Mar 31, 2009

National Craft Month

Why aren't we celebrating and having a big gigantic party? March was National Craft Month, whatever that entails - I didn't actually research it. But, I am hoping it was good crafty artsy month for all of you! Today is National Clams on the Half Shell Day, Tater Day, and Oranges and Lemon Day. Sounds like dinner to me. These special days are good for planning menus after yesterday's National Hot Dog Day and tomorrow, among other things, is National Sourdough Bread Day. I'm getting hungry.

Dream a Little

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 3/31/09
3 1/2 x 5 collage using a face from Spark Your Imagination's Elements No.1, and many other elements taken from magazine clippings, scanned, altered, reprinted, trimmed and all hand-colored and arranged on a background of scrap papers.
Available for purchase at

Aren't I always saying how behind I am? I still am. I need a National It's Okay to be Behind Day so I can take it off and go to the beach . . . and get further behind I guess.

Mar 30, 2009

For you . . .

I made these little hearts for the collage in the post below and scanned them before I attached them. You are free to download them and use as you wish (except don't sell them please).

I owe everybody blog visits. I'm so bad. I'll be dropping by tonight or tomorrow getting all caught up before I start another piece.

Need a holiday today?

You can celebrate one of three things as far as I know. Today is Doctor's Day, National Hot Dog Day, and the anniversary of the patent of the eraser topped pencil. Thank goodness for all of those things, especially erasers.

Okay, here's my latest piece. This one took nearly 20 hours to complete, start to finish. I may be slow, but this one was intense with lots and lots of images gathered, altered, cut, colored and pieced together.

Be the Poem

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 3/30/09
8 x 10 collage using lots of images from lots of places, many from magazines, and that were scanned, digitally altered, printed, trimmed, and still hand colored. Images used that should be noted: first two vintage faces from Spark Your Imagination's Elements No. 1, third vintage face from an image sharing site, vintage torsoes from the public domain, legs and feet from all reprinted, trimmed, and hand colored.

Thank you for all of your kind comments here lately. It is always a joy to open up and read your sweet thoughts.

I'm off to celebrate the day with a shower, post office trip, and laundry doing! Then, I'm going to celebrate you and visit your blogs and wish you good wishes for a great week!

Mar 28, 2009

Happy Saturday!

It is the kind of beautiful perfect California day you see in the movies. Not hot, not cold, warm enough for shorts, balmy, beautiful. I have had the house to myself today and struggled through my last piece since I have been working on it off and on since yesterday morning. What a detour I took from where it started out.

Just Imagine

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 3/28/09
5 x 7 collage using a face from Spark Your Imagination's Elements No. 1, body from, wings from, shoes and legs from personal photograph scraps, all reprinted, trimmed, and hand-colored, letters for words from public domain, all arranged on scrap papers.

I am off to shower and go to Micheal's for mats. Today is my do what I want day so I may try to add another piece before the day is over. Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Mar 26, 2009

What an honor!

I was surprised and honored to get this lovely blog award from Val of Flippinpests Crafty Roll today! I'm so lucky to have so many wonderful blog buddies all over the world (Val is in Scottland) and even luckier that they think enough of me to send me such happy sweet thoughts. Thank you, Val!

As a recipient of this award, I am supposed to . . .
1. Place the logo on my blog.
2. Link to the person who sent the award to me.
3. Nominates 10 blogs.
4. Post links to the ten blogs I nominate.
5. Leaves a message on the blog of each nominees.

So, without further ado, here are the folks I think are deserving of an award. It is very hard, I mean very, very, very hard to limit myself to just 10 blogs. You all deserve a gold star, a blue ribbon, and a trophy as far as I'm concerned. But here are some folks who I've just recently met or I haven't told enough or haven't told lately how much I appreciate their blogs and support and encouragement and creative thinking . . . (in no particular order) (Oh! Almost forgot . . . I know some, maybe many of you don't do awards and I understand and respect that so if you don't post it or send it on, no worries. I'm awarding you anyway! If you have time to pass it on, good for you!)

Cathy Parmelee's Art + Life
What's Up Roc

(yes, you first two ladies, 2, count 'em, 2 awards from me in a week or so - you've meant a lot to me lately and you know why)
Thrifty Collage Artist
Ginny's Small Studio
Pringle Hill Studio
Hayley Judith Egan
Friends in Art
Linda Crispell
All Kinds of Stuff

Okay, I sent 11. I'm a rule breaker, well, bender. I could have sent 50 or so and meant it with all of my heart. Some of you I just don't know well enough and fear you'll think I'm weird and creepy and stalkerish (which I am, but in a good way). I'll get you all sooner or later, like it or not.

Today's news . . . besides getting before mentioned most awesome award, I spent much of the day mailing out Etsy orders, which kept coming today! Today's orders were mostly small non-art stuff but I still had some from yesterday to finish up. When I wasn't doing that, I was finally cleaning my house and starting laundry and picking up dog pooh and changing sheets and went to the grocery store - you know, all of the exciting things in life. I pouted all day cuz I didn't get to make one artsy thing. Ah, sigh, . . . maybe tomorrow.

Dad update . . . we find out next Wednesday when the next surgery and my next trip will be.

Mar 25, 2009

Okay, what was it I was going to do today?

Clean? Laundry? I will be wearing white socks with black clogs again tomorrow if that tells you anything. And, I could knit an afghan out of the dog hair on my carpet. Didn't get a thing done I meant to when I started out this morning.

What a weird day! Good weird, not bad weird. I could not keep up with Etsy today. I knew I had a few pieces to mail out but today was a banner day in my Etsy. The biggest selling day to date. It just kept going and going! I don't know if Suzan and Linda mentioning me in their blogs did the trick or flickr or what, but I sold the piece I made today before I took it out of the scanner (almost sold it three times - had to juggle the interested parties a bit but it all worked out where everyone was happy) and several other things. I've sold 8 pieces of art in less than a week and a few other little things from Etsy. Of course, I had not prepped any pieces ahead of time as I haven't had things just fly outa here lately. (note to self, prep things for mailing as you make them) So, I had to make signature plates for the backs (which involves printing out the details and cutting and glueing down), had to make sure everything was glued down snug, mat them, package them, print out receipts, throw in some goodies, and package them for mailing. I AM NOT COMPLAINING! It was great! A little crazy, but GREAT! I mean REALLY great! Like, almost better than sex great. Maybe. At my age, it's a toss up. So thank you Muses and Gods and Suzan and Linda and Flickr and Etsy and most wonderful customers! It was a GREAT day (if you couldn't tell).

I thought you might like to see how today's piece started out. Here is the image. You can download it. It's from the Library of Congress and copyright free.

I obviously cut off the heads and used others, larger ones that I hand-colored, but I also cut off the legs and feet and cut and glued in the ones I liked the best. Also cut off a couple of team members, cut out the basketball (well, it's not cut out just covered by a big blue fish) and hand-colored the arms and necks and knees where they were showing. I colored the shirts too with a brick white wash. All the cutting and coloring was done by hand, all glued down on a background. The only thing I did digitally was increase the contrast. Everything was printed in grayscale except the stage front which I purchased from I made the sign and stars in Publisher, printed them, cut them, and added an itty bitty smidge of glitter (which doesn't show in the scan). Are you still awake? Have I bored you to death? Here, again, performing just for you in the Tumble Fish Theater are The Five Fabulous Fish Flingers of Finland.

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 3/25/09

I mentioned that my husband inspired this. I had the main bodies cut out last night and was going to make them bird throwers (which I still plan to do in one form or another in the next day or two) but my husband suggested making them fish flingers and I giggled and liked it so that's how it came to be. You'll notice there are 5 girls, stars on their hats have 5 points, there are 5 words in the sign that start with the letter F, but only 4 fish. The 5th fish got flung.

p.s. I hope I'm still here in a few days. Tace, do you have the shelter built yet? We may need it. I'm bringin' the slim jims. We're supposed to have a big fat earthquake in the next week or so according to the warnings on the news - lots a little ones happening, has everyone a little shaky (pun intended). No one has earthquake insurance anymore because it isn't available anymore because the insurance companies spent too much saving us from past ones. Why is it then that people keep getting insurance for hurricanes and floods? They happen way more often than earthquakes. Hmmmm.

I wore white socks with black shoes today . . .

. . . I did shower before 8 a.m. though. That's saying something, but not the something I wanted to say. I wore white socks with my black clogs this morning because I need to do laundry and wash my black socks. It might have once been okay, like in the 50's and briefly in the 80's, to wear white socks with black shoes but not so much any more. I don't claim to be a fashion diva - I wear clogs for goodness sake. But, this is what I gather from my current fashion observations. So, the point is, finally, I do have to take a day off and clean, launder, and mail stuff. Hopefully I will get to blog and flickr visits tonight.

Here's something I started last night and finished this morning. It was inspired by my dear hubby - the fish flinging part. He makes me giggle and I love him.

Now Appearing

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 3/25/09
5 x 7 collage using faces and bodies from the public domain, fish from Dover clipart and handmade hats, all carefully trimmed and hand-colored, and arranged with a stage front from, and words I made on the computer and handcut. Though it doesn't show up in the scan, the stars and sign are embellished with a wee bit of glitter.
Available for purchase at

Mar 24, 2009

Off day . . .

It WAS off somehow. I never got out of my jammies - haven't done that in awhile. I struggled trying to make anything. Nothing fell together. The only two pieces I got done had many do-overs involved and one I am still not satisfied with. I may redo part of it yet again. You'll see why. Oh well, even a rough day making art is a whole heck of a lot better than a good day doing anything else! First, here's a piece I did for a personal trade. It turned out fine by me, eventually . . . 2-3 hours later than I expected when I thought I would just whip something up real fast with my scraps leftover from the day's first project.

Bee Fairy

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 3/24/09
Skinny 3 x 5 collage using a face from the public domain, wings from Butterfly Utopia, dress from, legs from the public domain, word and many trim pieces from Nancy Baumiller of

Now this one . . . boy howdy, did it cause me grief. I did so many do overs and cut downs and saving parts and not saving parts. This was for the Collage Play with Crowabout challenge and they always challenge me, that's for sure. I did a wash over the face and I shouldn't have. It doesn't look quite as dark in person but it is scanning too dark and could be lighter either way. I might do that part over if I can get the old one off without damaging the rest. Anyway, I did it.

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 3/24/09
5 x 7 collage using images from Nancy Baumiller and Collage Play with Crowabout Challenge Week 29, reprinted, trimmed, and slightly hand-colored, arranged on a watercolor and stamped background.

My dad went for his next stress test today to prepare for the next surgery which sounds like will be very soon. We'll get the results in the next day or two and then I'll know when I'm leaving again. Oh, sigh . . .

Many, many thanks to Suzan Buckner of Thrifty Collage Artist and Linda Cain of Friends in Art for giving me mentions on their blogs today. Wow! A girl couldn't ask for more than to be featured by either of these talented and well known ladies! I am so grateful!

Mar 23, 2009

Look, no wings again . . .

I'm not promising they won't be in the next hundred pieces but here's one more for now without my standard wings. I slipped one by ya all - I didn't use wings in Fish Exchange either. Nee nee na na. (still using hats though!) My flickr and etsy show this in the black mat which I think really makes it pop.

The Recess Club

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 3/23/09
5 x 7 collage using faces from the public domain, bodies from, both reprinted and all carefully trimmed and most hand-colored, hats and background made with papers from Graphic 45, Scenic Paper Route, and Bo Bunny.
Available for purchase at

The text reads "From left to right: 1. doodles on homework, 2. talks too much, 3. sings in line, 4. daydreams during class, 5. whistles while working"

They would all have been benched at recess when I was a kid, poor creative things.

Mar 22, 2009


copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 3/22/09
5 x 7 collage using a face from the public domain, body from, petals from, shoes from, all reprinted and washed with ink or hand-colored, and trimmed, and arranged on a background of papers from Grahpic 45 and Bo Bunny, with stamped orange dots, an ink wash and drawn lines. Words were made from letters cut from images in the public domain.

Mar 21, 2009

Tours Available!

Take a trip with me. There's room. Come on, it'll be fun!
(though they are not underlined, all blogs mentioned are linked so just click on the blog names if you'd like to visit them with me)

Did your family ever go for Sunday drives? Mine did, not always on Sunday, but often it was. We would go to church, come home, have a big Sunday dinner, take a little nap and then go for a drive. (By the way, in Missouri where my family is from, lunch was dinner, and dinner was supper.) My dad was a wildlife biologist so many of our drives were out to the country (I lived by the Missouri River in three different states and it is especially blue and beautiful in SD where I lived the longest) to try and spot deer, or wild turkeys, or watch people fish (if we weren't fishing ourselves) or see the Dogwoods in bloom or the prairie grass grow tall and green. In Los Angeles, these drives are not so enjoyable or pretty and it seems the last thing you want to do is go somewhere if you don't have to. So, I am providing for you here in this post, a little Sunday drive, a cyber tour so to speak. You can see some of the world without leaving your abode.

I made some blog visits this evening to a few places I don't stop by as regularly as others. There are some very special spots I drop in on when I am ready to be overwhelmed with the resulting tidal wave of ideas and images and random thinking of random things I don't always make time to enjoy. Invited head spins are not for everyday use and I can only spin my head on purpose when all other things are somewhat caught up - kind of like getting to sleep in late and enjoy those dreams that only come from indulgent cat napping on a weekend morning when you wake up and realize you can sleep longer several times. So you do, and you continue the dreams your conscientiousness momentarily interrupted.

So, anyway, my first blog visit was to Ginny's Small Studio blog. I visit Ginny with extreme caution because she always sends you on adventures to other blogs and you find yourself wondering if you will ever get away from your computer again. You ask other people to bring you food and water and answer the phone and the next thing you know, the house is dark and quiet and your family has gone to bed without you, abandoned you, have written their goodbyes, painted mustaches on your face without your noticing, and yet you still find yourself glued to your chair, atrophied from not moving your muscles, still looking at what Ginny has presented to you on a cyber silver platter. Don't say I didn't warn you. You might want to visit the powder room now, get a snack, and put on your jammies. I will save the link for just a minute longer so I can prepare you and you can prepare you for the adventure you're about to take yourself on.

Of course, as I started my trip tonight, I had to stop by the store first and pick up some splurgey but well deserved fun stuff (I can always find a reason to spoil myself). Prepare your mouse and cursor to go on an adventure. I suggest that you also stop by Ginny's store first, Small Studio Productions. Click on the Emporium link once you get there. I bought some 7 Gypsies paper and journal background pages tonight. I've been very "into" papers recently in efforts to change up my backgrounds. I'm working on adding stamping and drawing too but not quite there yet. Anyway, in the past, I've purchased from Ginny tin letters, acrylic ATC bases, and shrine kits all of which came beautifully packaged and await my guts to use. Oh, here's a side trip. I will soon be brave enough to use these things after watching Linda Cain of Friends in Art blog spin her magic. Linda makes samples for Small Studio among many other vendors for which she is a Design Team Member. Stop by and see her beautiful creations too - talk about spinning your head with ideas. She is also linked in my side bar if you want to swing by later. After checking out the Emporium, choose the link to Ginny's blog, Small Studio. Again, Ginny is in my links too, conveniently right next to Friends in Art, Linda's site (Neat how that worked, huh? They were meant to be paired up. And, it is funny, that I originally found Ginnny from my buddy Tace's blog, All Kinds of Stuff. Then I found Linda through some kind of unrelated blog hopping and now Linda and Ginny are comrades and the earth grows smaller. I would like to think they all revolve around me but that is my ego wishing again.)

If you're following directions, you should be at Ginny's blog next. You will be entertained with her stories and pictures but as you start to scroll through all of her posts you will find the links I speak of. Tonight, she sent me to two other blogs that had me completely entranced and the world grew large again with all of the wonder and amazing things and ideas and people I would have missed without a guide to point them out. Yes, Ginny, like my pal Linda Crispell is someone I consider a tour guide to all the pretty and wondrous and downright cooler than heck things in this world.

Ginny first took me to Design Amour. You can get there from Ginny's so you can keep reading here until you are ready to go. Like Ginny, I suggest you scroll down until you start seeing the stenciling. Have paper towels ready for the drool you will soon find on your chin. If you are like me, you will ask someone else to get the paper towel for you as you now find you will not be able to leave your computer. There are lots of interesting posts and links to check out but pace yourself as you have at least one other stop to make, one I must insist on.

Go back to Ginny's blog and pick up her next link to The Rag and Bone. Oh my. This one officially created for me the tidal wave of inspiration and wished-for abilities and time I do not possess. You will find archways made of old books, amazing "toys" carved from wood and recycled parts, art made from plastic bags, art made from toilet paper tubes, a very cool stop animation video and the model used to make it, book art like none I've seen, paper dresses, and then The World's Smallest Postal Service. I especially enjoyed this link as, I think I've told you, my family goes out of its way to see the World's Largest and Smallest of things. I've seen many. I've even seen the World's Largest Collection of the World's Smallest Versions of the World's Largest Things.

I didn't even get past the first page of posts at Rag and Bone before I decided to save myself from wetting my pants and legs falling asleep in my chair. The other pages will wait for me like an unopened present.

I'll give you some space to explore on your own and find things I have not yet found. I am off to make some art tonight (I hope). I haven't got to change my music here yet, but maybe I'll get that done tomorrow. Before I go, I'd like to send a special "I love you" to one of my best friends and blurkers (for those that don't know, a blurker is someone that reads your blog without ever commenting, like a voyeur (which we would find a way to make funny and dirty), Monica, THE Chick. I know you're there (in more ways than one).

Mar 20, 2009


copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 3/20/09
This is a 5 x 7 collage using a face from Spark Your Imagination's Elements No. 1, a body from, hat and legs from Nancy Baumiller's Collage Play with Crowabout, all reprinted, carefully trimmed, and hand-colored, and arranged on scrapbooking paper by Graphic 45 and 29th Street Market. Words are from the Coldplay song Yellow.

(sometimes I just don't have a title!)

I have to go to the store and clean up the house a bit and do laundry tonight. Tomorrow is a marathon of driving all over the world with teenage kids and then shopping for a dance dress (which is not really all that fun - my daughter thinks I am made of money). So, thought I'd put today's piece up before it gets to be tomorrow. (when I might hang myself after shopping for said dress) This piece is much calmer than my outlook right now so it is not self representing in any way.


copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 3/20/09
5 x 7 collage using a face from Spark Your Imagination's Elements No. 1, a body from, and an egg from, all reprinted, carefully trimmed, and hand-colored, an arranged on a watercolored antique encyclopedia page with stamped circles, and scrap paper borders.

I don't know how much arting I'll get done tonight or tomorrow. It may be Sunday before I get anything done and I have some trade and swap pieces to do. Thank you for all of your kind comments as always. I just love getting to the computer and finding your sweet words and friendly visits (how egotistical am I? Enough to say, keep coming back and making me feel good!) I did figure out something about why I can't make what I have in my head. I am so inspired by so many of you and many other collage artists. I look at your work and want to emulate it but I just can't seem to do it. I think it is because I am such a control freak. I work too tidy and neat and orderly and because of that I lose the expressive whimsy a lot of you are able to create. This shall be my new goal but it will be in baby steps so don't expect any changes or miracles overnight. It is good, though, to be figuring things out.

I figured something else out. I have been spelling mat as matte when speaking of the border around art. I just figured out that was incorrect. How embarrassing. I have to go and edit all of my etsy listings.

I hope you all have a great, fun, and restful weekend. Spring feels great doesn't it?

Mar 19, 2009

Boring day . . .

. . . not just another day, but a boring one. Spent most of the afternoon either going to waiting for or coming from the doctor with my son. Nothing serious, just a regular check-up. But it didn't get arranged until 9 this morning and then it took me an hour to text him and my daughter to give them the heads up since I almost never text and I have an older phone that doesn't make it any easier. (and, my old thumbs don't type that fast - I need all ten fingers). Anyway, by the time I took care of the dogs and showered and got everything ready it seemed the day was gone.

I did finally finish my Collage Play with Crowabout Challenge. Big color change for me and I struggled but it's done and struggling means growing so that's good.

Week 28 Challenge

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 3/19/09
5 x 7 collage using face, words, egg, and borders from Collage Play with Crowabout (Nancy Baumiller), dress from, crown from Dover clipart, and wings used with permission from Butterfly Utopia, all reprinted, carefully trimmed, and most hand-colored and arranged on a background of ink drawn elements.

I did spend quite a bit of time looking at other people's work. I didn't comment, just looked and absorbed. I'm still not making what I see in my head or what I intend when I am starting out, but I keep plugging away.

Tomorrow is Friday! That used to be a good thing. Lately it has meant a very busy weekend is coming up. The weekdays are almost more restful. Soccer and friends and shopping errands all have to be attended to.

Mar 18, 2009

Another day . . .

. . . another . . . . another . . . another, well, not another dollar unless it is a dollar spent. It was a busy day. Got them all ready and mailed all my swaps off. Post office trip, car washed, banking done, Target trip, Staples trip, Micheals trip, grocery store trip, neighbor visits made to deliver extra shamrock plants, home in time for pool people to come and work on our hot tub, dinner cooked, load of laundry done, desk cleaned, trash emptied, floor vacuumed, and one little ATC made!

Bird Keeper ATC

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 3/18/09
ATC collage using body and bird from, face from public domain, wings from jackandcatcurio, scrap trims, rubber stamping, all on a watercolored background

With birds on my mind, I will mention that tomorrow is the day the swallows are supposed to return to San Juan Capistrano. Incredibly, the swallows leave Argentina around the 19th of February and make the 7500 mile flight in just 30 days. This fascinates me. How do they know when to leave and when to arrive? I wish I had such a clock in my head and such a sense of direction that I could find my way over 7500 miles and arrive on time to anywhere!

My internal clock is telling me it is time for bed. I hope it wakes me up in the morning.

Mar 17, 2009

Happy Day!

Bird Charmer ATC

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 3/17/09
ATC on watercolored and stamped background using a bird and dress from, hand-colored face from , shoes from Dover clipart, wings from jackandcatcurio and scrap trims.

It is a Happy Day cuz I am a winner baby! Oh yeah, uhuh! Okay, not a winner as in a great person, but winner as in I WON SOMETHING COOL AGAIN! This is my lucky year, I swear. I keep winning blog giveaways and especially nice ones at that! Tonight I won some original surprise art from Cathy of Reflections of a Rambling Girl (aka pinkbirdgirl). I don't know exactly what it I'll receive yet, but I know it will be uberfabulous! I am so excited. I need to go buy some lottery tickets. Anyway, Cathy is part of a blog movement paying kindnesses forward. So, I will have a pay it forward giveaway too to keep the momentum going. I will try to do it in the next month or so. If you win, you have to give something away too.

I am working on my Collage Play with Crowabout challenge. Challenge being the key word for me. I struggle with these so. Not that Nancy doesn't give you great elements to use, I just can't seem to pull them altogether in my style. I shall prevail, eventually.

Don't you think it's time for some new music here? I do. I will work on that this week.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Did you drink green beer? (I'm thinking of you Ozzy and Jolene - hope you are okay tonight and remembering Mister in happy thoughts)

Mar 16, 2009

Lots of stuff to tell you . . .

First, my Etsy is open and full of art again. I just listed a few minutes ago (and already sold some art! woohoo!). I will be working on Etsy over the next couple of weeks and revamping with new pictures of old supplies I hope. And, I'll be adding art a few times a week I'm sure. Here is the latest addition.

Fish Exchange

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 3/16/09
(did you notice? no wings, a rarity with me)
5 x 7 collage using vintage pictures, reprinted, carefully trimmed and hand-colored, bodies from, fish from Dover clipart, faces from the public domain, ink doodles, and various scraps, all arranged on an old watercolored encyclopedia page.

Next and again in public, I wanted to thank Alberta of Amusing Muses and Cathy of Reflections of a Rambling Girl for my latest award. It is so nice to be recognized by your fellow bloggers and I appreciate your warm regards more than I can tell you. It really means a lot and touches my heart. So, to participate as I finally should, let me tell you what text comes with this award . . .

"This blog invests and believes in the PROXIMITY-nearness in space, time and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement! Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this clever-written text into the body of their award." I am supposed to tell you 7 things about myself before I pass on this award . . . (they are not exciting though)

1. I am happy by nature. I like being happy and always look for the silver lining in everything.
2. I recently overcame my fear of flying (in airplanes!). I think all the wings I put on my art people are finally paying off! I'm still nervous about it, but not hysterical anymore.
3. I have a very dirty sense of humor and am happy to have a few trusted folks I can let my short gray hair down with. (roc, cparm, family, oz, jolene, tru, monica - love you guys!)
4. I have THE BEST family, husband, kids, parents and friends anyone could ever dream for. I may not be rich in things, but I am rich in loved ones that fill my life up to the brim everyday.
5. I worry far too much. I worry about everything there is to worry about. I worry about worrying. I think it is all a deep seeded fear of failure that makes me worry but I am getting better all the time.
6. Some of you already know this, but I am still afraid of buttons. Maybe repulsed is a better description. I hate buttons. They actually cause a physcial reaction - a gagging reflex, especially if they are loose or fallen off. I think I must have choked on one as a child or something. If I can get over my flying thing, I should be able to eventually get over this. Working on it.
7. Blogging has changed my life. It truly has. I have met some of the best friends of my life from blogging and sharing common goals and interests. I don't know how I lived without it.

Okay, so I know a lot of you have already received this award. I am supposed to send it to 8 though I could probably send it to 16 since I got it twice. I have gotten it a couple of times but it is an extra pretty one and the sentiment is right on spot as far as I am concerned. So, I am going to try and pass it on to 8 people that haven't gotten it from me. They may have gotten it, but not from me. And some that I would have listed just got it recently. So, go visit these ladies because they are very talented and top shelf folks!

1. Roc of What's Up Roc
2. Cathy of Cathy Parmelee's Art + Life
3. Becky of Whymsical Musings
4. Shelagh of Alice in Paris Loves Art and Tea
5. Jamie of Art-e-ology
6. Shelly of Blue Ridge Lady
7. Shelly of Shelly Paints
8. Lisa of House of Hullabaloo

Now, I have some art work I don't want to sell for one reason or another, so I am going to give it away. You'll have to go to my flickr to see them because I am too dang lazy to upload them all again here. I've linked them so you can just click on them to see what they are. You can just flickr mail me if you want something. If more than one of you want the same piece, I'll draw names. Let me know by next Monday, the 23rd.

Crowabout Collage Week 23
Shroom Fairy
Guarded Angel
Moving Slowly with 3 wishes
Journal Practice
Power Fariy
Power Over Me
Zetti Sisters
Little Ditty

I won't matte them or send any extra goodies, just these pieces. I want to clean out a bit and start fresh. We'll just say I'm celebrating my taxes being done, soccer dinner over, fence built and flying done for now!

Cha Cha and Cparm, I will mail your pieces tomorrow. I am so behind in mailing! I'll get on top of it again since my Etsy is open again. I am such a bad sender.

Mar 14, 2009

My baby . . .

Brag night. This is my baby, one of my two best creations in this life time. This picture is last year's high school soccer picture. We haven't received this year's yet and she changed high schools and colors when we moved this year. Anyhoo, Lauren made the varisty soccer team this year (as a sophomore) and tonight at the end-of-year soccer dinner (at our house which explains part of my loopiness lately), she received an award for best defender for her team AND was recognized as the best "sweeper" in the Northern Los Angeles league of high school teams. We are waiting to see if she will be recognized as one of the best defenders in all of Los Angeles. I am so proud of her, I can't tell you. This is the second year in a row that for two different high schools in two different leagues she received an award for best defender and was the only player on either team to play every minute of every game.

Beyond that she is one cool chick, great grades in honor classes, great friends, as sweet as they come, and three times been approached in public places to be in a commercial or TV show (the last time was just before Christmas). But she has her feet firmly on the ground and nose to the grind stone and doesn't seem all that interested in pursuing an acting or TV career. (maybe because her dad, who works in the movie industry, has jaded her against it) Above all, Lauren is hands down the one that can make me laugh to tears more than anyone in this world. She is my daughter and I her mother, but we are friends beyond that and she is one of my most favorite people to hang with in the world. We have never hit those terrible teen years you hear about. She is a joy to be around and inspires me daily. My biggest fear with Lauren is not her gigantic boyfriend or partying but driving which is fast approaching. I'm already nervous and wondering "how do parents do this?"

I have an older son I will brag about some day too but we will save him for another day so we don't make you completely nauseus tonight.

Mar 13, 2009

Why is it . . .

. . . that when you have money you can't find anything you want to buy and when you don't have money you spend too much? And, why does it always pour when it rains? And, more importantly, why is it that when I have oodles of time to make art I can't think of anything and when I'm supposed to be doing a million other things I can't pull myself away from it? And, maybe even most important of all, why DOES the dryer make socks disappear?

Be Yourself

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 3/13/09
5 x 7 collage using a body from, face from my buddy Suzan at thrifty collage artist, wings used with a license agreement from Butterfly Utopia, and various scraps, all arranged on a wantercolored and ink drawn background.

Okay, I HAVE to get to work on the soccer party tomorrow! Have a GREAT weekend, again.

Spreading wings . . .

I am stretching. You all know by now that I really struggle with backgrounds and extra elements. And, I've been feeling a little flat about my work, no fizz. So, last night and this morning I decided to stretch a bit and get as complicated with extra stuff as I dare. (some of you are snickering I'm sure because you all are so good at it) Anyway, here's what I came up with. I'm not lovin' it, but this IS about the journey and discovering I think so . . .

I wish . . .

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 3/13/09
5 x 7 collage on an old book page with ink drawing, scraps and vintage images using a body from and wings used with a license agreement with Butterfly Utopia.

It is going to be a busy weekend so I don't know how much more stretching will happen here. We'll see. Hope you have a lucky Friday the 13th and a great weekend!

Mar 12, 2009

Whew . . .

What a relief! I was starting to worry that nothing would ever be made by me again! I just couldn't even hold the scissors let alone think of something to cut. It has been almost a month since I've made anything at all! But today, I did get something made. I'm not really happy with the background and you should know there's nothing wrong with your eyes or monitor - I made her face green on purpose though it might look more like a mistake. Anyway, flaws and all something was made and I feel much better. Thanks again for all of your encouragment and support my favorite blog buddies. You helped more than you know.

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 3/12/09
5 x 7 collage using a few vintage images reprinted, carefully trimmed, and handcolored, miscelaneous scraps, bird from, and wings used with a license agreement with Butterfly Utopia, all on a watercolored and rubber stamped background with ribbon and scrap trim.

Another big fat thank you needs to be given. I'm embarrassed (but also jumping up and down with pure joy) to admit it but I won another One World One Heart giveaway prize and it is beautiful. This one comes from the very talented Marilyn Radzat, a well known, published, and accomplished doll artist whose work is beautiful beyond words. Please go see her blog (where you can also read how she recently found herself in the midst of a bank robbery no less! and her "Prince stopped his heart" for her on Valentine's) and many links to her work. I cannot tell you how honored I am to receive a piece of her work. Here are some little peeks at all the very cool swag I got (a exquisitely sculpted face with antique netting, a page from an 1880's French journal, an antique and scrumptiously rusty key, a piece of vintage beaded lace, and other old and lovely trinkets)

Thank you, Marilyn, from the bottom of my heart for your generous gift. My prayers continue for you and your Prince! The rest of you really, really need to go look at her work. It is stunning!

Mar 11, 2009

I feel I am always saying thank you!

. . . and here I am again. I am sure receiving a lot more than I am giving. My bucket should be running over, I am so blessed with all of you dear friends. You all are the BEST buds a girl could have.

I really am okay - no stresses really, just as blah as blah can be and so far from feeling creative, I don't know just how I'll find my way back but I am sure I will eventually. So, I am giving myself permission to take a few more days off. We built the fences last week and had lots of company to help and get ready for that while still suffering from the flu. This weekend we have two high school soccer teams and their parents coming over for a cook out and Sunday we HAVE to do our taxes. So, yeah, I have been distracted and remain so. Maybe next week when the plates have been emptied of all the things I don't want to do and have to anyway, I will lure the muses back with what my heart really wants, it just doesn't know it.

Thank you, Cathy Mendola aka pinkbirdgirl for the lovely award. I am glad you mentioned it because I might have missed going back and finding it. I do appreciate your thoughtfulness and for being my new buddy too. It is really a lift I needed today. (I will accept it more formally and with proper protocol soon) I am really quite impressed you, any of you, have stuck with me these last few very personal non-art weeks but then I feel bad for being impressed. Should I not have expected that you are all genuine friends? You are all true blue. I will be back in action, I promise! I love you all more than you could know! You make my heart sing and my face smile.

Mar 10, 2009

I've lost it . . .

. . . I've finally lost the flu bug. Good news.

Bad news. I think I've temporarily misplaced art. I cannot find it. I haven't made anything for 3 weeks and I have put off trying a few days even though I've had the chance cuz I didn't know where and how to start - I just haven't even really wanted to make anything, which is very strange for me. I tried today and it seems all of a sudden I CAN'T make anything. I can't get inspired, I can't even fake it. I've tried to cut out some pieces and get something started and it's gone, just seems gone. Nothing seems right. I am empty and a little panicky about that idea. I've been looking at other work trying to get inspired and I can't even find a spark to start with. I can't process an idea in my head, I am totally and completely overwhelmed and lost even trying to just find a background or image to use. 3 weeks ago the house could have burned down around me and I could not quit working and now I can't even get started. I hope art finds me again soon! I'll keep looking for it. It has to be around here somewhere.

Mar 6, 2009


I'm here but I have the flu. Came down with it Wednesday as the day went on. I'll be back soon.

Mar 4, 2009

Catching up

Well, I am a bit overwhelmed today with all that I need to do after being gone and realizing what I've been through and what my dad has been through and still has yet to get through. It is an experience so intense and full of details I find difficult to share with anyone but my hubby who knows the ins and outs and between the lines. Anyway, it may take me longer than I thought to feel normal and behave normally . . . we'll see.

It was such a pleasure to have so many wonderful messages waiting for me and some very fun and special mail. I received one of the beautiful pieces I won from the One World One Heart blog event. I won a beautiful necklace from Bonnie at Some Pink Flowers. What fun it was to open the package with such anticipation of what was inside. It was so beautifully packaged, with extra effort required, I controlled my excitement and opened it slowly and enjoyed every little surprise inside.

How lucky I am! The incredible necklace, the gorgeous packaging, and the yummy extras just thrilled me beyond words. Be sure to stop by Bonnie's blog. She is very talented and has so many wonderful things to share! Thank you Bonnie for everything!

Mar 3, 2009


I got home a couple of hours ago and I cannot tell you how good it feels to be here and how hard it is to be away from my dad. Isn't that the way it works? Nothing is ever perfect. I feel so strange, like I've been on some long far away journey and am having a little difficulty acclimating to it all. It's an example of one of those times in your life when and where everything changed, shifted, and will never be the same and it changed while you blinked, while you looked away, and you can't exactly adjust to it in a snap, like part of you is still a few steps behind and everything moved ahead without you realizing. I don't know how to word it. But, at least I'M HOME!

My family welcomed me with the laundry done and the house clean, so I should be able to jump back into things here tonight and tomorrow. I do have to pay some bills, do our taxes, and on the drive home today we decided this weekend would be a good one to replace our wood fence and have a fence building party for my mom-in-law's bday. So, I won't be back in like gangbusters, but I'm on my way. Hope to list on Etsy early next week and start work on some new pieces tonight.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU . . . . really, THANK YOU for all of your support and encouraging words and love and friendship. YOU saw me through this little detour in life and I am stronger for it. I love you all and I know you will help me get through the next one in a few weeks.