Sep 29, 2008

So frustrated . . .

9/29/2008 copyright Marsha Jorgensen
5" x 7" collage, vintage pic reprinted, dover clip art, old envelope window, watercolor, K&Company sticker border.

Okay, worked a lot today on scanning my old cabinet cards and vintage portraits, printed out dover clips and meticulously trimmed them, had this piece all laid out and messed it up in the attaching process. Remember, this is a new art form for me, I'm an old school academic artist and graphic artist, so collage is not second nature. I am struggling with my "rough draft" shadowbox 3-d project (my first) so much that I decided to work flat today. I had been asking around on my altered art group how other artists attach their pieces. I tried Golden's gel medium and when that didn't work (wrinkled and got lumpy and didn't stick well at all) I tried watered down white glue, that made it shiny and smeared everything. Up close, it's not as good as the scan. I couldn't sell it or give it away and feel good about it. I am so frustrated! A waste of most of an afternoon. Finally, on the atc I'll post in a minute, I ran everything through my xyron - that seems to be the only thing that will work for me. I need a "collage basics" class I think. AAArrrrgggghhhhh!

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