Apr 30, 2009

First Custom Work

A couple of days ago, a very nice man contacted me after seeing my work on flickr. He wanted to know if I did custom work. He wanted me to make a piece using his daughter-in-law's face for a Mother's Day present. He was so easy going and I thought it was so sweet that he wanted to give her such a gift. I gave it a shot. He liked Ta Dah so I kind of went with that without copying it exactly. I spend so much time on each piece by the time I'm done with it the last thing I want to do is make it again. So, I tweeked it a little to shake things up. The four hearts represent her four children.


copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 4/30/09
This is a 5 x 6 3/4 collage using a face from a private photograph, body from lisasalteredart.etsy.com and legs from moonfaires.etsy.com, all printed in black and white, trimmed, and hand-colored. The wings come from LandofEnchantment.etsy.com. The heart stems and hat come from the public domain and were also hand-colored. Everything was arranged on a background made from pieces from AsunderEphemera.etsy.com.

Since the man sent a lovely picture of his son with his daughter-in-law, I couldn't resist and made a quick little 3 x 5 piece of the them both.

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 4/30/09

I got just about the coolest surprise ever in the mail today! Becky of Heart in my Hand sent me some of her GORGEOUS art work. I am so stunned that I don't even know what to say! I've been telling her how much I love her dolls and I got one and another beautiful collage piece! Becky recently purchased a piece of mine and I think she got the very short end of the stick! So, I think I need to send her some more lovin'. What a sweetheart. I will post pictures of what she sent in the next day or two so I can give her a proper little feature! Becky, I love you!

I am scattered, folks. Like really scattered. I am stressed. Not like life-is-over stressed. Just scattered and stressed and overwhelmed. I know I am forgetting somebody or something I'm supposed to do or make or . . . . I will get it all figured out over the next few days. Life's little details are bunching up again. I'm so sorry if I'm behind on visiting and emails and flickr. I will get all caught up soon.


Ozstuff said...

Marsha, your first custom work is stunning. What a wonderful thought from a father-in-law and what a treasured gift it will be for the recipient. The "bonus" card is fantastic too. Even your blog page is a mind-boggling work of art. Standing ovation!!

Linda Cain said...

What a great story and such wonderful work! They will LOVE them both!


indybev said...

I predict this will be the first of many "custom" pieces you'll do, Marsha. Your talent lends itself so wonderfully well to such special and personal gifts!

BlueRidgeLady said...

I know what you mean Marsha! I'm scattered, smothered and covered! Just like they say at Waffle House! I am in love with this piece! How thoughtful of them man to come up with the idea! It turned out perfect and I'm sure she will treasure it forever. I love the one you did of the two of them also, bet they don't have a picture like that one of themselves! Hugs!

Hayley Egan said...

Yeah get into the custom pieces!! Great!

Janny said...

Great piece of work, both of theme and congrats with you price;o)

di from di-did-it said...

Olivia is a fabulous piece, Marsha! Kudos on your first custom/commissioned work! May it send more work your way, if you desire it.

Now, stop stressing. Life is like your art: beautiful. Relax & enjoy it, hon! Everything will work out fine.


Kim Mailhot said...

Wow ! Your custom pieces will not disappoint , Marsha ! What a lovely gift for a father-in-law ! So sweet.

Hope you find some de-stressers asap ! How come we know what the tools are but forget to pick them up and use them sometimes ?

I recommend dancing today - just feels like this Friday should be all about dancing!
Off to boogie !

Terri Kahrs said...

A very special man has chosen a very special artist, who made a very special piece of artwork! Awesome, awesome, AWE-some, Marsha! Standing "O" to you! (*jumping up & down with huge smile*)I'm sure your client will be MORE than thrilled! And how sweet of you to do the "couple" too! Wow!

OK - Take a deep breath and remember to BREATHE! One breath at a time! Oh, and when you need a chuckle, re-read Shelly's comment!!! (LOL) Sending many hugs! xoxo

aliceinparis said...

They will be thrilled!!! It is gorgeous and how sweet of you to do the wee piece.
I am THRILLED with my work!!! I forgot to thank you for the lovely wee extras you sent along too, so thoughtful and sweet. You are "one of a kind"!!! Have a happy weekend.

Melissa said...

These are great! What a wonderful present. Hey sweets don't stress about being stressed...it's called living life and this too shall pass. I get scattered too sometimes. Know that your friends in blogland understand and hang in there my friend!
PS- I blogged about you today!