Nov 11, 2009

Not just Veteran's Day for me . . .

We buried my mom 13 years ago today. She died very suddenly at age 66. I was 30 and so not ready to be without her. But, life has a way of working in its own way and honestly, the way things turned out, I got much closer to my dad than I might have otherwise and that has been a very precious gift to me. What they say is true, time heals things and lessens pain and sorrow, but I miss my mom.

I am starting a part time job today. I applied for one, kind of on a whim, and got it, not sure that I even really wanted it. It's no great feat - I'm working at Micheal's of all places! If nothing else, a discount will be nice. But, I have to say, it's been a long, long time since I worked for minimum wage. I hear the job and nice pay I left to make art no longer exists thanks to CA's education cuts and I'm just thankful to have a job at all in a state that has the worst unemployment rate in the country. I was sharing somewhere else today that it's just hard to not have a job, regardless of pay rates. I've only not worked 5 years out of the last 29 - I started working when I was 14 and didn't not work until my son was born. I keep thinking he's going to college in less than a year and I can't just play all day everyday. I'm not sure how it will change things art wise . . . we'll see.

I finished one collage sheet and one collage today. Here's what I wrote in flickr about my collage piece . . . "For Nancy Baumiller's Collage Dreams on Paper class . . . Well, I did it. I did what I was afraid to do. I played, no plan, no printing stuff out. I just used scraps AND I finally tried hand lettering. I can't say that I like it, but I like that I finally let go, loosened up, and faced some fears here. Heck, I even scribbled some if you can believe it."


This is an 8 x 10 collage using mostly images from my new collage sheets but also many scrap pieces of paper and a few magazine pictures of trees (altered and recolored). The wings are from, the scalloped border at the top is from designer Sande Krieger, and the hat was made from a piece from Studio Maya at The fish, all the bodies, face, and many other pieces are from my collage sheets at Lots of ink, pastel, and the main background is acrylic.

Here's the new collage sheet


I am so honored to be featured on two lovely blogs today. Thank you to Lorraine of Creative Daily for a lovely post. Lorraine was just published in Somerset Studio and has so many different talents. You must hop over and peruse her lovely blog. And, another big thank you to Nikki Smith (again! I mentioned her on yesterday's post). If you didn't stop by after yesterday's post, jump over now and check out not just her blog but all of her gorgeous galleries!



Julia said...

Marsha thats all really beautiful again!
Your collage sheets are so YOU! Great job!


Love it. Love her eye and the way she is standing.

And good luck with the new job; you never know where it may lead.

landofnodstudios said...

Wonderful collage way to break through your fear, that takes guts, we tend to clip our own wings sometimes and it is amazing when we discover we don't need wings to fly it's all in the letting go. Free falling.......

I'm sorry you are missing your Mom I just lost mine less than 2 months ago and the pain is still very raw, it was my birthday on Sunday and that is when it hit me hard, Mom always sent a B-day card and I got a phone call. This year my mail box stood empty,but I did get a call from my Dad the first in 42 years we had a wonderful talk so I can see one positive thing emerging from all this my dad and I just might get to know one another.

Good luck with the new job another brave thing you have taken on, way to go.
Hugs Deborah

yoborobo said...

Marsha - I am thinking of you today, and saying a prayer, too. It's so hard to lose a parent, no matter what age we are. I'm glad you have your dad, sweetie, and that gorgeous family of yours. As for the new job, I'm trying one on, too. :) We should compare notes! I think the discount at Michael's would make it worth it, for sure! xoxoxoxox Pam

Leslie said...

"Always" is beautiful. I love it!

Mellisa said...

I can't imagine losing a parent at 30, I'm so glad that it brought you closer to your father though.

Congrats on the job- I would spend more than I earned working at Michaels! Just good to know that there was a job out there at least, even if at min wage.

Lorraine said...

Thanks for the shout out Marsha. I lost my Mom early also. The pain lessens as you say but I miss her still too. I love this very colourful collage!

Brenda Grace said...

I am loving how you can study and admire anothers style, play with it and explore - yet your individual style is staying true and showing through! Being Brave and I am loving it xxx PS I could not believe the size of Michaels when I was in Texas last year - we have noting like it here in OZ.

sharon said...

I am thinking of you and your loss today Marsha.
Love your new piece and the collage sheet as well! Good luck at may prove to be a great networking outlet...but I agree with Melissa....I would spend waaaay too much!

thekathrynwheel said...

Oh, the lettering on your collage is fabulous! I always knew you could do it! (I haven't done my homework yet...) Good luck with the job. Working in an art store (is it?) must have lots of benefits :-)

Jaime Haney said...

I also just recently lost my mom, 3 weeks ago yesterday. She was 64, I am 39. to say it is raw and my heart is breaking still is not even enough. she was my best friend. I am surprised as I read through all these blogs how many people lose their mom's too early. or maybe I just notice it more now that mine is gone.

I always thought it would be kinda cool to work at Michaels or some other arts and crafts store, but I agree with the others, I would have to pay them to let me work three. yikes!

I am just figuring out what these collage sheets are (kinda). But I love your pieces and think your hand lettering is great!

Isn't is cool how you can just bounce around from blog to blog and see and read about all these super creative people? It is so inspiring... now if I could just get off the computer and create something!

TheresainMS said...

Love the collage and the sheet! Congrats on getting the job; I hope working there is as much fun as shopping there :-) Big hugs to you!!

Tace said...

Ms.Tumble Fish!
I am sorry about your Mom, I know years have passed...but I can't even imagine...I love your nod towards the positive, about getting closer with your Dad. I'm glad for that part, :)

Now, a job at Michaels, duddddddddde, that is SO cool. I mean I know it can't be all glamour and glitter fights in the aisles with confetti snowstorms and races in shopping carts and playing hide and go seek in the artificial plants section...but Duddddddde, I kind of hope it is, at least a little bit!!!!!!!! Have fun with it!

Love your latest pieces, the colours are especially satisfying to look at. Sort of aqua greens and purples, whatever they're called I realllllly love that combo!

lilylovekin said...

Good luck with the new job. The new collage is great-love the colors!

K said...

your new sheet is gorgeous!


I totally understand your matter the length of time...we ALWAYS miss them.

This is the day my oldest turned 18 !! Whew !!!

And...your collage is amazing !! Love the hand lettering :)

VS said...

Hi Marsha,
Your new art pieces are amazing & I can already tell your collage sheets are becoming easier for you because they just ROCK!
I have giving you my 'Special Blog Award' can find it on my blog. Your amazing artwork always inspires me & you absolutely...'Help Me Soar'!!!
Thanks for sharing your life & art with me,

aliceinparis said...

I lost my dad this month, eight years ago. So sad, so hard to lose a parent. How lovely that you and you dad grew close and got to connect in a way that might never have happened otherwise. There is always some good to be found in everything bad that happens.
Your new collage pieces are much looser and very pleasing. Keep up the good work, grow, stretch and reach for new heights!! ;)