Feb 22, 2011

Cool ideas, swanky stuff . . .

Swanky Stuff

Brenda of My Divine Time, one of the sweetest friends I have, sent me a Sandy Mastroni doll recently. She's been sitting on my desk, patiently waiting for me to announce her arrival. I told Brenda, I now have a group since it is my third of Sandy's dolls. I aim to have a shelf-full one of these days. Thank you, Brenda, for spoiling me with such a fantastic surprise! (the doll picture is linked to Sandy's Etsy, but her very fun blog can be found here. And her brand new Etsy full of glorious rich paintings can be found here.)

From one of my favorite Etsy artists, Aquamarine Art, here's a yummy fun giveaway! Click on the picture to be taken to the drawing. I have my eye on that dreamy little itty bitty painting. (not shown here) Be sure to wish her a Happy Birthday too!

Some of you know, my idol, my role model, my "wanna-be-her-someday" is Anahata Katkin because of how she made her business dream a reality. I have given many of her items away as gifts and am always on the look out for what's new and cool. I just love her magnets and right now, you can get this cool fridge art for $1.00 + shipping! Can't beat that! There are lots of magnets on sale so be sure to go check them out. (the picture below is linked to Papaya Art and the magnet listing.)

Cool Ideas

From one of my new favorite "cool ideas" blogs, Frugal Life Project:

DIY: Enlarging Small Mementos to Make Large Works of Art!

Also love these posts at DIY!

Faux Metallic Letters

Printing on Fabric

Feb 16, 2011

Updated! Three more!

Celebrating my 100th -102nd collage sheets in Etsy!
Here they are . . .

Couture Deux


Glamour Girls

Feb 15, 2011

I'm not shy . . .

about posting what's new in my Etsy. I finished several new sheets and have many more on the way. Here are the latest listings . . .

Colorful Cabinet Cards

Bodacious Borders

Bodacious Borders Deux

Bodacious Letters

I'm on call for jury duty this week.
I have to call every evening to find out if I have to go in the next day. So far so good but it limits what projects I want to start and may have to leave undone awhile.

Hope you all have a great week!

Feb 11, 2011

Sweets for the Sweet Winners!

I'll keep it short and sweet tonight. It's been a marathon week and the one and only art project I got done, I can't show you . . . yet. So, I'll get right to the winners of the Sweets for the Sweet Drawing. I numbered the comments in order from 1 to 69, giving two consecutive numbers to each person that left a poem and one number to those that didn't. I used the random number generator found here to get the draws, but I did not save the pix this time. (too much in a hurry)

Prize One winner . . . . #31 Andrea of Art Legacy
You won the Cupid Combo collage sheet set!

Prize Two winner . . . #19 Junkgarden
You won the flower pin from Stephanie Boman!

Prize Three winner . . . #26 Paper Pumpkin
You won the Just Be petite print!

Prize Four winner . . . #11 Yvonne of Artic Blonde Creations
You won the Valentine collage sheets!

So, winners, email whatever I need to mail your prizes to you. Collage sheets need an email address and the other two prizes need snail mail addresses.

Thank you everybody for your fun and wonderful participation in the drawing. I loved the poems! You kept me entertained all week.

Coming Soon! I have tons and tons and tons of new antique pix and papers I plan to focus on starting tomorrow, so look for new art and new collage sheets next week! I cleared my plate, finally, and got the big projects done that have been weighing me down. So keep your eyes peeled!

Feb 5, 2011

Sweets for the Sweet Drawing

4 Sweet Little Prizes! All you have to do is comment this post to be entered into a random drawing for one of the following four prizes! If you'd like your name to be entered twice in the drawing, leave me a poem in your comment that starts with "Roses are Red. . ."

The first prize is . . . A set of my newest collage sheets from my Etsy

Be Mine Cupid Combo image set

The next prize is . . . A romantically fun rose pin from my friend, artist and published author, Stephanie Boman! The picture is linked to her Etsy and you can find her blog here. Stephanie had sent me a pin a few months ago just cuz she's as sweet as can be and I love it! These are lovely vintage style adornments, very yummy! Some can be worn in your hair, some on your hat, some on your clothes - THE perfect accessory! Be sure to check out Stephanie's blog too where she hosts many of her own free giveaways, shares free ephemera to use in your own work, and shows some of her own fab art projects like this favorite of mine.

(Above picture from Stephanie Boman. All rights reserved.)

If you'd like to add Stephanie's blog button to your own blog, here it is . . . find the link code on the sidebar of her blog.

The third prize is . . . This Limited Edition Just Be Petite Print (with mat). This is a first in a planned series of petite size pieces, measuring about 3 x 5 inches.

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 1/31/2011. All rights reserved.
Digital ATC. Image credits, everything is from my images (most at tumblefishstuido.etsy.com) except for the face which comes from a former flickr member, VeryGoodWithComputers.

And the last prize is . . . 3 of my older Valentine collage image sheets from my Etsy!

Drawing closes Thursday at midnight. Winners will be announced Friday, February 11!

Have a great week my sweetest blog people ever!