Sep 6, 2009

I'm back . . .

. . . slowly but surely, I am easing back into work after a bit of an art break this last week. I've got lots of emails about my doctor visits. As far as I know, all is well and so far so good. A sore toe that I have tried to ignore for over a year has gotten worse and needs some attention and probably surgery. To have the surgery I had to have a physical. My doctor is either extremely thorough or I have something to worry about as she is putting me through quite the pace of tests. I still have to have more blood work done, a pelvic ultrasound, a chest xray, a foot xray, a mammogram and a chest MRI. Since I feel fine other than a sore toe, I am assuming she is just being very thorough. One of two main discomforts this last week was a first time reaction to a tetanus shot that made my arm swell and hurt a great deal. I've had several of these shots in my lifetime, but this one, for some reason really caused a reaction. My arm was so swollen that trying to sleep on it, as I normally would, cut off the circulation to the rest of my arm. It hurt just sitting doing nothing and hurt worse when I moved and my shirt would touch it. Anyway, that is much better now. The other huge discomfort was having a great deal of my toe nail removed which might not sound that bad but on an already very tender toe, it was almost, not quite, but almost excruciating. They think I have a bone spur on the end of my big toe that has caused my nail to curve and grow back into and around the bone. Kinda icky, huh? Anyway, that's the story - nothing serious going on yet. So no need to worry - just routine stuff and I'll keep you posted. Thank you for all of your well wishes and for your sweet concern and I'm sorry to have worried you!

It's been a long strange week with lots of weird stressful things going on - some too strange or too hard to explain (including a two day ordeal with the my local post office that turned out find in the end - long story, but there were 3-4 other significant and stressful strange things going on). My family thinks my planets must be out of alignment and I need to just wrap myself in bubble wrap, dig a cave, and hide until the planets put themselves back where they belong. I'm considering it. I certainly have been drawing lots of negative happenings lately. But today, I wanted to make something positive and happy, finally! I wish you could see this one in person. It looks much better right in front of you and in its mat. You can't really tell in this picture but she is sitting on a swing over water that is reflecting the stars above. Since it is an 8 x 10 piece the largest size of picture on blogspot makes it look so far away and small!

Soul Stars

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 9/6/09. All rights reserved. You may NOT copy, print, download or use this image in any way without my permission.
This is a large 8 x 10 collage using a body from, a face from flickr's Suzee Que, wings from, crown from, red borders from Anahata Katkin's Spare Parts, black and white border from, and a swing from Lorie Davison at Studio Lorie at All of these pieces were reprinted, hand trimmed with scissors, and hand colored with ink and pastel. The blue background is also from Lorie Davison at Studio Lorie at and the stars are from Maya Studio Maya at
. The words are my own.

close up view

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 9/6/09. All rights reserved. You may NOT copy, print, download or use this image in any way without my permission. Credits listed with image above.

I have been blessed this week with some lovely gifts from some lovely ladies. If this is a result of my planets being out of alignment to reap such rewards, then I will put up with the weird stuff a lot longer! First, Pam of Yoborobo sent me one of her magic dolls. It must be magic because it came just in time to cuddle with after my painful toe appointment! (Sorry for the boring picture of it - I scanned it as my camera is not cooperating tonight). It is adorable in person and just the right size to hold and snuggle. And it felt like it was plum full of warm fuzzy hugs. I love it!

Then, my friend Suzan (aka Zibelline on flickr) sent me a whole huge shipment of ATC's! Oh my goodness, I've never received so many lovely cards at once! Look at these . . .

They are incredible and charming and full of Halloween fun, which I, for one, am so ready for! I am tired of hot old icky dry dusty smokey summer in SoCal. I could almost feel the crispness of fall whoosh by when I opened Suzan's lovely envelope. Thank you Zib! I adore them all!

And that's not all! My friend Renee (aka flickr's Nayski) sent me a Wish Fish! Renee is so talented in so many mediums, she amazes me. Bet you can't guess what this fish was made from!
(again, sorry for the poor picture as I had to scan it - it is so gorgeous in person!)

Did you figure out that this lovely fish was made from an aluminum can? Nayski is famous for her can creations and inventive details. This piece is just so cool! I just am so tickled and proud of this fish, I have not enough words to tell you!

Lastly, tonight, I am so behind in answering emails and comments. If I'm supposed to be getting back to you on something and haven't, please pester me! I feel so out of whack and like I am forgetting stuff I'm supposed to be doing. A few more days and I should be back up to speed! I have to finish a few more pieces before I feel I can relax. My etsy is empty of originals again and I have one more piece I have to do for someone waiting on it. After I get just a bit more made, I am dedicating the week to blog visiting and flickr visiting! And then, all will be right in my world again!


Outstanding Stranger said...

Ouchie..........My toe is haveing simpathy pains. Man what a bagger of test they put you through. Hope your arm is better soon, I know it will take awhile for the toe to heal. At least in So.Cal. you don't have to wear fall or winter boots...Big hugs Marsha. Diane

Nettie Edwards said...

MARSHA! (stern voice) Just chill! It's great to hear that it's *just* your toe but it must be niggling you a little that the doctor's doing so many tests.
I love this new piece very much as one of my favourite old songs is "Swinging On A Star". Great to see the fine detail, thanks for posting that.
The doll, the fish and the ATCs are adorable. you're a very lucky lady!
Lumi x

Debrina said...

Ohhh you poor thing! Toe spurs must be the suckiest! I had a heel spur scare and that was pretty darn painful. You're lucky you have a thorough doctor - those tests will be good, full-dtop. There's nothing like a good all round health check to sort you out. I had one, and I'm glad I did - they found I had a B12 deficiency which would otherwise not have been picked up. It's of the pernicious type, so I've got to get the B12 shots every 3 months.

Oooo and love all the art work! MORE PLEASE! Your page is just a riot of fantastic colour!!!

thekathrynwheel said...

Oh, poor you! Hope your toe feels better soon. Love the art - especially the stars and the reflection. Such a great idea :-)

Janny said...

I hop you feel better soon, what a beautiful piece of work!Take care!

Hanne said...

This collage is beautiful! The colors in this piece is stunning! Love, love the blue!

Lucky you receiving all that beautiful art!

Take care!
Hugs Hanne

Kim Mailhot said...

What a big pile of yuck, Miss Marsha ! I don't blame you for wanting to go and hide out somehwere ! The last week has been really intense for a lot of people I know, myself included...lots of deep breaths and holding on to tight to what is right is all we can do, I think. It is so great that your friends treated you to such lovely stuff - that doll is to die for !!! Isn't it the best to get some extra loving when we are low down...Here's to friends who get us through !
Much love and take care of you !

lilylovekin said...

I never get tired of the color blue and your piece is just lovely. What a wonderful bunch of surprises you received in the mail. What would you have gotten if your planets had been aligned in a positive way? Have a Happy Labor Day!

sharon said...

Glad to hear after all your medical woes that everything so far is ok...hang in there and take care of yourself, that is most important! We will always be here. Your new piece is luscious!! And all your new gifts from your friends are incredible! We all love you!!

Terri Kahrs said...

Sounds like you've had quite a time of it! So sorry to hear about all of your discomfort, but happy to hear that you're (relatively) OK! You've taken such good care of everyone else, now it time to take care of Y-O-U!!! Am sending good vibes. Love & Hugs, Terri xoxo

Lori Saul said...

Wow! A whole cornucopia of beautiful work to look at- I love your new piece and its uplifting spirit! Happy Autumn!

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

how fun that you got some nice gifties while you were needing them! I have a giftie for you too! look for it in the mail!

And you have my permission to post the beautiful piece you made for me if you like :) I can't wait for it to get here. thank you so mcuh for taking time during your stressful life to make it for me. hopefully it was theraputic!

yoborobo said...

Marsha - feel better my little chickadee! I'll send all the bad elves packing, and mail you some good luck fairies. Zib & I must have been on the same wavelength! And I love her cards, and Renee's adorable fish and your beautiful new piece! So inspiring, all this talent! xoxox Pam

TheresainMS said...

Sorry you've had to go thru so much and am so glad to see you posting again. I'm sitting on pins and needles waiting for my piece to arrive in the mail; hopefully tomorrow. I love this piece too; you make it so very hard to choose just one. It's awfully difficult not to let my wants override my account balance haha!!

Hope things get steadily better and that toe eases up a bit. I had a bone spur taken off my little too a long time ago and I couldn't believe something so small could hurt so much!

Hugs and good wishes sent your way!!

Terri Daugherty said...

So glad to hear you are OK, not that a icky toe is OK, but it can be fixed. You'll be right as rain before you know it! I've missed seeing your beautiful creations in blogland and am so happy to see your newest lady tonight. The gifts you recieved from your friends are truly wonderful, thank you for sharing them with us. Get back to 100% soon!

Unknown said...

Hi Marsha ,I have not been by in a while I have been very busy . I see you have lost going on too and not feeling well . I am so sorry. Keep us updated. I am glad the DR. is being so careful sounds like she my want to be sure all is "really" well. hugs julie

roc said...

there you are! i was beginning to think there was a call needed to the calvary to look for you! so glad to hear you are surviving all those tests. take good care of your toe. i had that happen to me a while back and "ouch" is right! love you newest art piece. great job!!

aliceinparis said...

So glad your doctor is thorough. Better that than to have something slip by unnoticed!
Tetenas shots are always painful but ouch, yours sounds really bad.

Your new work is inspiring and lovely! The quotes are great too. I love mine...If you can't be the poet be the poem!

Anyway, glad things are sorting themselves out. This is a busy time of year at the best of times:)

Cathy Spivey Mendola said...

Oh DEAR! I'm so sorry for not visiting for so long. I had no idea you were dealing with all this yucky stuff. Of course I've been hearing of the fires in CA and thought of you but didn't know about your friend and your TOE! Sorry the DR. has been putting you through the ringer with all the tests but it's always better to be safe!
I don't even know which piece of art to comment on first! So I'm just going to say that I'm loving them all. This new piece is so rich in color! I really love "Ponder" also!
Hope your toe gets better and they figure out what to do with it.
I'm sending you positive vibes so your planets will align themselves!
have a great week!

Michele said...

Oh I'm so glad you are back! I missed you and your lovely colorful fun artwork.

Sorry you have to go through all those nasty tests, but at least are having a thorough check up, and nothing will be missed. Glad to hear all is well so far, and that your arm is better, that must have hurt like the Dickens. Those shots are no fun.

I love the latest piece, that pink at the end of the wing tip is gorgeous! Beautiful creation!

Amy said...

a whole shipment of atc's is the GREATEST!!!! How fun.

Love your art and everything here is always magical.

I like the two eye'd lil character fuzzy...very sweet!!!