May 14, 2012

Ruht Roh

I'm having issues! (what else is new, huh?) I saw one of these "please stand by" images on another site once that said . . . "please waste your time somewhere else". hee hee

Hi all! I took some time off from "working" last week and then finally tried to move all of my stuff from my old computer to my new one. I've had a new computer waiting for me since January and couldn't seem to find a "good stopping place" to sit down and make the move. My old computer was like a car that you had to kick and pound just right and then turn around three times and clap your hands to get it to work (almost literally) - it was barely limping along.

Anyway, we're having some problems getting everything to move and it is taking longer than I thought. So I borrow my husband's computer a little to get my "fix" but I can't access my regular files and even my email is affected since I used Windows as my email interface. All the right files have to be found on the old hard drive and moved/reinstalled to restore my perfectly organized email system! (that scares me!)

So, if I'm slow to reply or respond or seem to be missing . . . that's why. Be back soon!

Prize winners . . . I will contact you as soon as I get up and running again. So sorry for the delay!


Sueann said...

Good luck!!
See you soon

Marit said...

Ooh... I know how scary such a move is... good luck!