Apr 28, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

Well, things are just starting to slow down to a more doable pace. I haven't hardly seen the light of day in 3 weeks, but the shop is running smoothly and I have a few days to try and catch up everywhere else. If you haven't stopped by, be sure to visit DeviantScrap.com and check things out. There are contests and freebies and a great gallery of inspiration from scrapbooking to skinnies to postcards. You will probably recognize some work over there as a few people you know are either on my Creative Team or Hollie's - they are all so talented and I'll share more about them after they've had a chance to figure it all out. New designers and new products will be added in the next couple of weeks so be sure to keep visiting regularly!

I got to actually make two pieces of art today, no digi stuff for the first time in days and days and days. The first is a skinny for a swap. My friend, Marion of bockel24 is hosting a cool Beatles ATC swap and since I didn't have a chance to play in her annual swap this time, I decided to make the skinny I owed her a little Beatle-y.

She's Got a Ticket to Ride

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen, 4/27/10. All rights reserved. Please do not copy, print, download, or use this image in any way without permission.
This is a 4 x 8 skinny collage using pieces from my own digital collage element packs at DeviantScrap.com. All pieces were hand cut and most were retouched with ink and pastel.

The next piece was just something I had floating around in my head for a few days. It was my first piece "back to work" in a while so it's a little rough and awkward, but I liked the idea and it was fun to play.

Urchin Head

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen, 4/27/10. All rights reserved. Please do not copy, print, download, or use in any way without my permission.
This is an 8 x 10 journal style collage using a face and body parts from my digital collage packs at DeviantScrap.com. All other pieces are from Holliewood Studios' The Collector Kit, also at DeviantScrap.com and were used with a commercial license.

I have a couple of more swaps to take care of and some house chores but then I can finally take some time to relax and make some long overdue blog visits and flickr looking. I miss everyone so much! I have more new digi packs to make next week and then I think I will have found my footing for the new shop, Etsy, making art, and blogging. I hope!


Sandy said...

OMG Marsha these rock.
So unbelievable style.
I love these. Great work my friend.

Rucola Designs said...

I'm in love your fabolous art! :)

Jamie said...

So very PROUD of you Sweetie!!!! Love, Jamie

yoborobo said...

Congrats on all the excitement there! Woot! And your new pieces are fabuloso. Happy Wednesday to you, too! xox Pam

Marit said...

The beatles skinnie is unbelieveble... LOVE IT! Nice to see you play with "the real stuff" Marsha! Hope things will get less stressfull for you, enjoy the good times!

Debby said...

These are so fun and beautiful. Congrats on the new shop, love it there.

Kim Mailhot said...

Congrats on the shop, Marsha. It is just wonderful to see your wonderful talents spreading out this way !
Loving these pieces too. Man, you are on some roll there, Brilliant One. So good to witness your trip...(She's got a ticket to ride, maybe ! ;) )
Big Love to you !

NancyB said...

Oh I love it all! The first one is soooooo cute! And you know I love the Urchin Head makes me smile and giggle! I am taking a break today and just play...Got so far with PSE yesterday and got frazzled and just went to bed! LOL Keep on trucking!! :O) Again..BIG CONGRATS! xoxo

bockel24 said...

I just can tell it to everyone: And I love her! What a great skinny, thank you!

Jill said...

Urchin head is definitely my winner - really made me smile

Andrea said...

LOVE the Urchin Head!!


So sorry for the shameful delay, but I finally put a little thank you on my blog :)

BTW, big time congrats on Deviant Scraps!

A - Zinnia Productions said...

Gorgeous! I'm ready to for my ticket too! Missed ya! all my love, Zinnia

Tolegranny said...

Your work is fabulous...it's hard to pick a favourite. I want to be like you when I grow up.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

This creation is so much fun! I just love the jeans! Whimsically Fantastic! Blessings ~ k