Apr 9, 2009

One down, some more to go tonight . . .

Here's the finished piece.

Fly . . .

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 4/9/09
This is a 5 x 7 collage using vintage images for the face and body from moonfaires.etsy.com, hair and shoes from magazine clippings, crown, stars, and other pieces from an image sharing group. All were printed, carefully trimmed and hand-colored and arranged on a background of scrap papers.

This piece has about 27 separate pieces that were trimmed, colored and arranged and took about 12 hours to complete. It was inspired by the Sugar Ray song, Fly, which I danced to as I put this together. You can hear the song, last one on the playlist.

This piece is available for purchase at tumblefishstudio.etsy.com

The face started as a black and white image and was colored completely by hand. You can see the original image in a post below.

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Terri Kahrs said...

This "Wonder Woman" is Tumble Fish Fantastic!!! Your creativity blows me away! xoxo