Apr 9, 2009

Hmmmm . . . "drama" on flickr

I just uploaded this piece a little while ago to flickr and here is the first comment I got on it
"Ever thought about doing something else besides the same collages with images wearing pointed hats and wings??? You don't really have much integrity as an artist." This was left by someone called Cherry Flavored Pez. (I left it up so all could see his/her opinion and manner of making it known) CFP doesn't have a public flickr so I know nothing about him/her but I do value the opinion. Ya know, you put yourself out there ya gotta take the bad with the good and I have thought the same thing sometimes actually. I am not doing the fine art I was trained to do. But, do I care? Does that constitute a lack of integrity? Um, no, not really. I don't know where I will end up someday in my art journey. I am not out to prove anything. For right now, I'm indulging in trite. I am neck deep in trite. Refined, chic, complicated, sophisticated art - been there, done that, and it can come back later. I am completely ignoring everything I learned earning my BFA. And, I've had 20 years to let it go. Heck, I have written in all of my profiles everywhere that I am as trite as can be, so expectations shouldn't be too high. Maybe that's why the comment surprised me a bit.

Do you all let people know when you don't like their work or do you just move on quietly? I move on quietly because who am I do judge anyone's work? I just kinda think "to each his own" and actually, I can find something to appreciate about anything. I am a little taken aback though about that comment. Not because I can't take criticism. I sooooo can take it when it's constructive and has some validation of some kind - like I can see where it's coming from. One of my friends, who is a well known artist, has kind of in a roundabout way said, quit using wings and hats, and I respect that opinion, I'm just not there yet. I will someday. I can't help but feel this particular comment was just a slam for the sake of slamming someone. That's the disturbing part and the reality is if it was meant to be constructive, that part got lost in its cruelty. If my art really bothers someone (then that's good too cuz it made an impact of some kind) why didn't I get an offline "hey, you could do something else . . . " But no, it was . . . let me go out of my way to put you down in public for everyone to see and I'll hide so you can't see what I do because then there would be no validity to my insult. And, does he/she go around to the other several hundred artists that use hats and wings and slam them too? Or just me? Ah well, . . . whattheheckever. To each his own. Glad I'm not married to it.


copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 4/9/09
This is a 5 x 7 collage using a face,legs, and some letters from an image sharing group on flickr, wings from jackandcatcurio, hair, body and dress from magazine pictures. All pieces were printed, carefully trimmed, hand-colored and pieced together on a background of scrap papers and handmade hearts.
You might be interested to know that this piece has about 30 separate pieces that were trimmed, colored and arranged and it took about 10 hours to complete.
This piece is available for purchase at tumblefishstudio.etsy.com


Tace said...

That's NOT constructive criticism what that person said, that's just rude! I feel sorry for them, if they are in such a negative space in their life that they'd push outwards with it and try to infect other people with their misery. Very sad. People are weird. I'm a person so I know this to be true. ;) Also I don't think any one has the right to decide how many pointed hats and wings are enough. You get to decide, in fact it's not even a decision. It's just do what feels right to you and us lucky blog readers and art followers get to enjoy all of your artistic endeavors which you kindly share on line. I love pointy hats and fairy wings, You oughtta declare this "In your face, gonna make as many gorgeous pointy hat fairies as I please" day!
I repeat, people are just sooo weird. They can't just enjoy, gotta pick things apart. Doesn't make them all evil I suppose. I knew someone who would visit my Mom and look at her tole painting and turn up their nose and say in the most bewildered voice "And people buy that?" They weren't being mean they were just ignorant in the true sense of the word. Ignorant of their words and the power they have to hurt. They had an idea of what *art* is and tole painting didn't fit into that. I just think if doing what you do makes you happy, then do it. Forgive the nonsensical meandering blabbering here, just so annoyed on your behalf at that comment.
Also I don't let people know if I don't like their work because I don't really see the point. Even constructive criticism seems like boggy ground because everything is so subjective. Also I'm not sure there's any artistic endeavors I can realllly say I don't like and if I do start feeling like I don't like it I quit looking. It might not be my favorite stuff but I can appreciate it being some one else's. Also it seems unfair to hand over my opinion if it's negative and un-constructive. Like your commenter, my first reaction was a nice string of swear words but then I had to think about it and why some one would say that and how sad that really is and since there's already enough negativity in the world ya gotta pull it back in and pull a Spock. Be logical ya know?
Okie, in summary. Me likey you work.

p.s. My husband says that the person was probably having a bad day and doesn't understand that an artist or any person that does a subjective work is being vulnerable and taking a risk, because there's not an absolute measure of what is *good*, when they put their stuff out for the world to see. When offering constructive criticism it should be done in a considerate manner.
He said art isn't like digging a hole. We can all look at a hole and go yep, that's a good hole. It's deep it's empty, yep a hole. The things that define art are not as clear cut as a big empty spot in the ground. haha

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Thanks Tace and Tace's husband. You rock.

Janny said...

I can not write English that good but I want to say that you are doing a great job. I think that person must be jealous of your work!!He/she is pathetic, keep up the good work for the ones who can see the magic. Have a nice Easter!

Shelly said...

The last sentence of that person's comment just pains me. So rude! He/She could have just left it as a question about wings and hats (which I love, by the way), but instead he/she felt a need to take it to a not nice place. I would have been just as bothered by this comment, but I'd have to dismiss it. If he/she doesn't like it, go look at something else!

You make carefully made, creative, beautiful pieces of art that I KNOW many people love. You also share needed encouragement with many artists like myself.

I too have struggled on an almost daily basis with the serious artist vs. just having fun and creating. I sometimes think, "what would my college professors think of what I make now". And then I think WHO CARES?! I prefer to leave the "serious" art to the tortured souls. I wanna be a happy person and create happy art that pleases me. Or at least art that I have to beat into submission until it DOES please me, at least. :)

Please keep making what feels right to YOU and don't listen to people who choose to spread negativity.

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

I've been a lurker for a little while as I'm just starting to "play" with collage. I found your site (can't remember how) and I look forward to your posts, because you are one of the few artists that explain the piece and how it came to be. I thank you for that! It's like sitting across the table from you and hearing you talk about it! I've gained so much knowledge and inspiration from your work and I'm just stunned that someone would put that out there. They should just move on if it "bothered" them. PLEASE just chalk it up to that person is a bully....and we all know that a bully has to put someone else down to puff themselves up. What a sad little miserable person that must be.
Keep doing what makes your heart happy and content!

Leslie said...

I, too, am so annoyed by Cherry Flavored Pez. But I'm going to get on to you, too, Marsha, because you shouldn't dismiss your art by saying, "It's not fine art." You've heard this from me before: you ARE creating fine art...pointy hats, wings, and all. I love your art! Your FINE art! The most valuable thing I learned in my college art degree journeys is that fine art is very subjective. I don't see anything trite in your art! So it could appear that maybe you don't value the opinions of those of us who crave your art. But we are legion and will not be gainsaid--not even by you!

NancyB said...

I am appalled at Pez's rudeness! Your work is so friggen awesome and I don't have enough words to express how much I love your art! I am sure we have all heard it from our elders..say it with me..."If you can't say something nice...don't say anything at all" bottom line! You know I have been doing quirky art for what...four years now?! And I still say I am at the beginning of my artful journey and haven't found my niche yet! But you my dear...you have something very special...each one of your pieces show your love for art and for yourself and others. I still don't know how you do it but that is not the important part...it is THE fact THAT your doing it! Your out there finding yourself...creating your journey and not afraid to show it! And one more thing that person gives Pez a bad name! I collect Pez! LOL Maybe that was all an oxymoron about what I said but ya know if you take the oxy out of oxymoron Ms. Pez..what do you get?! hmmmm lol
Marsha..you just keep doing what your doing! Thank you for always being an inspiration! xoxo

aliceinparis said...

That makes me sad. What a silly comment to make. How can they think it won't hurt. One wonders why? What would prompt someone to leave a message like that? There is obviously something going on with the commenter. It is not you. Your work is lovely and of course there are millions of artists out there all doing similar work. Would she have said the same thing to one of the Impressionists? "Your flowers are all blurry and you paint nothing but blobs of colour.You have no integrity." Sheesh.
Don't let it bother you and thanks for posting about this.
I did look up CFP and there is one on My Space. 18 years old.

indybev said...

Marsha -- You are talented and generous. Your art usually carries wonderful, uplifting quotes. Many of us follow your work. It is hard to understand people like Cherry Pit Petridish (or whatever her name) and the vitriol they spread. My guess is her comment comes from a place of great envy. How sad she didn't choose to share HER art with us!

Terri Kahrs said...

What was said was mean, hurtful, petty and cruel. This "Pez" person really kicked it up a notch when he/she/it criticized your artistry. Marsha, plain and simple: Your work RULES!!! It doesn't matter if wings and hats are involved or not. It's just plain, friggin unique, creative and awesome!!!

These are words coming from an uneducated buffoon. Have they never been to a museum or gallery? Or taken an art class? What would they say about cubism? Impressionism? Contemporary art?, etc. Wonder what they'd have said about Warhol and forget about Pollock!!!!

SO many of us appreciate you for being YOU . . . and that includes your beautiful body of work. Sending HUGE hugs of love and appreciation. xoxoxox

Stacey said...

Boooooooo (extra long boo) to "Cherry Flavored Pezz". That sure was a rude comment and not necessary. I for one LOVE all your creations. Your artwork is unique, very interesting, and absolutely wonderful, each and every piece.

Thank you for sharing your artwork with those of us who truly appreciate it! :)

Have a great weekend! ~Stacey

Kim Mailhot said...

Save the drama for your momma and save your rude, nasties for yourself, Pez !

I love what you do, Marsha. There is an edge to your pieces that I haven't seen anywhere else - it is uniquely Tumblefish. Hat, and wings with edge - beautiful in detail and artfully done.

Life is too precious and way too short to give any more attention to boneheads who have nothing better to do than try and clip the wings of others ! Keep on flying, Miss Marsha !

Hugs !

Linda Cain said...

What a deadbeat! Geez..if you don't like what someone's posted, don't look at it...and don't come back. I LOVE your work.

What an imature person.

Your Friend in ART!


whymsicalmusings said...

Oh my Marsha what a horrible and I mean horrible thing for someone to say! I see plenty of artwork out there that I don't consider art! But I would never say it not ever! Sometimes things I have done don't really look like art at least not what I think they should look like!

I love your artwork and your little pointy hats and wings it makes you unique and wonderful:)

I do hope your heart will not be stomped on, let your light shine and your pointy hats reach the sky! Let your wings carry you to the moon and back!

What a treasure you are and I am so thankful to call you friend!


Kimberly said...

There isn't much that hasn't already been said about the abuse of anonymity. I truly believe that you have to look at the source in order to evaluate the message. As a side comment, the older I get the more I notice how very very easy it is to tear down and destroy and how terribly hard it is to build and create. Kim Gabriel


I love your work...it makes me happy every time I see it. Keep up what you are doing...your art is AWESOME !!! and I am glad I found you....

Zinnia said...

Someone is very jealous of your talent and ablility. Your work is a part of YOU, and so you feel personally attacked. Anyone with a soul would! I think your openess to others about your work and your inspiration is constructive and positive. Don't let "her" energy rob a moment of your goodness.

On a another note, what you choose to do with your gifts and talents is yours to decide. You have no idea how many people you have uplifted, touched, and inspired. You could have a master's degree in art and never inspire a single soul. Your gift isn't only your ability to create art, it is also about how you touch others. You are doing the hard work girl! Critics like "her" are just the flies in the ointment!
You keep doing what your doing...the more they critisize...the more you know you are succeeding!
oooxxx Zinnia

Taluula said...

So why hasn't the arrogant and cowardly PEZ stood up to be counted artistically? Why hasn't he or she said : come and see my artistic endeavours and comment on my work?

The kind of comment PEZ has made is a cowardly, mean and spiteful one, and is nothing more than a seagull commenter: flies in, dumps and flies out again. Enough time spent on him/her.

I for one just love your work and have commented as such on many occasions, so please don't question or change what you do artistically.

Kindest regards

Linda Crispell said...

I think your art reminds Miss Pez of the pointy dunce cap she was required to wear!!!
Ask yourself if all of the people who have bought your beautiful collages consider this to be fine art? Indeed, we do!!!

Ozstuff said...

I can only agree with all of the above. Pez doesn't deserve to be heard if he or she chooses to be anonymous and not be courageous enough to show his or her art to the world. Tumblefish, your work is awesome and you are generous to a fault with your comments. You have many fans who admire you, not just for your art but for the person you are. You are generous in sharing your creative secrets with us. When we start worrying about wings and pointy hats we may as well give up. There are far more important questions to ponder in the world of today. As we say here in Australia "Good on ya". Don't let the small minded and mealy mouthed get you down.

Anonymous said...

I do not have an account so I am posting anon. Although I am frugal gal on alot of sites.

Isn't it funny how we can have 100 people tell us how great we or our work is and 1 say something negative and that 1 neg. is what will move us to react?
Sweetie, I love hats and wings. I live for them. Hats (party hats) represent us not taking ourselves or our situations too seriously. Wings represent our ability to lift ourselves up. And to fly under our own power to the next whatever.

I need wings and hats.
Thank you for putting yourself out there, warts and all. I love you.
Frugal gal
aka Diane Wagner

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Thank you everybody! You make my heart soar!

Diane Wagner, I loved your comment! It made my day, kind lady!