You are Loved sign, a gorgeous print (which you can find here), some spectacular cards (beautifully printed and I hope coming to her Etsy soon), and her Oodles of Doodles booklet! I am just plain giddy! (read more about Shelly below)

(look at Shelly's yummy "Hello, my name is" business card too . . . so clever)

Shelly is one of my oldest new art friends, with me from almost the beginning of my new journey into art three years ago. Not only has she been extremely supportive and encouraging to me and so many others, she has blossomed in the most exciting ways in her own work. In fact, her class with Paper Cowgirl just recently sold out and she is teaching workshops and classes all over the country. She is in high demand and it is no surprise. If you are lucky enough to get into one of her classes, you'll be envied by me and so many others. She is mucho talented and one of the kindest gals I've ever met. Be sure to check your schedule and check her blog here.

Tracey of Glitterbug Studios sent me some real live magic! Tracey has long been one of my favorite artists. She moves between hand cut collage and digital work with the greatest of ease and both are truly magnificent to see. Tracey stays busy with the design teams she creates for and I am truly honored and lucky to have her on my own small Tumble Fish team. Not only does she work in both digital and hand cut mediums but she works in some pretty spectacular formats as well.

This was no ordinary book she sent me . . .

I could tell right away . . . the glitter gave me an idea that this was going to be special!

Opened the cover and inside I found a very magical theater! Look at the special Tumble Fish details she added. Woweeeeee!

Tracey has sent me so many incredible, very special pieces of art over the last couple of years. I've tried and tried to change the fact that she has yet to open an Etsy! You can give her a bad time about that when you visit her blog here.

Well, Tuesday is also "eat dinner out" night at my house and I am getting a hair cut today. So all in all, it was a good day to get out of bed, don't ya think?

Here are a couple of my proverbial irons in the fire. Buckets of pictures and papers to scan and restore . . .

I actually bought some panels to try a little mixed media work soon. Yep, still in the bag a week later taking up room on my work space. But, I am NOT putting them away . . .

Have a couple of new things in my Etsy . . .


French Fleurs collage sheets

Have a great first week of March, everybody!