Apr 9, 2009

Working day . . .

I am going to try and work, work, work on art today and get some things finished and catch up with everyone on their blogs and flickr tonight and tomorrow. Maybe I should reverse that and I will find some inspiration. We'll see. I'll go with the flow.

Do YOU need inspiration today like me? Go to this link http://somethingtwocrowabout.typepad.com/something_two_crow_about/2009/04/wip-and-one-thing-leads-to-another.html at Nancy's Something Two Crow About blog. Oh my goodness did she send me on a mind spinning journey just now. Be sure to click on all the "here's" and also look at all that Nancy has been working on. I am just in awe with jaw on floor.

The other day someone I was showing work to noticed the backs of some pieces in progress and seemed more fascinated with the backs than the fronts. They didn't realize I was putting several parts, often from completely different pictures, together. They assumed I did everything digitally. So, since most people don't get to see the backs I thought I'd show you to how I use lots of parts and put them together by hand. You probably all do the same thing, but some might not.

I find pictures and kind of lay them out, resize, adjust contrast, etc. on my computer. Then I print all the parts, then I trim them and cut them out, and then piece and attach them together, then I color, then I work on the background. During the whole process, I have a mat out and am constantly laying it over the work to make sure it will be frameable in a standard size frame. Sometimes, in order to not have to print and waste ink, using the mat drastically changes the pose of the figure to make it fit in the frame (like if I ended up with a hat bigger than I thought I would) Anyway, here are the backs of the two pieces I have in progress. The top one uses 6 pieces so far (she still needs a cape or wings or a crown at least) and the bottom one uses 8 not including some on the hat.

I hope you have a beautiful and creative day!


crafty capers said...

A-ha! So that's how you do it! Thanks for sharing. I am enlightened :-) Kate aka thekathrynwheel

Terri Kahrs said...

Just got back from visiting Nancy's blog . . . OMG! My head is vitrually spinning! Love the way you've been giving us peeks "behind the scenes"! Hugs!