Feb 8, 2012

I am here . . . part 2

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 2012. All rights reserved.Digital journal page. Image credits: everything from my Tumble Fish Studio kits including Freestyle, Freestyle 2, Etcetera, Nitty Gritty, My Picks, and others.

I really want to share with you a bit of what's been going on in my life because I think it's important, sometimes, to share such things . . . you never know when sharing the nitty gritty in your life will help someone else not feel alone in their own life matters. But, it's hard to write about and I need to be in the right mood. So, know that I will get to that stuff soon and fill in the blanks for my sporadic posting and presence in internet world lately.

Today, I thought I'd share the surface stuff . . . the stuff that we all keep going so that life at least appears to be normal and working. Sometimes its THAT stuff that actually DOES keep us going and normal and working even if it's just camouflaging the real story deep down.

I've been making art. I've been making image kits. I've been collecting new old antique papers and pictures and things. I've been making plans for new projects and new ways to work and design and create. I've been researching (does Pinterest count as research?). I've been helping with a bathroom remodel (which, as we all know any such project . . . ) takes over the whole house in one way or another. That's the surface stuff, the stuff that keeps me going and normal.

You won't want to miss this . . . a little customer appreciation on Valentine's Day!

Most recent kits . . .
Pictures are linked to their listing in the Deviant Scrap shoppe. All of these have printable jpg sheet versions in my shoppe too, so look for those listings if you prefer.

Something's Fishy

Nitty Gritty

Be Mine


Some recent work . . .


. . . some of you know my nickname is MamaFish so I guess it's a bit of a self portrait in some ways . . . maybe.
copyright Marsha Jorgensen 1/18/2012. All rights reserved.Digital collage. Image credits: all but the net from my own Tumble Fish Studio kits and images. Net from Christina Renee designs.

Noises in my Head

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 1/27/2012. All rights reserved.There is a second version of this with a little lighter feel to it posted just after this one in flickr.Digital collage. Image credits: everything from my own personal stash and Tumble Fish Studio image kits including Male Persuasion, Frippery, Slightly Sinister, Freestyle, Freestyle 2, and more.

The bathroom remodel . . . in progress

If you look very closely in the lower left you can see metal tape closing up a hole left by grout fallen out between the floor and cabinet. The old pipes were so corroded, you could not stick a pencil in the hole the water was coming out. So, we demolished the old lath and plaster to get to the pipes (thank goodness! I was sick of the original 1945 pink!), put in new copper pipes, had a contractor float the wall to plum it up with new lath and mortar and the new tile is being placed as I write this.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! You were missed! Can't wait to see what else you have coming our way!

Take care!

aka Callieflowergirl

Sueann said...

Oh I love your newest pieces!!
Be Mine is fab and so is Frippery
And bathroom remodels can really take the house and turn it upside down. Good luck

Ava B said...

This was grreat to read