Sep 21, 2017

Etsy Open Again!

I dusted off my blog a couple of weeks ago and now I've dusted off my Etsy shop too!

For now, I am focusing on FINALLY selling off my collection of antique photos, ephemera, and postcards that I've accumulated over the years while putting together digital image kits for   I've been promising my husband I would do this for years.

I'm selling everything for less than I paid for it since I've gotten so much use out of each and every piece.  I've scanned them all in and built up my library of images to use in my own artwork, which was the whole reason I started the digital design kits.  If you're familiar with my kits, you'll see some familiar images in my shop.  For example, the postcard on the left became the head for the body on the right . . .

Anyway, if you love to collect vintage and antique images, be sure to stop by my Etsy.  I'll be adding new stuff every week.  I have thousands of items that will eventually find its way into the shop.

Eventually, I'll be adding my own artwork in here and there and some other surprises!

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