Sep 23, 2010

Thursday already?

Time flies . . . I think I'm still a little hung over from the blog-versary extravaganza last week but did manage to get some work done this week. The collage below was inspired by something my daughter accomplished this week which I will tell you about later - don't want to jinx it!

Aim High

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen9/23/2010. All rights reserved.
Image credits: everything from my own stash except for bubbles and twinkles and they are from Holliewood Studio's Spring Fairies at Most of my images in this piece are available in my Etsy:

I also got a few collage sheets revamped and/or created. Added lots of new pieces to some older ones and have some completely fresh ones too. I had a goal to get 50 image sets in the shop before I slow down and make some hand cut work. Almost there!

Just for Fun

My Take on Zetti
This is what I wrote in the Etsy description . . . Famous in the collage and journaling culture, Teesha Moore brought us the idea of Zetti, an invented soulful creature left mostly up to interpretation. For Teesha and many other Zetti makers, it is an intuitive whimsical creation. But tidy me, I have to have things clean and sharp and neat and orderly. Whimsy is always planned with me. It's a character flaw I can't help. So, here's a more refined set of Zetti parts that I would use in my version of this idea. 5 heads, 5 body shapes, 5 sets of arms and 5 sets of legs. Maybe you can take them further, make them messier and more whimsical in your own work.


Frames and Words

Just Stuff

I'm not gonna be around a lot the next few days. I have an event to go to Friday-Sunday and normal kid stuff all over the place too. Have a great weekend everybody!



Sandy said...

h Marsha what for a cool new creation and fantastic new sheets.
Absolutely great zetti style. Perfect.

Stephanie said...

love them all!

lilylovekin said...

Love all your work, cleaned up or not! Have a great week-end.

Jenny said...

Gorgeous collage Marsha...Aim that and beautiful collage sheets...your work is amazing...

Jenny x

susi said...

wow you have been really prolific! terrific stuff!

Sueann said...

Love your newest collage!!! And the new sets of images are fabulous!!!
You have a great weekend too!!
(Love my new collage print)

yoborobo said...

I LOVE the fact that you are so clean with your work. Is that supposed to be BAD? lol! So what? YOU are a genius!!! Have fun this week with the kiddos - xox Pam

Anji Johnston said...

Loving these Marsha. Have a safe, blessed week