Mar 31, 2014

Good Mail and New Project

Hello! It's been shakin' and rollin' in Southern California lately.  Friday evening's earthquake was a good strong jolt here at my house.  Strong enough, and so long since I had felt one that strong, that for the first time in 25 years of living here, we spent Saturday building our first official earthquake kit, just in case this little episode is a taste of things to come.  Since I was taking care of that long neglected chore, I decided to do some other odds and ends this weekend before I get back to "work".  I've been meaning to share some things . . . 

Good Mail
I've gotten very behind in posting pictures of all the good stuff I've gotten in the mail lately . . . I am one lucky girl.  Sometimes I've traded things, sometimes I've purchased, and on top of that I just have some very generous and talented friends.

From my friend and amazing artist, Stephanie Rubiano . . . some really awesome swag!  The picture below is linked to Stephanie's website.  I received a tote bag, zippered cosmetic bag, mouse pad, and beautiful cards.  These items were printed by Stephanie from some of her original structural art pieces for which she is widely known.  As her website says, "where history and whimsy collide" . . . I've been a long time fan of Stephanie's work and use of actual antique objects in her work.  She was the pioneer into this type of work and is still the Queen!

From my friends Denise Phillips and Joyuslion I received some lovely ATC's (on the left, from Joyuslion) and tags and antique postcards (on the right, from Denise).  The tall divine lady (from Denise) in the middle is on a stick that sits in a tin bucket on my desk from where she watches me work all day.  She's always looking right at me.  LOL   Denise just recently hosted a wonderful tag swap on her blog, Birdnuts Mixed Media, that featured my Tumble Fish Studio and my friend Nancy Baumiller's Crowabout StudioB shoppes at   Joyuslion used to be on my Creative Team and remains a special Tumble Fish friend.

Awhile back, my friend Constance Taylor sent me the most beautiful hanging doll - my 'Patron Saint of Artists'.  She also hangs next to my work desk so I can look at her often . . . sometimes say a little prayer with when things aren't going well.  LOL  She's a real beauty!  The picture below is linked to her Etsy shoppe.

Last Summer, my Tumble Fish Creative Team worked on a project directed by Trudi Sissons (Two Dresses Studio) that combined TFS images with Craft Attitude art film.  The project, 'Sisters with Attitude',  was featured on Craft Attitude's website and Facebook.   It was lots of fun and got a great response.  Not long ago, Trudi sent me a truly lovely and touching gift:  a book made from the original artworks from each Creative Team member for that Craft Attitude project.  Though I had seen the work online, the originals just took my breath away and the book Trudi designed to showcase them is just absolutely gorgeous.   The pictures below are linked to Trudi's Facebook page.  While the whole Creative Team contributed their amazing talent and works to the book, I linked to Trudi since she directed the project.  Renee Stien created the paneled canvas piece in the back.

I'm always afraid when I do a post like this, I'm going to leave something or someone out.  I have gotten so many lovely things in the mail and sometimes get so excited about them I hang them up right away or arrange them in their new home and forget all about blog posts.  But sooner or later, they tend to show up one way or another in the long run.  Like I said, I'm so lucky to have so many generous and talented friends!

New Project
I've been sharing a bit on Facebook lately . . . I've decided to build a dollhouse.   I had a tin metal dollhouse when I was a child, which I loved, but as adult, I remain fascinated by miniatures and decided to finally see if I could build my own house, mainly to quench my thirst for tiny things.  One of my most favorite tourist sites I've visited in traveling the U.S. was the "Worlds' Largest Collection of the World's Smallest Versions of the World's Largest Things". (we saw it in the middle of Kansas a few years ago)  Well, it's taken a month to research and gather the beginnings of this endeavor.  We decided to buy an inexpensive kit to just learn from.  Here it is "built" (we just put it together temporarily) . . .

We are not really going to use this kit.  We're going to use parts of it as a template for the house we are working on.  The final house will actually be 3 stories high + the attic.  So far we've gathered the wood to cut, the siding, working windows (that really open and close), doors (including a screen door), a dormer window addition for the attic, roof shingles, crown molding, flooring, porch posts, "gingerbread" trims, baseboards, battery powered lighting (we didn't want to mess with wiring the whole house), paint, glue, and some tools.   As soon as my husband has a free weekend, we're going to cut the house out of 3/8" birch and start building.

I couldn't resist making a little something for the inside.  We'll wait to collect furniture and interior decor until there's a little more money saved up, but I had to have something so I found a tutorial online and made this little chair this weekend out of foam board, mat board, cardstock, wooden dowels, Thermolam Plus, fabric, thread, glue, and about 9 hours of time.  It is full of flaws and imperfections, but I'm pleased with this first ever attempt.

 copyright Marsha Jorgensen 3/27/2014. All rights reserved. 
copyright Marsha Jorgensen 3/27/2014. All rights reserved. 
 copyright Marsha Jorgensen 3/27/2014. All rights reserved.
copyright Marsha Jorgensen 3/27/2014. All rights reserved.

For Spring
I had a chance to play with my friend Tracey Parker's Hidden Vintage Studio's "Animal Crossing" kit at  You can find the kit HERE.  Tracey likes slightly "dark" imagery so I made this for her especially . . . (full image credits below picture)

Happy Spring
copyright Marsha Jorgensen 3/27/2014. All rights reserved.
Digital. Images from Hidden Vintage Studios' Animal Crossing kit at Also used Tumble Fish Studio's Dozens, Dreams - Yonder, and My Little Queendom kits at

Well, that's the scoop from my little fishbowl!  A few more odds and ends to to do today and then I'm back to making image kits for a few days.


peggy gatto said...

the doll house will be such fun, love the chair!!!

Having fun with the queendom kit!

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Hello Dear Marsha!
I loved seeing all the fun things you were showing us here! And I am REALLY interested in your dollhouse project! I know you will be able to do some really fantastic things with it and I can't wait to see more pictures of your project! I know how much fun it is to tackle something like this because I did the very same thing last year! I made the dollhouse from an old wooden box my mother had made and everything in it is from around my house or something I made! I chatted about it a few times in late November and early December last year on my blog! I invite you to take a peek!

Wishing you lots and lots of fun with your new project!!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Thank you ladies! Betty - so glad you told me about your beautiful dollhouse! I loved seeing it!

You are such a gem to visit me and leave me lovely comments and things to see . . . one of a few that has stayed with me through all of the dry spells on my blog. I really appreciate that! Anyway, your dollhouse is enchanting! ♥

Muckypup said...

Oh, that chair is amazing! Your post bag is too - think I could put up with a few bills dropping though the door if I had some of that gorgeous stuff with them!