Aug 25, 2016

The Retirement Sale has Started!

Hello friends!  The prices have changed, the sale has started and it's the beginning of the end for my image kits. They will soon be gone for good. You can find my shop HERE.  Read the ad in the post below this one for more information.

I am being a busy bee here . . . I've started work on my brand new website and it will be ready in the next several days.  We will have to celebrate that with something special, I think!  So visit often!

Also I am very excited and honored to have a tiny part in 2 new workshops being offered by 2 different very talented ladies.  Both will be giving some specially selected Tumble Fish images to their students to use in the workshops.  Today, I want to share Carolyn Dube's new Art Journaling FUNdamentals Workshop.  The ad below is all linked up to the class information so just click on it and check it out!


lisar said...

Oh Marsha, Marsha, Marsha ... first, i'm sorry to see you go .. i LOVE your designs although i don't post much ... i've used your wonderfully inventive creations on cards, printables and in my layouts .. so much that my family has asked me who the other family members in the layouts are! but second, i wish you all the best on this exciting new journey of creative discovery. i hope this path is lined with fairies and gnomes and beautiful flowers and very few stays at Hotel Hell! not saying goodbye but good luck and good wishes! kind regards, Lisa

p.s. now for the million dollar question ... is the pink fish under your arm in your logo from any of your kits?? :)

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Oh, Lisa! Thank you so much for your beautiful message. It!!!!! Wow! Thank you, thank you for all of your kind and funny and sweet words.

The fish was originally in my Male Persuasion kit but it retired a few weeks ago and is no longer on the server to download. The fish was colored in that kit. I made it black and white and then colored it in pink for my logo a few years ago. Do you have the Male Persuasion kit?

lisar said...

Hi Marsha .. oh rats, no ... ONE of your kits that i don't have (the kits i don't have were in the minority). Ah well!

the male members of my family particularly adored your Amusing kit (my uncles, in particular). i'd sent them several layered cards that they enjoyed ... layered so you could flip the sections up and make different looks .. there used to be old books like that.

anyway ... as i said before, i'll be keeping up on your new horizons! thrilling! kind regards, Lisa

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Lisa, email me your email address! You can just message me through here (my new website)

Melissa said...

oh my ... now i am going to have to get with the times and figure out how to actively stalk you via blogs .. hahahah

you cannot hide. hahah
love love love you my friend and so excited for your new adventures,

Melissa said...

ps. i love lisar too... she was in the group that introduced me 500 yrs ago to digi art!! hi lisa !!!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Melissa . . . you just warm my heart every time you visit me anywhere. Pretty soon, *I* am going to be the stalker because I will finally have the time to get and stay caught up on everyone else. You just really do a lot for my ego and I thank you, my friend. You're the best!!!!

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

So excited to see what you do next, Marsha! I so hope my blog will be one you will be visiting!! I couldn't possibly tell you how much I have been inspired by your work, so I hope you'll like what you see there!

Wishing you all lovely things in your future!