Sep 19, 2008

I fell in love today . . . .

Well, I fall in love with my husband every day. But today I also fell in love with a new blog and pair of artists I found through another blog. I have a link at the right. Be sure to check out Jack and Cat Curio. Right up my alley, they are. (If I talk like Yoda, I am very excited about something, you can tell) I could not emulate what they do but boy oh boy do I find inspiration there. I would post a pic below but don't know if that's cool to do. Guess I could ask and add it later. Now, go click on the link, go on, right over there, see?, go on now . . . just come back and visit me someday.

Oh! Wait! Before you go, Jack and Cat inspired me to give a little back (they give cool collage sheets on their blog if you do their challenges) - I should give something to my readers (if I have any). If you've been reading my droning drawn out blog you deserve a reward. Feel free to use the little pic below - it's from the Library of Congress collection and has no restrictions as the copyright has expired. (You have to come back and visit now, cuz you don't know when I'll have another treat for you!)

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