Sep 7, 2016

It's getting closer!

My retirement from image kit designing is nearly here.
Just a few days left before my image kits at are gone for good.  You can find the big retirement sale HERE.

Last ever image kit released
As part of the Monthly Mischief collaboration, I released my last little kit this week.  It's only available until September 18 when we'll pull the curtains on my run as a kit designer.  The Monthly Mischief collaboration includes kits that share a word and color theme from several designers so there are lots of coordinating kits on sale now at Mischief Circus!  You can find my kit HERE and the other Monthly Mischief kits HERE.

New Website
Again, I don't know how it's going to turn out in the end, but I have a new working website up and running!  It's easy to get to . . .

This blog will be updated regularly with day to day news but the website will host my gallery.  Things will get streamlined soon!

New Free Images
I'm still figuring out how everything is going to work in the end, but for now anyway, I've set up a "Free Stuff" page right here on this blog (look at the top of the page just under the banner).  I will let you know here on the main page when I post something new on the "Free Stuff" page.  Today, I put up some of the free images I've given in the past and added a couple of new things.

Mail Love
I just received the most lovely hanging doll from my friend Nancy Baumiller of Crowabout Studio B.  Nancy makes fabric and paper dolls, paper mache creations of all kinds, amazing journal pages, and is a kit designer at

Trying to work up the courage
In cleaning out storage and garage, I found this old date book over the weekend.  I'm thinking it would make a great journal book of some sorts.  I've never had the courage to try journaling (as in actual get dirty with paint and markers and glue page after page for one book) . . . but I at least brought this into my desk.

We shall see.  I have so many things I want to do and try, I don't where to start just yet.


Gypsy said...

OMG Marcia! You would rock journaling! try it! <3

Rev. Nancy Baumiller said...

I wish you all the love and luck in your new endevours Marsha! We had quite a run together at MC! I really enjoyed your kits and images! They were the bomb baby! Thank you so much for the sweet mention in this post! You are a doll! And YES! I would love to see you art journal! You are amazing and I know Mama Feesh Fish pages would be equally amazing! Much love and hugs xoxo NancyB

Denise Phillips said...

Clear an hour a day to just sit with that journal matter the to do list :)
Looking forward to lots of blogging by you, and your new website too!
Always fun and exciting to be on a new path! Enjoy!!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Thank you all so much! It brings me joy to see some activity here and dust off the very first step I made into this creative life. (this blog)

I can't wait to feel like I can really dig into some new things . . . have lots of loose ends dangling right now. But you all visiting me gives me encouragement to not lose sight.

I kinda want to do an old fashioned blog hop soon . .. trying to think of a plan for a party we can all have!

Josefina said...

Oh, Marsha! You'd totally rock art journaling! It's sooo much fun! Great to see your steps toward all these new adventures in your life.

Tracey Parker said...

No fair? You are already leaps and bounds ahead of me. I need to catch up, lol. So happy for you

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Thank you ladies! You make me so happy to take time to visit me here. I know it's off the beaten path.

Tracey . . . nu uh!!! YOU have your Etsy going and stuff in stores. I'm just kinda flyin' by the seat of my pants to get a few things in place.

Jackie PN said...

Marsha, I have no doubt in my mind that journaling will come as easy for you as does your masterful collage work! I look forward to seeing your creations!! Best wishes and get messy! hugs,Jackie

michelle in mi said...

You've actually already been journaling- now you just need to capture in a book besides online...

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Thank you so much ladies! It means so much to me that you took time to come visit me over here and leave your sweet words!

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Dear Marsha,
I am so excited to read about your newest ventures! I will make a prediction that once you begin your journalling, you will find it very addictive, in the very best way, of course! A few years ago, I began doing altered books and found them very relaxing and enjoyable. And thank you for the freebies!! I especially love the little frame with the nasturtiums!!


Tumble Fish Studio said...

Hi Betty! Thank you again for visiting me! I haven't got around to visiting blogs myself as I am playing catch up with the family and house and trying to make the transition but I look forward to some down time to get caught up on special people like you.

Journaling is probably going to wait until I get a few more ducks in a row . . . need to clear my plate to feel a little more free, ya know?

lisar said...

Oh my Marsha ... all of your printable pages ...PICK A FEW, print them out (spray with a little Fixatif spray to keep from bleeding), cut, paste and GO!!!! take any old idea that pops into your head at the moment and run with it! at the this point in time, i have 3 art journals in various stages that i work on sporadically and a whole cartful of pens, glitter and other bits and pieces .. i'm SURE you already have stuff hanging around just begging to be used ... wait ... out of the corner of your eye .. did you see a couple of pens dancing your way? i bet you did! and now you have an excuse to splurge on some lovely washi!!! exciting! i will be staying tuned! kind regards, lisa