Sep 19, 2008


Having just moved from very sterile (beautiful, uncongested, clean, but sterile) Thousand Oaks to "the city", graffiti is much more noticeable. We are very lucky here, though, that graffiti gets cleaned up by the city (and/or residents) within a day, so it's not around long. I have to admit some graffiti is beautifully done . . . lettering I couldn't do with a pen in hand let alone giant sized on a big wall with a couple of cans of spray paint (I really think they must bring a ladder sometimes or truck with a boom arm - how do they logistically get it done?). But, then again, most of the graffiti is done in haste most of the time (maybe because they have to hurry so they don't get caught), so sloppy, no artistic quality whatsoever - just a giant illegible scribble. Now, I guess that's technically "tagging" and its sole purpose is marking territory. But, honestly if you were going to leave your mark to claim an area wouldn't you at least try to be neat or artistic or at least purposeful?

Artffiti (what I call more artistic vandalism) seems to linger, lucky for me. Below are some examples - one around the corner on an ugly electrical box (I think the artffiti improves it!) and the other on the sidewalk down the street. No doubt left by artistic vandals, vandals that have taste, talent, and an eye for improving things. I like looking for it on walks wherever I go. I wonder if the city workers and neighbors like it too and that's why they don't get rid of it.

Eagle Rock, where I live, is very near Pasadena (I could walk to the Rose Bowl) and Eagle Rock has had it's posh days, then for many years it wasn't so nice an area, and now has become a yuppy artistic haven, lots of refurbished houses, classic cars, creative landscaping, coffee shops galore (artists need their caffiene) - you can't throw a rock without hitting an musician, movie production specialist, or artist of some type (just found out my neighbor is a tattoo artist and on the other side of my house is a high school art teacher and board memeber for the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts). Of course, in my house, I am the artist and my husband works in the movie industry so we have more than met the demographic requisite.

I have to tell you about the interesting tree across the street, but my camera battery is dead so that will have to wait for another day, or later today. I'm off to do laundry, clean, and hopefully finish a piece of art today - I'll post if I do. Hope the world has a good day!

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