May 20, 2011

Here's the scoop!

I am so excited and honored to be designing at again!

I left DeviantScrap rather abruptly last summer, kind of overwhelmed with life after diving into too much after my dad had died. I took some time to learn more and get my ducks in a row and later realized how much I really missed the other designers, community and customers at DeviantScrap. I asked the owner if I could come back and she graciously welcomed me back to the fold and I'm so delighted!

My Etsy will no longer carry collage images - just one sheet to point people over to DeviantScrap. I will, however, continue to offer prints, original artwork, postcards, and coming soon . . . antique ephemera and materials for creating. So don't forget to drop by Etsy now and then and pay me a visit there too.

At DeviantScrap, I'll be bundling up all of my old collage images into larger sets on sale to make room for many new kits coming this summer. Nearly all of my old images will be on sale and will gradually be moved over the next couple of weeks. I'll be adding products twice a week until it's all moved.

There is a lot going on at DeviantScrap! There's a lovely community gathering where you can get to know other artists and the designers, contests, challenges, tutorials and more!

My shop at DeviantScrap opens Monday, May 23! There will be prizes offered here later tonight or early tomorrow, so come back by and enter the drawing!

Here's a fun little video created by the talented Marta Van Eck, another designer at DeviantScrap. It was made not long ago to celebrate DS's first birthday. If you like Monty Python style imagery, you'll love this!


Paint the Secret Garden said...

So excited to see you back at DS, Marsha!

chrisg said...

Whooo - Huge Congrats Marsha i'm sure the gang over at DS have missed you too.
Eeek now I have to wait until Monday LOL - Oh well all good things come to those who wait.

Anonymous said...

YAYNESS!! I mean, I loved buying from you at Etsy, too, but I do like Deviant Scrap!

Rucola Designs said...

Wohooo! I'm so happy, sweetie! :)

Sueann said...

That is fantastic!!! Congratulations!!

lilylovekin said...

I am sure they missed you as much as you missed them. I'm glad it all worked out.

Wendy said...

Hello Lovely Fishey Lady!
I am thrilled that your coming back. You've been missed, although we've been able to track you down across the vast wilderness called the Internet.
I personally am looking forward to spending my paycheck with you. ;->

.Trudi Sissons said...

This is fabulous! I've always wanted to try to make one of these! She has it mastered!

Thanks for sharing Marsh and Congrats on moving back to the dark side!

Dawn said...

haaaa, I love this video, especially the head at the end, awesome, congrats on new shop!