May 3, 2016

World's Greatest . . .

ZEROOOOOOO!   When I was a kid, my dad would raise my arm up in the air and say in his announcer voice, "Ladies and Gentleman!  I'd like you to meet THE. WORLD'S. GREATEST. ZEROOOOOOO!"   When I used to tell my kids this story, they would say something like "ahhhh, mom.  That's so mean.  Why would he do that?" etc.  It never once dawned on me when I was a kid that it could have any meaning other than I was something special and wonderful and he made me giggle.  Now that my kids have raised the question, I've wondered about it . . . what the meaning was for him, etc.    My dad was not big on bragging or showing off . . . very humble and preached humility . . . . could have been another way to do that.  He could've just wanted to make me laugh.   I don't know.

Anyway, I may in fact be the World's Greatest Zero, but I had fun with the newest collaboration among the designers of  We each put together a kit with the theme of  the World's Greatest.   I left mine rather open ended with lots of blank prize medals and trophies and sashes.  (everything below is in one kit)

There's a really GREAT thing about this collaboration . . . just look below!

Now, not only is there a GREAT collaboration happening, but it's also International Scrapbooking Day week at MC and so, as we do twice a year, we're hosting a GREAT sale!   You can most of my kits 40% off in my shoppe HERE.  (newer releases are 20% off)

And to top it all off, MC is giving away $400 worth of prizes away in our games and challenges forum!

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