Sep 3, 2010

Good day . . .

Thank you all for your gracious and generous comments on my last post. You have NO IDEA how they have helped and how much I appreciate them. Today was a good day and my son was feeling more normal. The power of prayer . . . sigh. I will keep you posted.

I finished reorganizing and cleaning out over 4000 digital files today - started that project earlier this week. Feels good to have my image files nice and tidy.

Here's two more little pieces done . . .

Mind Fly

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 9/3/2010. All rights reserved.
4 x 8 hand cut skinny mixed media collage. Image credits: mouth and cheeks are from Crowabout StudioB at; eyes and nose from Sherrie JD's Body Farm and little star from Holliewood Studios also at; lower gold border is from Lorie Davison of Studio Lorie at; small inner top border from; all other pieces are from my own stash. Lots of hand tinting.

Below is a digital ATC that I made in honor of my friend Trudi of Two Dresses Studio also known as Two. We both feel a little guilty that our friendship is so strong having not ever met in person. But, I guess if marriages can start that way these days so can friendship. Well, she has been a great source of reason and calm for me for quite some time now and so generous with her spirit and positive outlook on life. I have needed that more than ever and feel myself growing more positive and hopeful everyday. Mushy I am so I will leave it at that. Except, that I printed and hand cut a version of this ATC for Trudi and another friend I recently made who has also been great fun to get to know recently.

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 9/2/2010. All rights reserved.
Digital Artist Trading Card. Image credits: wings from Holliewood Studio's Metal Momma kit from; texture overlay from flypaper textures; everything else from my own stash.

This is just one of the million reasons I love my husband. He reads my blog at some point almost everyday and doesn't always mention it to me but . . . tonight he said, I know you've been sad this week because the wings on your fairies were pointed down and they're supposed to be up. He's so cute and I love him so much. I hate seeing pictures of myself but here's a picture of us from a couple of years ago . . .



Kathryn Zbrzezny said...

Such a wonderful post! Those photos of you and your husband are great! I am glad you had some better moments lately. Prayers and friends and family...that's what it takes. Your collages are so powerful. ~Kathy

Sueann said...

What wonderful pics of you and your husband. I too am glad you are feeling better today. Love your two pieces!!
Gentle hugs dear one

lilylovekin said...

I love that your husband reads your blog and notices something like "wings". It is nice to have such support. Hang in there.

VS said...

GLAD you had a GOOD DAY!!! That's all each & every one of us should hope for...simpilicity & a GOOD DAY! :)

.Trudi Sissons said...

You've brought me to tears again Marsha. I feel identical to what you described and just plain grateful for your warm and caring friendship.
Both of these pieces are breathtaking and the colors in the first one are so rainbow brilliant.
But your photos are so endearing!
You two radiate love and I can feel that energy in your playful snapshots - you go together like salt and pepper!

Thanks again Mama-Fish!

MrsPeel said...

I'm so, so glad to read this post....and, I have to say, shouldn't hate showing photos of yoursekf, you are such a beautiful woman Marsha, and you both look the cutest....
I was so touched to see you came to my blog, and your words are so spot on....too right, amiga, in each and every word...we wouldn't (probably, more than likely) have the greatness of appreciating the good times without going through the difficult ones...and I reckon, the art wouldn't be the same if everything was always pristine and happy....
I wanted to say, the first time I saw a LO at DST with stuff from your store, I thought *I have to have something from there*, me being the $1 girl ...I was a bit reluctant when i went to the store at Hollie's, but it ended up being such a wonderful value...and then, my thoughts on your art were that you were a very young girl, ....with a lot in her heart and, the energy in you is the best, the strongest...we Brazilians sometimes have the perception of what the Africans called the orixas, the entities that live in you, your spirits ...and yours are warriors....
I'm deeply pleased to have come across someone like you.
About the electronic friendships...yes, no need to feel guilt, many of my friends I met and for as long as 4 years had not met, but then when we did, it was even more beautiful....not that it cannot continue to be beautiful even if you dont meet for 10,20 years....
some of my electronic friends are more to me than the ones who live next door :)
Huge hugggzzzz and thanks again for spending the time to come talk to us...I'm honored :)
Huggzzz(again! LOL ) Cynthia

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting those photos of you & your husband. it's so nice to see what some of the great people i've met online look like!
so sorry to hear you went through a bit of a rough patch & am relieved for you that things are looking up.

Gaby Bee said...

I haven't left a comment for a while, but have been visiting often and drooling over your art. Love your latest creations!

Great shots of you and your husby, Marsha.

Thank you also for the recent comment that you left on my blog! It’s always a joy to have you visit!

Have a wonderful week!
Gaby xo

roc said...

so glad you and your son are feeling better. i smiled when i read what your hub said about the fairy wings. isn't that awesome that he noticed something like that. to me that is a true sign of devotion in the highest sense. i would say he's definitely a "keeper"! i'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and hope you have a beautifully inspired day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marsha, It's great to see your creations!! I love your Mind Fly piece, the colors are breathtaking. Your hubby is a sweetie and a good husband ;)
Sending good thoughts your way...I've had a sort of 'sucky' summer myself but am always thankful for my family, friends and ART.

aladdin said...

Hang in there, Marsha dear! Years ago, I took panic attacks so bad that I just wanted to stick my head in a freezer. I used to turn Michael Bolton's song When I'm Back on My Feet Again up full blast and sing to it 'cause I knew someday the words would come true. Your son is way too young to "be into" Michael Bolton but things WILL be better. I'm thinking of both of you.

Outstanding Stranger said...

Dear Marsha it sounds like you are finally on the mend after the loss of your father. I hope your back is on the mend too. I wanted to take a picture of the art I bought from you, and the ones you were so generous to give me too. Just waiting to frame the three 5 x 7's.
Love the picture of you and your husband...Keep on keeping on. Hugs, Diane

Stephanie said...

Sounds like you got a winner in the spousal department. Cute indeed!

I'm always touched by the heartfelt comments your posts receive. It's testament to your ability to touch others, either through art or the reflections you share.

Huzzah for new friends!

Sandria L Holva said...


It is so good to put a face to your wild, funky and beautiful artwork. Glad you are back!

Anonymous said...

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