Apr 28, 2009

Scam alert!

I just got an email from Creative Souls that said Becky Loyall's (Whymsical Musings) email has been hijacked and a scammer is sending out emails using her address looking for money. It is not Becky. In fact, I have received one of the scamming messages. Isn't it funny how criminals can't spell and sound totally ridiculous in their far fetched money grabbing stories? Anyway, I am told Becky is fine and trying to get things settled.

If this happens to you, someone hijacks your email, contact your email provider immediately as this is illegal and providers are becoming more and more anxious to prosecute.

I promise to never ever email any of you for money so don't be shy about telling me if you get such a message!


whymsicalmusings said...

Marsha thank you for posting this.
I did have to call Yahoo my brother's girlfriend (A doctor) (She had patient emails!) Had this happen and she had the emergency # for Yahoo. We shut the slime ball out in about 2 hours.
What a crazy world.
But thanks to lovely friends like you who were so kind to call me and let me know they had received the email Everything was taken care and today is a brighter day:)

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Ya I heard that ! Can you believe it. We just fell for a really stupid internet scam recently. Hind site is that I cannot believe we did not see It. The small cluster of vermin out there can really be a nuisance. It is good we are all watching each other backs. thanks for the post.

Melissa said...

What wack-jobs are out there!
I promise I'll never email you for money either Marsha, but I just might email you for gel medium! :-)

Scotty said...

Please share any such information about scams at
For everyone to benefit from. Please provide a link.