Apr 7, 2009

Little things to do

I have them, things to do. I have some little things I want to get done and then will work on art around those little things this week.

Today, one little thing I want to do is this . . . I want to share an artist with you that I just met this weekend. I have met so many talented artists I could feature someone everyday several times a day and I need to feature more, more often. But this artist's work just compelled me to hop right to it. She doesn't have a blog . . . yet. I'm trying to talk her into starting one but she does have a lovely Etsy shop and a flickr you will spend hours in. I love her "name" . . . Eanie Meany. Isn't that great? I have included some pix of her work below that are linked to her flickr. Her Etsy link is cocoondesigns.etsy.com

This is just a teeny eeny glimpse at Eanie Meany's work!

Karna makes jewelry, and hats, and pillows, and other fiber pieces, and her photos and sketches (look in her flickr sets and the "idea area") are just as amazing as her other work. You have to indulge yourself and go take a peek at her work. Just click a picture above to go to her flickr or go to her Etsy link listed above. Enjoy!


Zinnia said...

OH MY GOSH...had to pick the jaw off of the floor. What a delight to see her work! It's like walking through an adventure land when you look at her photo's. Thank you for sharing her with us!!! Love how unique her creations are!
oooxxx Zinnia

Her Art Nest said...

I agree, she does need to create a blog. How wonderful to see her work! Just love the fun of them! ~Nan

Terri Kahrs said...

Imaginative, creative, whimsical and fun!!! I can see why you're enchanted. Thanks for introducing us to another creative artist!

Kim Mailhot said...

Wow, she does cool stuff ! I love those houses ! Thanks for the scoop !
Happy Creating !

Print Banners said...

What a great post!
The 'one' little thing you did became big because we were informed. Really nice. The art collection was fantastic.